Confessions of A Ladies Man: Ignoring Women is Leverage


When a woman is upset with you and coming to you as a mature adult to express her grief? Listen and show empathy. Sit her down. Tell her you care for her. Hug and kiss her.

If any woman is treating you with disrespect and attitude? Ignore them. Give them the silent treatment. Be willing to ignore them for the rest of your life until they apologize for being a brat.

A woman craves attention more than sex. Its is your currency. If you take that away she go INSANE. There is truth in Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew".

Below are 2 examples of REAL TEXT MESSAGES I received this past week proving radio silence works to gain back respect. In this case 2 female friends acting bratty.

Confessions of A Ladies Man: Ignoring Women is Leverage

So what happened after these texts? Well the first one on the top is my best friend. She apologized and started crying. Now we are on good terms and talk every single day again. We have been friends for about 12 years now and have probably only had 5 fights during that entire period. The other is a newer friend and she apologized like before. I simply thanked her but I didn't reply to her last text. But if she messages me again I will act normal.

Never ever put up with disrespect from a woman. I don't care if she is your wife or girlfriend or just a buddy. If they ask why you are ignoring them just tell them straight up, "I feel like you have been giving me attitude and disrespect. I don't put up with that from a woman." Women are used to guys begging for pussy and thirsting for them. They aren't used to a man of strength standing up to them. They LOVE IT. If it is your girlfriend they may even get a little horny when you check them in a calm voice. They see you as their daddy kind of. It puts them back into a submissive posture which makes them turned on.

Confessions of A Ladies Man: Ignoring Women is Leverage
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  • Knighted2170
    This is an old manipulative tactic used by pickup artists called "freeze put." It's manipulation.

    It doesn't always work and can backfire.

    It doesn't solve the issue of caused the argument, and creates resentment. It makes it seem like everything is the woman's fault and the guy played no roll in it.

    This is why pickup artists no longer teach this tactic and have denounced it for years. I know, I was one. I was a "coach" for a long time before moving away from this type of coaching.

    This is bad advice. Really bad.
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    • Alpha09

      Somebody with some sense! We gotta be more straight forward and confront the problem.

    • It is really a manipulative tactic? Or rather, a COUNTER-manipulative tactic? It seems me that he is giving tips on "how to fight back" vs. manipulative women. Playing their own game right back at them, in essence.

    • @Curmudgeon It's manipulation. Making someone feel like they were unjustified in feeling a certain way, and then apologizing for it is manipulation.

      There is no counter-manipulation. Manipulation is manipulation.

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  • robocop666
    you need to write a book. 99% of the dating books are shite we need you
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    • Apope16

      Thanks I will consider that.!

    • however roosh v got all his books banned on amazon so be careful

    • yofuknutz

      Are you serious what about First Amendment

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  • iKarmaJones
    Did I miss something? Why not confront the behavior head on? If a man or woman disrespect me, I tell them right when it happens. I don't allow disrespect of any kind. Whether we're just having sex or a deeper relationship. Depending on the relationship with a person, constant bad behavior will have me gone. I will not bait you to apologize by being silent.
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    • Then leave. You make it easier for him. :)

    • Apope16

      In the moment yes. But she keeps the attitude just give her silence and let her be.

    • @NightHawk99 What are you talking about?

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  • Smashingdoozy
    Ignoring people makes them apologize when they don't mean it. They're apologizing for the sake of apoplogizing because you isolated them. It's manipulative. Tell them why you are upset, then they actually know and can correct their behavior.
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    • However, if you told them exactly why, they might not apologize at all. He is leading them to that path first.

    • Sure if you want an insincere apology

    • But what if the woman is being manipulative to begin with, and won't apologize for her bad behavior unless she is in effect led to do so?

      I think it is a shame things have come to this, and I do not agree that we should take Apope16's approach right from the start.

      However, I CAN clearly see the value of Apope16's approach when it comes to *fighting back*. If it is becoming clear that one is being "played" by her, then by all means "play it back" at her. I hope this makes sense.

