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Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)


As a "ladies man" I have spoken to a lot of women over the years. While I am done a mytake called "Why Women Are Single"

I have been holding my breath and tongue for awhile about you men out there. I have had women come to me for advice and shown me dating apps. I feel the need to call out you looser men not even worthy of a high quality woman!

You Don't Take Care of Yourself

Maybe instead of playing video games put on some face wash. Loose the acne. Take a shower. Smell like a grown man!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

No Hobbies in Common

A lot of women are sick and tired of looking at small dick guys holding giant dead fish in their profiles. I get it. You are a man. But take up an interest in something that brings you both together! Get a bit metrosexual. Art, wine tasting, fashion, music, writing.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

You Have No Life

Get off the couch. Do more than play video games 16 hours per day dude! Have a life she wants to be a part of!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

Most men have Embarrassing Fashion

Buy a decent blazer or suit. Find an excuse to wear it once per month. Get off your couch of Cheetos and take off those loser pajama pants. Look like a GROWN man! By a polo. Tuck in your shirt. Wear a watch like a man on his purpose. See a stylist or ask lady friends for help! Guys do better than a Walmart t shirt! Come on man!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

No Career/Purpose

Your goal should be $100,000/year by age 40 to be high value to women. That is a lot of work from age 21 to 40. 19 years of your life.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)

Have Deep Conversation

Stop it with "Hey" or "Hi". Read her profile! Ask a thoughtful question. Talk about more than the weather! A hot woman is just another girl dude. Nothing special. Watching a sports game at home is not a date!

Bachelor Pads are Sexy

Having a bachelor pad with ZERO roomates gets you laid. It shows you are a grown up.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)
Confessions of a Ladies Man: Why You are a Man and Single (Stop Being a Loser!)
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  • AzzaBlue
    I disagree with most of your take, but I respect your opinion.
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  • TruthBringer
    It seems like you have offended many here. I on the other hand agree with you. I have been working hard on my body, education, career, my style, hobbies and knowledge to be appealing to women without even needing to try at this point. So many dudes sit on their coaches playing games (something I myself enjoy doing aswel, but not before I hit the gym) and expect to be appealing to women in their baggy ass clothing with their beer bellies out (or scrawny arms).

    A true man is out there hungry, hunting and achieving goals. Women want an ambitious man who knows what he wants and what he is doing. Not someone playing videogames all day. They want a hunter. And a hunter will never get what he wants if he isn't out there doing the work.

    If you don't work for something, don't expect it to come to you. This rule applies to women aswel. So many women want a high quality man while they themselves have been living a lifestyle that makes them seem low value while feeling entitled. That's not how it works
    • @Ryfyle You're speaking to a fighter pilot in training assigned to fly the F-35 soon who has also got a bachelor's degree in university. This goes to show you don't know jack shit about what I can and cannot do. Just because you fail at getting women, doesn't mean Apope is incorrect in the people he speaks of. If you feel spoken to and offended by what he wrote, then he clearly is speaking about you. There is a world of difference between when I was 17 and being 23 now. When I was 17, this take would apply to me since I would spend the majority of my time gaming and doing what's comfortable. That until I turned 18 and actually started doing productive things in my life.

      I don't need to be a "try hard" because not only am I almost finished achieving my dream job, but also have no issues finding quality women to get into relationships with as I currently do.

      Try harder, mate. Your little shaming tactic here is futile

    • @Ryfyle I just love how you cannot produce a single valid counter argument and still resort to ad hominems. A dead giveaway of someone who doesn't have the intellectual capacity to do so. Cry me a river, mate. You're literally complainign about a Take you should be taking with a grain of salt. Awhhh 😂

    • @Ryfyle Oh I'm sorry, you call that a comeback? Wow 😂

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  • CasaNorba
    so according to your logic any man who is single is automatically a "loser."

    no thanks brother, but I have to reject your lecture on this subject. to be honest you're coming off like a true SIMP at the moment claiming that women are the only things in life that bring happiness, sorry but losing lots of money dating, changing who you are/lifestyle just for pussy is not happiness.

    and now the fact that you are self proclaim "ladies man" screams it loud enough
    • You know he is doing this to anger dudes, right? xD

    • Agree
      This guy's obsessed about relationships. According to him, no man can be happy without a girlfriend and no girl can be happy without a guy... Just weird...

