Confessions of a Ladies Man: What I Learned During Years of Being a Male Bestie


Being a Ladies Man I have spent decades as a man in the “Best Friend” zone. I go to clubs with groups of women. I spend alone time with women. They share with me their deepest darkest thoughts, secrets, stories. I have also been in the room with groups of ladies as they share their dating stories. Here is what I have learned.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: What I Learned During Years of Being a Male Bestie

Women are Attention Vultures

There are a lot of women on dating sites who will match with you and agree to go on a date with you simply because they are lonely and bored. Guys, unless you follow my advice and recognize the signs you won’t realize that their flaky behavior is because they don’t even like you. They want you as their dating app pen pal for ATTENTION and EGO.

Making A Move on the 1st or 2nd Date Reveals All

My best friend is a woman. She recently told me a story of how she flirted with a guy online and then agreed to a second date at the guy’s apartment. She kept flirting but never liked him simply because she was bored and lonely. Then after making out with him said no to sex. Guys, if you are on a date and a woman treats you as platonic they don’t like you. If they say things like “being classy” or “taking things slow” it means you are friendzoned and they are just dating you for their own ego. If a woman is weird about being physical with you on a date? She doesn’t like you. She is playing GAMES. Cut ties nicely and move on.

Women Use Sex or Flirtation to Manipulate Men

I was once out for drinks with 5 female co-workers. Like always I was the only guy. Two twin sisters wanted to go to the next bar together. One of them had no money. The other blonde twin said, “Who cares if you don’t have money? Just flirt with one of the guys at the bar and he will buy you a drink.” I got up to leave.

Women Are Laughing At You

Women share texts and messages with their friends and laugh at you when they reject you and lead you on. Your heartbreak is their game.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: What I Learned During Years of Being a Male Bestie
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  • Paul09
    As much as a lot of this may or may be true to sone women. In the end women have the most power when it comes to dating. For me it's not even worth going on dates. I'm always paying for a interview. I feel like shit after every Date. I've had 2 fun dates, it's about it. And none worked out either way. So harsh to not hear, or hear the friend zone talk. I'd love to make new friends no problem. But wasting my time and money every date, takes a toll on you. Wish the roles were reversed, so women can feel all the crap à lot of men go through.
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Okay, first of all the ladies you know don't represent all women.
    There's so many things untrue with what you're representing as facts."Making A Move on the 1st or 2nd Date Reveals All"...
    Not all women that don't want to sleep with a man on the first or second date means friend zone or they're not into the man. When me and my hubby got together we didn't have sex for three months but we were together for twenty years so 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Self proclaiming yourself a ladies man does not make you an expert on all women. I find it funny that people that can't keep a relationship are giving people relationship advice.
    Women Are Laughing At You
    What about the men that brag about being fuck boys, ladies men and use women for sex? You're trying to label all women as people that will use, fake attraction to get drinks, which isn't even true. But so then, what about the guys that fake attraction, interest in a women just to get sex, to hit it and quit it or pump and dump?
    Or the guys that talk to multiple women online and feign interest because they're bored and to feed/stroke their ego 🤔
    I pray men are smart enough not to believe what they read here. Oh, I'm sure there's some Females that may be that way. But then maybe choose your friends better, cuz I know many females that AREN'T that way. Just like there's some guys that are fuck boys, hit it and quit it types, but not ALL men are that way. But that's why you take time to get to know someone before falling into their bed or a relationship. So you know which type they REALLY are...
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    • Aunty you're awesome I love your answer. . you're just a awesome 😂😂😂😂

      You hit his balls without even touching him. Ladies man 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Sam_The_Savage says the guy bragging about being a fuck boy 🤣🤣

    • Nah I'm proud fuckboy it's my lifestyle. But love the way you talk hour point. Specially one liners about relationships 🤣🤣

      I always have respect for you.
      You may don't like me bkoz I'm honest fuckboy who don't play with feelings just to get pussy on bed.

      You don't like honesty?

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  • MysteriousDarkness
    I am a straight shooter so if you don't like what I say then yhats your problem.

    Women are Attention Vultures
    You say women get on dating apps because they are lonely and bored. That is true just not for all of them. Now that I 🤔💬💡 there are guys who use dating apps/sites because they to are lonely and bored.

    Making A Move on the 1st or 2nd Date Reveals All
    Not all women who make you wait for sex are frienzoneing you. How smdo I know that? 🤔💬💡 My girlfriend of a little over 7½ years made me wait 3 months.

    Women Use Sex or Flirtation to Manipulate Men
    There are women who flirt with guys so they can get free drinks and nothing more. There are guys who use their charm to get women to go home with them just to have sex with them.