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  • crazyish
    Ahem, complete manipulation. Silent treatment is toxic bro. You don't care about women, cool but you're 'help' is narcissistic and you're trying to sell it in a good light. This hurts people. Not cool.
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    • Well, it may be that he is giving tips on "how to fight back" vs. manipulative women. Playing their own game right back at them, in essence.

    • crazyish

      I see your point. You possibly could be right. But wouldn't that just create more of the 'game'?

    • @Curmudgeon Maybe if Apope16 stopped surfing the gutter trash of the female sex he'd have better success. He keeps generalizing women based off the cheap easy sluts he "dates" - hence the "ladies man" title cause he's likely never had a real relationship what when he was so proud last week of two bar-hopping cows he'd fucked - and that's why he & any man who follows his advice will never get anywhere with recent women. I mean this post of his is one of the worst.

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  • Not_Average
    You’re highly manipulative considering your age. The silent treatment? All of your advise is shit.

    You deprive women of their most natural desire when you feel like you don’t get what you want? That has to stem from insecurity. If my woman isn’t giving me what I want, then I tell her, and then I go above and beyond to meet her needs and she always without fail gives me more of what I want. When a woman isn’t meeting your needs, it’s most likely onset by insecurity or other underlying issues in the relationship. How are you supposed to uncover that issue when you’re playing damn games? The silent treatment would only make her more insecure and confused. It would only exacerbate the issue.

    Also, if you think you’re going to earn a woman’s respect by being manipulative and unavailable to her needs, then you lack some basic understanding of relationships. They’ll just be uncertain and insecure. Confident men don’t need bring others down to feel confident. They lift their women up.
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  • NorthAfrican
    How about men and women grow up and be straight forward with their intentions instead of manipulating them?
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    • Slyfu

      This is a very good idea. So, we can't have it...

    • Well, as the song lyric went, "Wouldn't it be nice?"

    • anylolone

      Well, it works well when women do it.

      So, do I do it?
      Yes, but it's less about "getting them to do something" and more "voting with one's feet".
      And I also do it with guys, by the way, I got a good girlfriend, I do this with friends once they become too much of a burden for no reason.

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  • angeliquedevereux2
    Sure I'll just risk my relationship with my best friend of 12 years by not talking to her in hopes she's come crawling back after a fight that I seem is her fault!
    My dude that's toxic as shiii
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    • Self respect isn't toxic.

    • Why would anyone end a friendship over not talking for some time?

  • Kas19
    The silent treatment is not healthy for relationships. Both partners should communicate like adults instead of acting like overgrown toddlers.

    "The silent treatment" is a pussy move too.
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    • Goatmeal

      On the other hand, that sensitive guy who expresses his emotions tends to be gay or single. And that pouting asshole on the motorbike tends to get laid.

    • Kas19

      @Goatmeal Sorry you feel that way.

  • _Lynx
    Ignoring someone is truly harsh. With your friends or anyone else. Even with yourself. I saw it highly used by abusive husbands to break down women and exploit their weakness and how women rely on them. I also heard it from a guy who has lots of female friends of [how women come back eventually when you just ignore them -usually acquainted with the phrase stepping on their heads and-.. like they'll come back even if they don't like !]

    The same guy once told me once how two of his guys friends were quarrelling over a silly topic and decided not to talk to each other anymore. Se he said how he and another guy tried to let them make up, within the meaning of:
    [Now will you be happy if you lose a friend and a relationship you spent ages building.. will you think you'll ever be happy and satisfied with your decision.. you'll never! When you leave a person immediately after a quarrel and never show again without telling them the reason you got angry or what you see or think they did wrong, you'll be eventually hurting them by letting them forever wonder what could they possibly do so you forgive them or know the reason you were offended by them. And this applies to each of you. And by not being in contact, you both will keep suffering.]

    So we all know it in concept. Now as for women and attention, I also tease women with that to see if they see really are attracted or not, but on a completely different level. Call it playing hard to get in way. In eye games, receiving/sending hints and flirting back or not.. so I am once sending and once receiving and once completely neglecting and so on.. usually a pattern that works with all girls, at least here. Where I base it on logic of how to deal with people anyway and also consderin girls' nature.