    • Apope16

      Gotta fire these guys up. Lol. But this isn't all dudes. Just directed at some. If you are on your purpose. Taking showers. Dressing well. You are good. But im seeing a lot of lazy, fat, potato chip, 8 hour per day video game junky guys who have no life complaining they can't get a girl. This is what women have told me.

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  • Bellatris
    "Loose the acne" - Oh sure, because it's that easy. Just click your fingers and it's gone! Having acne isn't - is NOT - a sign of uncleanliness, and I speak from first-hand personal experience here, because I had it when I was a teenager. You, Mr. 'Ladies-Man', are an idiot.
    By the way, it's "lose" not "loose".
    • Ryfyle

      I get the worse Stress Acne.

    • Gravit1

      It's not just the typos his word choice suggest foreign influences. He's probably starting this thread because his advice for women fell flat.

  • friendzoned4life
    So Who fucked you in the ass?

    We are not loosers for gaming or dressing how We want. What you are saying is be an asshole.
    Cause you assume u do everything right if you did everything right would have had a woman that stays.

    We can dress decent without being it expensive and the salarys you portray as having a decent job are riducoulus. a lot of men don't get that not cause we don't want to but building a career takes time and not every type of career has these kinds of salarys possible.

    And I say this as someone at the start of a career where these amounts are able to earn when you get higher up.

    The only thing u got right is People should wash themselves enough but why are you assuming that someone that games doesn't

    Men Just need to be themselves.
    Maybe we have it harder finding a woman but at least we can make them stay and build a family our happiness doesn't depend on having sex with strangers.

    So In my case I will call you an asshole for trying to put men down with this take

    And I will keep gaming

    Trying to build my career but not depend on it to get a woman don't like golddiggers.

    I Will. keep dressing how I do no suits for me.

    And too my fellow nerds I say don't become this man he will end up even more lonely and depressed than you have experienced
    • AdithyaR

      As a fellow gamer, respect! I hate how people automatically assume we have no life besides it and we are always some slobby mess if we game.

    • Yeah this is OP is the kind of guy we mean when we say women only want assholes.

      I actually was a mess for a while had nothing to do with the gaming.

      Been bullied and stuff until suïcidal tougths

      Got therapy
      Read some books
      Found out what was the real. reason why I was still depressed after I learned Karma had played out half of my bullies in jail other half lifes ruined by drugs.

      Went to the gym wasn't consistent yet. Got consistent lockdown happened so

      fixed my teet, while simultanuosly building a home gym as soon as I started my career. Last month my 2nd contract started.

      And Geuss what I still game.
      Actually almost had a girlfriend thanks to that fact. But we were not meant to be.

      As you are a gamer on this app chances are high you had a similair history.

      And I see myself as A winner fixing myself in to how I would like to be.
      And it nowhere close to what this guy says we should be. This look of mine now gives me confidence.

      I am. now happy with myself now it is Just a matter of time. Girls I pass in the street now look at me like I am a piece of meat and the biggest change was. my confidence

      So be yourself and look your absolute best but don't be this guy.

    • AdithyaR

      I'm really glad you were able to heal yourself and find your true self. That's exactly what it should, be the best version of yourself, in a way that brings you happiness.
      I personally had some issues regarding my academic choices which gave me a lot stress and self doubt. Now I'm in college in a field I enjoy and I'm loving my life. I game, write, cook and do all the things I love and it's really helped my confidence and mental health.