    Women are Laughing at You
    You say women share about how they lead a guy on and or reject him with her friends. There are guys who share when they have a one night stand. In other words there are guys who are just looking for a pump and dump, blow and go, hit it and quit it, lick it stick it and flick it, unload and hit the road. Some of his friends will know about it in details such as how the woman looked, how the woman smelled, how the woman tasted, how the woman sounded, what positions he fucked the woman in, if he madevthe woman gag on his cock or not, where he cums on the woman etc. If the woman spent the night he will tell his friends about her doing the walk of shame.
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    • Apope16

      All i heard was not all women, not all women, not all women.

      Do you have anything else to say? You sound like a broke record.

      I deal in statistic and general majority of cases. That is what I right about. I mean I am sure there are places on earth where there are not 4 seasons and there is never snowfall. But I am writing about what is "most likely" and what is "least likely". Most people understand this.

      Now... the problem with your argument is that I never in my article said "all women". Look it up. read it over another 100 times. It never says "all women do this..."

    • @Apope16
      Since I told it like it is it looks like you could not handle what I said. That's your problem not mine.

  • Texaskid1
    Slow down... too many truth bombs here!!!

    Years ago I was in a work group where it was me and another guy and the rest were all females. Women are catty amongst themselves and will often flirt with a guy if they see other women flirting with him. It becomes a competition. Also , if a one women is disliked all the other women will gang up against her.
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    • Apope16

      Wow. Yeah you just told a bunch of other truth bombs that I have seen! But also dont forget that women will also defend their girlfriends when they are wrong. THere is a girl code. For example, girls will travel over seas to fuck new guys and cheat on their boyfriends. They will have their fun and swear to secrecy forever. They will defend their secrets to the death.

      I was out clubbing with a group of girls once. One of them had a fiance in a different country due to deportation. I saw her make out with another guy in the club. She cheated on her fiance. None of the girls said anything. She married her fiance. They have a kid now. I doubt he has any idea that this ever happened while he was away trying to get back in the country. There is a girl code. Even when the girl is wrong in an argument or whatever they will defend another girl. Even if she is a stranger.

  • humanearth
    I learn this game women play 30 some years ago. But trick is to be able to play the game right back and put the ball in your court.

    Best way to catch a woman off their game Is when they dont expect it. Like walking up to them in a store or something.

    Stay away from the computer for dating, go old school when it comes to dating. Todays women dont know how to handle in your face dating.
  • Splatzonelover1
    this not truth for me. I did have a relationship with some men without even having sex and. I do not want sex and I am not asexual. I just prefer to get a now and make sure that he not asshole or toxic men. to get decent. it only insecure women and girls from high school and college do these type of things. yep I am women with a learning disabilities and smarter guys that are idiots.
  • JEndigoBleue
    That's no different from a man wanting his ego stroke. You will find both men and women be admired by people they don't like but use them for ego stroking, sex, money, status, etc. That's why if you know what you want in a person and the type of relationship, people like that won't get the best of you. You can't be press to be with someone because of their beauty or handsome which gets people attention and in trouble all the time. Or, what they say until it is proven by an action. And, even then you observe their action. Their energy, nonverbal communication, etc Don't be in a rush for "your type". It's never the people that just will do while you wait for "your type" to come along. That's your kryptonite. The other people are just that "people".
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    • Apope16

      Its actually very different. Guys dont share texts with each other and laugh at females being rejected. Women do this. They even tell each other what to type to a guy. Some girls swap phones and laugh at guy messages together

    • Frankly, they do. People love to showoff and brag. Make fun. Immature and unwise ones that is. Adolescents do it all the time. Some people don't stray from adolescent behavior in engaging in these unfruitful relationships. Whether you sharing a face to a nude pic of a female or showing/expressing to guy what to say to a female to manipulate and seduce her witin a text... It's pretty much all the same.

      Now, I'll say this... I agree on this front. No, a man or woman is not going to show "the one" they are with or "their type" the one their trying to get with to other people or their "preferred toy (s)" (because no one likes when other people play with their fav toy (s)). But, people you don't "care about" they "don't do it for you"... their just a "moment"..."temp fix"... something "to do"... Yeah, they'll show you all day. Laugh.. Joke... Whatever. If I was rich and a car collector, I'm not going to let you drive one of my cars. Go take that Hyundai over there. I'm not even going to brag too much about my collection for fear of someone may steal one or if not all my cars. You'll keep quiet and maybe show a few people you trust. Put an expensive alarm system, etc. No one is going to get in a steal your collection.

      The females you speak of are immature/unwise and not a reflection of most women.

      No matter what type a relationship you prefer, be mature/wise and not silly.

  • Bklynbadboy12
    I think you got this twisted being a ladies man is not being a friend
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    • yofuknutz

      I think you're right by the way Brooklyn sucks.

    • You know you love Brooklyn

    • Apope16

      Actually being a ladies man is being a friend. I will be writing a mytake explaining that a ladies man is not the same as a fuck boy or a player. Ladies man just means someone who has close bonds and ties with many women.