    Not like how I rudely, badly, oppressively witness men not speaking to their wives because they were not blindly submissive. That's not just manipulation, to me it is aggression.

    So yes I can ignore a woman I flirt with but on a much less hurting level. And I would naturally ignore anyone who is angry until they calm, where I try to stay patient too if they came without me going to them. So in my opinion ignoring them in that case it may become rudeness or manipulation or cowardness call it whatever, not charm or strength in any way especially if you are not seriosuly considerate enough to what extent or reason you're doing it.
  • BigPunny
    While I agree that severing communication can be an effective way to make a point, I do not agree that this should be the go-to method for a significant other. Friends, colleagues, etc - sure, on occasion, but a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend? No. At least not in the way you've suggested.

    Once it becomes clear in the moment, that neither neither party will calm down or give the other a moment to explain w/o heat, then it is a good idea to break from the situation. This gives everyone an opportunity to calm down and do some self-reflection, which is what couples SHOULD do.

    But doing this for long periods of time may end up harming the relationship down the road. If she feels he's wrong and he feels she is wrong, chances are, both of are wrong and neither will admit it because in some way, both parties know they are right.

    So you end up going silent, "for life," and that issue - however petty it may be - goes unresolved, you sleep on it, then it gets embedded into your memory and it WILL fester.

    Couples should not let problems go unresolved all night. Certainly there will be times where you cannot resolve it that day, for whatever reason (perhaps the argument started before bed), but for the most part, the resolution should come before you sleep.

    If a couple argues, goes silent, sleeps on it, then does that multiple times throughout the course of their relationship, then it will come back hard the next time. The couple will remember - even if subconsciously - and those sleights WILL make the subsequent arguments worse.
  • snackthatsmilesback
    Wtf your best friend of 12 years, hardly any conflict, and you made her cry bc she "gave you attitude" and you were ready to ignore her for the rest of your life? Fucking sociopath

    TELL her, ASAP. That quote at the end, sure, that, but actually communicate. Because you I don't know value her and the relationship and don't want to just cut them off instead of addressing a simple problem?
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  • es20490446e
    I feel that not answering someone, or being that cold, is just too much.

    I would simply state my standards, and that's all:

    "Sorry, this is is what I want. Is this what you want yourself?"

    "Sorry, with that I don't agree with."
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    • The point is that you shouldn't expect someone to behave as you liked them to do. Instead look for people that want the same as you, without having to encourage them all the time. Be clear in you intent yourself.

      Being that defensive to people, just self-harm.

  • Dalton57
    If a woman does something to disrespect me I tell her at the nearest opurtunity. It's important IMHO to get on this right away while it's fresh. I don't play childish games.

    Women do things that disrespect men all the time. They don't know. I'm sure it's the same thing from a woman's POV.
  • Property_Of_Jocker
    Dear Confessions of a Ladies Man,

    You’re getting more and more boring. Just change of topic.

    kind regards,

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  • OpenWine
    this post reminds me of my F+ the last time we had sex. she came all dolled up and shit but with sort of an attitude. after we had it once she wanted again and after a few minutes wanted to watch porn with me to get me hard again, she then told me to look up my own kind of porn with her.. big black booty and tits bitches. you know what she said? "oh that bitch is so fatty yucky". bro that bitch has boobies 2-3 times bigger than her belly.. I said: "I don't think she is fat, you basically look like her but without the boobs" (yea she is black mixed so it was just the truth). she got offended I mean it seems she hasn't looked in the mirror since covid started. I proceeded to check if I can find other black girls with less thickness "oh you really do love black girls" she said. I got pissed here I stopped watching that other beauty to find something she may want to watch and she keeps putting me in a box so I switch to Asian big titties. "uh her tits are hanging yuck (yea you bet they are hanging those are natural double K's or something..) she practically made me not want to fuck her anymore talk about not being able to selfreflect.
    point is I jacked off to the Asian girl and sent her home I really can't get hard towards girls who piss me the f off.
    right now dating and everything is super bad for me (covid) I hope I can not rely on having sex with her in the future when things get back to normal since I usually go out often.
  • bamesjond0069
    So many cucks responding. Its not manipulation to cease contact when someone is being disrespectful to you. Men dont get into shouting arguments. If my girl starts acting like a fucking moron one option that works is just disappear and i go hang with the guys or work more or go out and do something and just ignore her texting me and calling me like a rabid banshee. Then when i finally look its just numerous texts "im sorry i miss you i was being stupid come back i need you" etc.
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  • CubsterShura
    Where do you find women like this? If someone doesn't contact me in 7 days I forget their existence.
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    • Apope16