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  • NathanDavis
    Apope, the supposed-to-be Alpha High Quality Man... that can't keep a woman by his side and continues to be a serial dater...

    you're such a joke, and a really bad one... lol.
  • 9Livezzz
    Thank you captain obvious. You just stated basically the main things every girl complains about on television 🤣🤣 It was a good try acting like a "ladies man" I'm sure you probably thought you'd get the ladies after writing this one huh😏 I'll take a wild guess and say it didn't work to well for ya 🤣🤣
  • purplepoppy
    I visited a tailor with my father that had a great sign up "do not dress like a child". It's so true, a guy dressed like 12 year-old is such a turn off.
    • Ryfyle

      Who the fuck goes to a Tailor? Holy shit your the Bluest Blood on GaG.

    • @Ryfyle she must come from a Richer family or at least a fam that pretends to be.

    • @friendzoned4life Gotta love the inferiority complex in you. All because people manage to afford tailors, you start throwing shit at them. Go back to playing games 16+ hours as you've admitted to. Adult stuff isn't your cup of tea.

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  • Cathy7734
    Not everybody needs to be in a relationship. That doesn't make you a "loser."
    One can be just as happy, if not happier, being single than in a relationship.
    • Twinrova

      No, generally people are happier in relationships than vice-versa.

    • Cathy7734

      Maybe in the past, this is true. But in today's world, everyone is so selfish and toxic that it takes too much work to be in a one-sided relationship. There's a reason the divorce rate is so high.

    • Twinrova

      I think you are misunderstanding: it doesn't matter what your reasoning is, if the premise is literally false to begin with. It is a statistical fact, that people who are in relationships are, on average, happier than those who are not.

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  • SomeBlondeChick
    You know something @Apope16 I also wonder if you're actually writing for the people of GAG or motivational talks for yourself to do something with your life & end up with a decent woman. A pep talk. You can do it apope, you can do it. Go, go, go apope.

    I mean this gibberish is all common sense - except the money as if you had to make 100,000/year everyone who wouldn't would never have a wife & a family - to such extent it actually doesn't have to be said.
  • HiveBee
    I agree, and very much disagree.

    This dating shit is a GAME and you gotta play.

    A man can be a complete fucking BUM and get hella women. Why? Because he knows how to play the game.

    Sure, the things you listed do apply to SOME guys. But personally i think the majority of guys who struggle with dating are not struggling with the listed fixes.

    It's far more than these surface level things. Especially making 100K a year for a high value woman? Absolute nonsense.

    What men these days need is confidence. What men need is masculinity. What men need is a sense of life, a sense of drive and action in the world. A sense of pride in their own being and a self worth that is a fire which burns from within.

    Tons of men who struggle with dating check every box on your silly little list and yet they are incels.

    Attracting a high quality woman comes from within a man. His presence exudes self confidence, drive, passion.

    He leads others not because he is a leader. But because his presence inspires others to copy his outward facing sense of life and drive for his own selfish desire to live his best life.

    Too many men are stricken with depression and anger and negative emotions because they believe this post. They believe they must make all this money and be this perfect guy with a diverse set of hobbies and blah blah blah.

    You may be a ladies man i dont know. But that does not mean you are equipped to help men improve themselves in dating.

    You're only talking to a very narrow slice of men who are tthe most extremely pathetic.

    Also dating is a game. Just like life is a game. It's very nature is inescapable. If you dont engage and play the game of life, you die. If you dont engage and play the game of dating, you stay single.

    Women desire ultimately a man who will pass down positive and survival ensuring morals, principles, attitudes, emotional solidity, and so on and so on.

    What it means to be a man is so so so much. A man is built, not born. That is the game us men must play. And in my opinion we reject the game because we all have been taught that we dont have to play it.
  • Dontaaa
    I try to like and understand you, but you make it increasingly hard to do so.

    A man isn't a loser just because he's single, you base your entire existence on this type of shit don't you?
    Tch... how ridiculous.

    @NathanDavis was right, you are a joke.
    • Of course a man is not a loser if he is single. That is very correct. I don't think he called anyone who is single a loser. Many of those who are single HAPPEN TO BE losers. there is a difference.