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  • JackSmy
    I have a lot of female friends, and some, for 20 years or more, and none of them say anything like what you posted!
    Sounds like lies, to me!!
  • Sam_The_Savage
    I know this but it's fun for fuckboy like me.
    Hit their ego they will spread legs.
    As simple as that you just have to play smarter than her. It's always easy to manuplate girls.
  • Kas19
    I took things slow with my current boyfriend the first day we met. No friendzone there. You don't sound like a ladies man tbh
  • KingdomForAKiss
    The problem with all of your advice is in the delivery of your message. "Making A Move on the 1st or 2nd Date Reveals All." You write catchy headings that look like the cover of Glamor magazine. "Follow my advice" "recognize the signs"--- those are signs from your experience. And what prophet are you?

    Your advice would be better recieved if you were more genuine in your writing.

    As far as content, you're quite obviously generalizing every woman and lumping their behavior with those women that you frequent or befriend. Perhaps you should seek to expand your circle a bit to other social groups. The behaviors that you observe by people in bars isn't indicative of all human behavior. re-state://background_color_rgba (0, 0, 0, 0), font_color_rgb (77, 77, 77), justifyLeft
    • Apope16

      Thanks. My titles are catchy on purpose. Its good marketing. As for generalizing... well duh. There are 1.5 billion women in the world. Do you want to write 1.5 billion articles? Come on girl!

    • You're referring to all women when it's one subset that doesn't represent women (humans, for that matter) as a whole.

    • Apope16

      Of course I am referring to all women. All women as one subset is wordy vernacular. If I say all women I am simply refering to most women. Or if I say "women... do this..." That means the majority of women. I have 2,000 characters to right with. You want me to basically add disclaiming into ever statement I make? That is ridiculous and that is not how we talk over margaritas or beers. A group of ladies together will chat and say "Men are such assholes!" right? Is that not true? And when ladies speak to each other and have a drink they don't add disclaimers.

      So I am sorry lady but you are just plain wrong. THere are 1.5 billion women in the world. I am not going to add disclaimers 1.5 billion times. Or wasted the limited character space on GAG with disclaimers. This article was like 1,996 characters. My limit is 2,000. I just dont have space or time for what you are asking. I've got too many points to make.

  • TomGarand
    @Apope16 , "Women share texts and messages with their friends and laugh at you when they reject you and lead you on. Your heartbreak is their game." That is fucking HORRIBLE! What kind of woman would do that to somebody? All these feminists go on and on about men only caring about sex, but what are they doing? Obviously, not all women do that, but those who do should not be friends with you. I know from context that this did not happen to you, but still. Any woman who would do that is a massive dick.
  • monkeynutts
    Personally I don’t like hanging with groups of ladies, that would be torture to me.
  • Jack9949
    Why do women always refute whatever you say about them? 🤦‍♂️
  • robocop666
    I love your writings so much. Thankyou
  • Anonymous
    I'm constantly amazed at the number of women-hating men on GaG. There's this saying... Your vibe attracts your tribe. Low quality men will attract low quality women, and vice versa. If the women you describe above are the only women you know, then maybe the problem is you.
  • Anonymous
    I've seen this with female friends, girls I was dating casually, and even had girlfriends admit that this is what they do when they're single.

    The most brutal one I experienced myself when I was about 18 was with a girl I got friend-zoned by. We'll call her Katie. I met her and went on a few dates, she seemed interested but wanted to take it slow, but then she ended up dating some other guy. She said that I was too passive, but whatever, we stayed friends.

    Quite a while later we bump into each other in town and she's with a friend I've never met. Afterwards says her new friend likes me, so I start texting this friend who we'll call Lizzy. She seemed nice and we were texting each other constantly so we set up a date.

    The night before we were going to go on the date Katie texts me to say that she has another friend who likes me, and gives her my number, this one is Amy. I don't text back and I say to Katie "WTF, I'm going on a date with Lizzy tomorrow". She says "it doesn't matter, you can just talk to Amy as a friend". I thought whatever, maybe I shouldn't be rude and ignore the other girl so I texted Amy back just talking about random stuff, actually mentioned the date with Lizzy because I wasn't trying to be sly. I liked Lizzy. I also had a gut feeling that this was a trap or a test but I wasn't too sure.

    Lizzy then texts me "why the fuck are you talking to Amy, forget meeting me tomorrow". I then ask Katie what's going on - they're all together with each other drunk, all laughing at what was going on. Katie says "well clearly she just doesn't like you you idiot". I told them all to go fuck themselves and they're just like "LMAO loser who'd want you anyway". Basically I was right and it was all a big set-up to have a laugh at my expense, and I'm not gonna lie that stung, especially the last comment.

    From then on whenever I heard a girl say such things about other guys I'd ghost her. As some of the women are saying not all girls are like this so fuck dealing with those types. But yeah it also taught me not to fuck around with women who didn't seem 100% into me and that did me well.
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  • Anonymous
    True for the bitchy ones I guess lol.