      99% of women are like this. They see chasing a man as the guy being high value with many options. I promise you. If a hot guy was not blowing up your phone you would initiate more.

    • I had a super hot ex boyfriend that I dumped because he didn't give me enough time 💀 to put into perspective how attractive he was when I showed his photos to some friends they screamed like "AAAAA", I myself told him that he could be on Hollywood if he put on more muscle since he was a bit thin.

    • I guess my sense of "He is hot and wealthy, I must chase him" is just very low in general because of how I have been brought up. I don't let anyone get away with bullshit.

  • BakedBeanieBabie
    You sound toxic as hell. Women don't have this "special magical leverage" unless you're implying our consent so you can have sex with us is said leverage.

    In which case... you're kinda basic if that's all it takes for you to get spun around by a woman. Not that she should be trying to do so, anyway.

    I'm 23, and I think anyone who lives by this idea of the silent treatment, emotional manipulation, pretending to be aloof, uncaring, whatever it is, is... immature? It shows me, as a woman on the other side that you're hung up on a lot of deep-driven emotional problems and probably don't trust that just being a decent, normal, and good guy is going to get you what you want.

    Of course, I can't say that's your case, I don't know you. I just don't trust men or women (as I like both) who try to use such manipulative tactics. If someone tries leveraging me, I just dust my hands off and leave.
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    • I'm also not saying you were trying to fuck your family friends, FYI, I just know that in similar takes that's usually the "leverage" men refer to. I just want to be clear.

    • Goatmeal

      If you're so immune to this tactic, why did you comment? His whole persona is annoying, and lo and behold: it works. People respond to it. Why did the world loose its shit during the four years of the Trump presidency? Because he's an asshole. Carter? Who cares?

  • Azura_88
    Bloody hell, you will only end up getting blocked in return. I love myself enough to not crave for a pig's attention. I'm a fucking DOMINANT WOMAN. I hate kids, traditional marriage and having to be a mans slave.
    Firstly, a man has to earn my good attitude and respect. He AIN'T getting my good treatment for free. I am the boss of the relationship unless my man is good enough to prove that we both are equals. Many incels tried this trick with me even if I didn't disrespected them but they all ended up getting ghosted. Now they are begging at my footsteps and still getting ignored.
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    • Azura_88

      Also I am turned on by submissive men. I already have enough masculine energy so I want a calm and loving man.

  • Smegskull
    I've ignored women my whole life. I wouldn't say it has given me any leverage but it certainly lets me live in peace.
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  • HamburgerFries
    Women want us to be honest yet when we are they don't like what they hear.
    It's either be open or don't. You can't have it both ways. That's not how it works.
    And what is this bs that you can't talk about certain things on a date? Time is extremely limited in this day and age. When I want to ask a woman something I will. I don't care if it's in appropriate is potentially offensive. People especially women need to stop being such snowflakes.
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  • jasco
    So far the silent treatment really just means you don't want anything to do with them. Which is what I usually mean by it and what most people think when you do it. In a argument some women, may think the way you betray it. That number though is quite small, most people don't care about the silent treatment. If a woman/man gets into a argument in most cases it usually ends up with either a break or a complete block for who knows how long.
  • OutWestBandit
    that really depends on how much of an attention whore this person is.

    some people are so used to always getting their way - practically walk all over people. that the one moment someone says nope get out. it will crack them.
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