    • Dontaaa

      @TruthBringer if that's what he meant then he should've clarified it, that's what happens when you don't explain yourself clear enough.

      You leave room for people to assume what you mean when you're not clear and concise with your words, that's interpersonal communication 101.

      There is a difference, but he made NO effort to show which difference that he made.

      That's not my fault, that's his.

      He's a fucking influencer, he needs to to better, first he uses statistics without showing the sources and now he says shit that isn't clear for his readers to understand.

      This dude is a fucking joke, this is the last time I'm ever commenting on this clowns posts.

    • Dontaaa

      I'm going to hold that dickhead to a higher standard because he has an influencer title, we have enough "influencers" spreading misinformation as it is.

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  • Not_Average
    If 90% of people disagree with everything you write on your takes, then maybe you’re the problem rather than us lol
    • Apope16

      The 90% who disagree are fat and single. I know 90% at one point bgg thought the world was flat too.

      Nice try there. Find another comment that doesn't address what was said.

    • That’s delusional. I disagree with almost everything you say and I’ve been bodybuilding for the better part of a decade and I’m about to get married. The arrogance you possess is extremely off putting. The problem is everyone else and never you? That’s not a rational assessment. At your age you should realize that.

    • You also told me that you were friends with a bunch of women. When I slept around in college; I was never friends with them. Women don’t befriend men they want just fuck. Typically if a guy has a lot of girl friends then that means he’s softer in nature and can relate them just as much as her girlfriends. Are you sure you’re not trying to act like what you perceive a ladies man to be? You can just be yourself and people will accept man.

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  • Imcmullan
    I'm so curious, who gave you the title of "ladies man"? Where do u get these ridiculous ideas from about everything that seems to come put of your post? You must have the best hype crew in the world bc u seem to be so confident about the stuff you post..🤣🤣🤣 quien escribe esta mierda?
    • Mark83

      It's a typo. It's supposed to say "self-proclaimed ladies man".

    • Imcmullan

      Hahaha clearly!

  • Ryfyle
    @Apope16 Half of that shit sounds insanely boring, unrealistic, and typed in an effeminate screech. I did exactly half of that in my late teens and early twenties and still got laid. You clearly worked far too hard for too little.
    • Apope16

      Its effiminet because the my take is what women have told me as reasons they turn down guys. This isn't coming from me at all.

      A lotbof guys got triggered and are attacking me for reporting what women have said.

      Whats funny is these dudes are all pissed because of the video game section. It triggered them.

    • Ryfyle

      Irrationally high maintenance women for these trying times. I never bother with people who take themselves that seriously, they tend to bore me.

  • Shihab91
    i don't care what women wants. I improve for myself.
    • Apope16

      Thats fine. Take the advice above and improve for yourself.

    • AdithyaR

      I agree with you, I'm gonna improve myself in a way I see fit, not with the mindset to look dateable to someone.
      If my hobbies or career aren't attractive, who cares, as long as I'm happy with it.

    • @Shihab91 THAT's the spirit! Improving should always be for oneself, not for women. Women are an extra and are low priority in the life of a man who is on his purpose.

  • BeautyInTheBelfry
    getting there but no.

    1. acne cannot be helped. I won't judge a man for that as long as he doesn't judge me for my small breakouts. However I agree most men and women need to fucking shower and use basic hygiene. I dont mean look perfect every day but fucking wash. Wash your balls and cooch. Brush your hair out. Many guys I meet look so unkempt and dont try, they think showing me their wee wee will woo me over when they look nasty and bedroom looks like it stinks.

    2. people can have different hobbies but yeah won't lie... fishing isn't my main hobby. Better to find other people into the same hobbies but its still fun to learn new ones.

    3. Have to agree, get a life. I am cautious of gamer guys as its going to piss me off if you want to play games all day and have no job and not want to go out and do outdoor activities. Games are fun and would love to play some but I'm not on my game console every day, just weekends when I'm off work.

    4. I'm a goth, so won't be that picky on clothing. Wear what makes you happy but do look good in a professional field.

    5. its good to have a job but a job is a job... whatever pays the bills and keeps the roof over our head.

    6. meh.. gotta agree... I like it when guys read my profile and start a good convo with me instead of it being so bland and dry I end up blocking the poor guy.

    7. .. meh... no opinion.
  • angelcolor
    video games aren't as unattractive in men as you tried to make it out to be.
    • Playing videogames is fine. I myself do it aswel. But clearly you have missed the memo that Apope is talking about those who spend the majority of the time playing games (he clearly mentioned the 16 hours). Good luck convincing people that women find those who play videogames all day attractive.

    • Ryfyle

      @TruthBringer No one plays 16 hours of Video Games unless they are streaming professionally.

    • @Ryfyle Trust me, plenty of dudes who do

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  • Puppystarfish23
    You forgot the part about not having the ability to make women squirted non stop for 2 hours 🤣😂
  • scott04sa22
    I'm not black, Mexican, Asian or any other interracial races on what Everybody mostly after nowadays and yes, size do matter with them and my size won't and never satisfy them at all. I like who I am and I don't want to pretend to be someone else or have give up on the things I really like do. Thats why I'm single.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    So you don't care how much you lose and sacrifice as long as you get as much pussies as you want? Id rather be a rich "loser" looking for the right one than a moron who just burdens themselves thinking with their dicks.
    • Rich and wise "loser"

    • In what way is a man "losing" and "sacrificing" if he is out there on his purpose which is mostly benefitting himself? So easing off of the 16 hours of videogaming and reduce it to maybe a few hours while the rest of the day is used to be productive (gym maybe?) is now considered "sacrifice"? lmfao

    • Ryfyle

      @TruthBringer You go out of your way to suck Apope's dick at any chance.

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  • AdithyaR
    I don't plan on ever dating but I do follow the career part of your advice. I want to pursue a career that can satisfy my intellectual hunger.
    Hobbies, I've got many, cooking, writing, history, anime, martial arts (video games are one too in it, not letting that go).

    And I've never been interesting in fashion, so I'm sorry but I'm not gonna look into that. But hey, I'm not dating so who do I need to impress?

    Well written nonetheless. Nice.
    • AdithyaR

      Also honest doubt, what's the point of a watch nowadays when phones show perfect time?

    • AdithyaR

      And also, why do you make it seem like the only point of being a guy is to be worthy of being dated.
      One can very well be happy and single. A second reading of the thing just makes it seem like you're attacking a dude for being single.
      If a dude likes playing video games a lot, but still makes time for the ones he cares about and does well with his job, he can spend his free time however he wants.
      Also the fashion point, I disagree with. I value comfort and function over aesthetics any day. No matter how good clothes look, if it's not comfy, it's worthless to me.

      Again you wrote well. But after going through with it a few times and actually thinking about it a bit, I don't agree with the content.

    • AzzaBlue

      Exactly. There are too many men out there that define their masculinity, indeed their very existence, through women. They place far to much emphasis on external validation instead of what truly matters: Internal validation. But it is their lives, and if they want to spend it building themselves up for the sake of getting pussy, well more power to them I guess.

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  • BruceJender
    A *self*-proclaimed ladies man.

    Never take advice from people like this folks.
    • Why? Because he hit the nail right on the head with this one? In what way is he wrong for saying women don't like dudes who don't have good fashion, don't take care of themselves and are playing games all day long? Oh please...

    • @TruthBringer - because he doesn't know what he's doing. What he gibbers about is all common sense.

    • @SomeBlondeChick I'm pretty confident he hit the nail with this Take.

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  • grega239
    1. Care for myself: i do what I can whit what I've been given2. Hobbies: yeah hard to find a woman. Who's interested in airsoft.3. personality: I used to have that. But a woman ruined it4: purpuse I used to have it. but a woman showed me that it means nothing5: deep conversations. Tried it didn't work. These things were true for me 5 years ago. But my ex decided to destroy me.
    • If you revolve all these things just to score women, that's where you failed. You do these things for yourself. The women are an extra.

    • grega239

      @TruthBringer everything I do is for me. Why would I do it for women.

      Yeah they're an extra kick in the nuts.

    • That's what I got out of your comment. That you did things until a woman got in the way

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  • Twinrova
    Lol, I used to hate these posts, but now I just love reading the feedback.
  • Alpha4U
    I agree 100%.
    people on both sides ( men and women ) gonna be mad with this kind of threads.
    if you makie it about women then they will scream "sexism"
    if you make it about men then they will complain and whine...

    the truth is most people are losers. men and women.
    • Amen brother. He certainly triggered many snowflakes. And many people don't want the truth shoved in their faces. They can't cope with reality, hence why they start throwing shit at this guy for speaking that which we all know.

    • @TruthBringer you are a fucking dumbass. OMG I am brain dead after reading all the garbage you wrote. Maybe you are defending Apope because you guys are butt buddies. But there is no truth to anything he is saying. Even if he was getting his feedback from women, those are not the women I am attracted to. Hell, I have probably forgotten more women I have met than you and Apope put together. LMAO!!!

    • @NyceGuyFinishingLast Oh I'm sorry, did you say something?

  • Smegskull
    That's sounds like a lot of work for more expensive sex though.
    I don't see the incentive for following your guide.
    • Apope16

      Going to the gym and taking a shower is "a lot of work"?

    • Smegskull

      Going to the gym is, so is having hobbies and earning $100k (which you even state yourself)

  • Iknowbestgirls
    Fuck your watch and your douche bag polo shirt wearing bitch ass monkey suit wearing bullshit. Hahahaha you are no ladies man. My scruffy beard and messy long hair wearing my metal battle jacket get me laid! Fuck what you said, you are clearly an idiot that doesn't know women. There no system alright it's all about the individual and what works for them.
    • apple_jack

      Do you play video games too? I am actually looking for someone who would stream Resident Evil Village to me. 😂

  • DiegoO
    Or just be yourself. You'll not atract any female, you will atract the ones who find you attractive for your appearance and behaviour. Be real, otherwise you'll be a magnet for the wrong ones.
  • Wise_words01
    This doesn’t sound like a ladies man.
    YES, you have to present and look good to a girl, but i didn’t see any advice on how to talk to a girl which pretty much is lacking on this post.
    • I'm pretty sure real ladies men would say the very same thing. Stop playing videogames all day, take care of yourself and your style and have purpose in your life. So where did he actually go wrong?

    • apple_jack

      Probably cause he has no idea how to talk to a girl. 😂

    • Ryfyle

      @apple_jack Learn to read a crowd and have crazy balls confidence. I recommend running out into the woods with a gun, you will become interesting or die trying.

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  • Willoughby23
    You could do all these things and still not get laid, I say do whatever you want, dress how ever you want, work where ever you want. If women don’t want you to hell with them, sex is overrated anyway.
  • Celtero
    I'm single because I have no reason to want to not be.

    Women are a juice that's not worth the squeeze.
  • have_a_good_day
    What a pot of cock-ass shit did I just read? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • NyceGuyFinishingLast
    YOU POST IS FULL OF SHIT!! If women are asking you for advice clearly they are going to the wrong source. You are so fucking fat off a map couldn't get you back to reality.

    You dis guys playing video games all the time but what about the girls you take out to dinner and have their phones glued to their face throughout the entire dinner? Comments on that? Well, nevermind I wouldn't believe the bullshit that spews from your pie eating hole.

    You tell men to go get a hobby and then call them small dicked because they are holding a fish which fishing is a hobby you moron. My last girlfriend loved to fish and we loved spending time on the lake all day fishing. She loved buying her own fishing equipment and guess what. She was a gamer as well. You really have no clue what the hell you are talking about.

    You don't know shit about this particular topic so please jump back on your slow pony and ride back into the rubber forest you half witted waste of space.
    • Apope16

      This is what women have told me. Im repeating why they have dumped guys or said no. I have no issue with video bv games.🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Most of your negative feedback is from the ladies. Seems like a lot of people hate your takes on subjects that you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Do everyone a favor and don't make another take.

  • exitseven
    I had them all except the place with no roommates. The only time I wore a jacket and tie was to a wake.
  • Omar5881
    Its a nice take , can i give myself the liberty to deduce that the message you wanna deliver is to “ grow the fuck up “ you know adopt responsibility, be independent, etc?
  • genericname85
    there's a crowd for every show. telling people to "stop being a loser" according to your definitions won't help them reach their crowd.
  • Havill4nd
    You must feel pretty big attacking people from a distance.
  • bobrosss
    If i had tomatos i would be throwing them at you and your dumb my take.
  • Nikola321
    1. Acnes have nothing to do w hygiene, but I do agree that men shouldn't be stinky and expect girls to fall for them, they should def work on that!
    2. I agree, doing some hobby or going to some training where u'll meet a girl and then get to know each other etc. is what you should do if you want a long-lasting relationship w a non-hooker.
    3. Absolutely agree.
    4. I don't agree, not so many women look at fashion. Though a guy should def make sure his clothes are at least clean.
    5. It doesn't really matter how much money do you make, as long as it's enough for house, food and at least some money so you can buy smth for yourself or your loved ones.
    6. Yes, just like w ur friends, you should have smth to talk about w a girl.
    7. I don't know about that, for grown up men that applies I guess. Smn my age can't have his appartement/house.
  • CallmeTheKnight
    It's quite clear to me that you have a strong opinion and I respect it, but let's step into reality. If you're a ladies man, you would know the men you are talking about have very little chance of getting women interested. You can only call out these weak mean, because what else say in their defense... Nothing.. it's too easy. You can't call out a high Value man or a man on his purpose because they don't entertain women the way you do.
    As far as these women you talk to, you should question them on their choices of men.
  • DevylasArsaukas76
    why can't you just say, h? i, I'm not going to even try to get back to dating, it was much better in the 90s early 2000s, but I'm single and fine with it, that's my choice in life,
  • LostChildYuki
    Why are you putting a default on women? Not everyone thinks the same.
  • This_is_my_username
    Oh gawd, not this shit again.
    • yofuknutz

      and here we are did you bring the baby wipes this time the clean up all the bulshit I'll bring the fire hose

    • @yofuknutz hahahahahha! That's quite funny. I've got the heavy duty wipes.. I come prepared. This isn't my first rodeo on G@G with these types of mytakes! Haha. The big question is... did you bring the hazmat suits?

  • faye_girl
    I like the fish 🐟
    • amadimal

      me too! I'd swipe left if I'd see a guy trying to be artsy, but right for one who seems to enjoy a manly hobby

    • faye_girl

      YES SAME!

    • Unbeatable

      @amadimal art is manly

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  • JustTheTrue
    can't read the post.
  • D4nielv
  • ashkitten1218
    I think a lot of this is true.
  • twis7
    You are part of the problem.
  • Mister_Hangry
    A lot of us work 100 hour work weeks, idiot!!!
  • Anonymous
    @Apope I'm sorry for all these WOMEN being SICK and spineless prostitutes. These bi**he's like fuckboys only. Remember when you posted the Mytake for women, all the guys agreed with you but when you post mytake for men, these women are defending the losers. The truth is hard to digest. Women have once again proved that they should be treated like worthless pieces of scums. These are low quality women that's why they are insulting your truthful mytake.
    I appreciate this mytake and it's TRUE AF. I was an idiot girl who dated a loser. I was even ready to be the breadwinner and let him be the homemaker. But then I realized that he's a LOWEST quality bastard because he lied a lot to me and yes he has all these traits you mentioned in your take.
    • Anonymous

      I mean it's pathetic that how women here are defending men despite knowing that these same men will find ways to criticize, objectify and judge them. Ignore these low quality women. Your MyTake is 1000% ACCURATE.