Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date


I have given you 2 REAL LIFE examples this week on how to ask girls out on dates. Here is my advice.

Be Confident, Playful, and Excited!

You can see in the screen shots that I am as playful and flirtacious as I am on a date with a lady. Women are based on emotions. This means good, playful vibes as a first impression is a HUGE bonus. Look At one opening line from Bumble and the other from Tinder.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date

Give playful openers based on profile information. In this case I used her cat named Pancakes as an opening for Bumble Girl.

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date

Here I picked up that she is good at the game ping pong and used it as an opening for playful banter...

Be Confident. Blunt. Direct. Ask her Out!

Ask her out after no more than a few messages. A lot of girls are time wasters! Be a confident person. Get tot he point!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date

With Bumble GIrl I asked her out in the first message playfully. Here I followed up and was blunt. Also, I gave a shit test about paying for the meal to see how serious she was. A confident alpha is clear and has standards!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date

Here you can see I flat out tell her "I am direct..." Only a confident alpha tells a girl he means what he says. Girls like direct honesty and confidence.

The Results. What Happened?

One date happened the other I got stood up. Yes, 'Ladies Men' are not Gods. Even sexy guys get stood up. Date with Bumble Girl was on a Tuesday. She was a single mom living about 45 minutes away. She stood me up. Ghosted me on Bumble before the date.

Date with Tinder Girl was Wednesday (A Single, childless, lawyer) The next day. Ironically she was hotter and lived only 1 mile away. The date was great. She came back to my place and we had sex. She spent the night and we had coffee the next morning. She left my place yesterday (today is Friday).

Be fun. Be confident. Be Direct. Ask girls out!

Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date
Confessions of a Ladies Man: Asking a Lady Out on A Date
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  • Anonymous

    The girls also go by face value most of the time being confident and asking them straight out for a date doesn’t always help. I have tried multiple times online and face to face only to be rejected and ignored and being thought of as weird and creepy guy when I’m completely opposite. I’m scared of rejection as everyone else but it’s mostly based on looks and not connection. Did you even contact the tinder person back for another date?

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    • Apope16

      We met 2 days ago for our first date. We had sex after the game. She spent the night and technically left my place yesterday morning after we went to Starbucks together before work.

      My advice is to never ask a girl on a 2nd date until after the date ends. Make sure its the FOLLOWING day. Go radio silent. No asking if she got home beta male shit.

      To answer your question. YES. Today is the day after. I asked her out on date 2 this morning. This chic immediately replied and invited me to a farmer's market and said she wanted to cook me lunch at her home. She said i seem lovely. Very falling in love language.

      As for your situation. It depends on looks and specifics. It HIGHLY likely you didn't do much wrong in most cases. Understand that during the hot girl summer MOST girls are time wasters seeking attention. They want real dating for holiday season.🤣

    • Overmind

      Work on your body language/eye contact. I couldn't say without seeing you in action but I guarantee you're conveying something undesirable. Women are naturally much more adept at reading these signs & men have to make extra effort to catch up with them.

  • Jamie05rhs

    No offense, but someone from Tinder having sex with you doesn't mean shit. 9 times out of 10 they're just there for sex anyway. You just happen to be the lucky one that they connected with on that particular night.

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    • Apope16

      This post is not about sex or relationships. Its about how to ask a girl out on a date. See other mytakes for other advice. Anyways... on to date 2 for me with her tomorrow. she's cooking me lunch.❤

    • @Apope16 - no, no, no. Correct yourself. This Take is about taking sluts and whores out for a date. Most decent women don't have sex right after the first date. Sluts & whores and women on par with prostitutes do.

    • Apope16

      @CookiesAndCream2 THis is my first time being on the site in awhile. You are not going to slut shame people. Women like sex just as much as guys. That is wrong and there is nothing wrong with having sex on the first date.

      Oh and by the way... you know the girl I had sex with on the first date? We are still dating. It wasn't a one night stand. We are getting to know each other in a deep and meaningful way. She may end up being my girlfriend or my wife. Do not call her a slut. OKay? Its been a few weeks and we appreciate each other.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • CookiesAndCream2

    Dating sites = websites for losers & tramps from what I've seen and I've tried them all over the years. Never stayed more than a week cause I got tired of the men used to the sluts on the site expecting every woman to be interested in cheap easy sex.

    And reading those texts back and forth that's exactly what you found. Sluts, tramps, whores looking for easy sex. No respectable women for as far as the eye can see.

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  • hi_it_is_me123

    You give another reason why women should never ever reveal their identity on social media. Imagine texting with a guy and this guy take a screenshot of your chat and make it public to make a fucking ridiculous take. Is this even legal? Sofar i know these women can report you. No wonder why most women dont use apps like tinder etc.

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    • I would be devastated if this happened to me

    • Ok sorry for being a little rude but what you did is disrespectful to the girls you dated/texted...

    • Yeah violating screenshotting texts that women should feel secure about is wrong.

      But some women (I understand this may not be the case) who are disrespectful and pick and choose when somebody is beneficial to them, they should be screenshot for discussions like this.

      I garuntee a man never told you in your life, after you said you like them and would like to try dating, that he will let you know when he decides he wants you. NOPE!

      Stuff like that needs addressed. Shouldn't anybody be an option and most these females believe that only when a man is beneficial is when he is right to have. See that's called manipulation. Nobody should be targeted and used, for sexual needs or wealth, no matter who.

      I don't know what do you think?

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • coachTanthony

    At least block out her photo when posting online. Have some respect man. You are more worried about the name of the bar but not her photo. SMH.

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  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

    GUYS READING THIS, our generation of women has become majority of which disrespectful, hateful, and hoes. THAT IS NOT A WOMAN. That's a child still learning maturity. DO NOT LET A BITCH LIKE THAT RUIN YOUR LOVE LIFE!

    Most those kind of women will be single mothers stuck in their opinions for the rest of their lonely lives til they learn to mature. Besides us men, the ones who do the most to please a woman, don't deserve the torture or scrutiny of a belligerent bitch like that.


    Stop worrying about that last bitch, and if you play games or have played games, CONTINUING TO DO SO, will keep you from having that opportunity to find a peaceful relationship.

    As a man with goals, you have to understand to recognize that head on.

    That means, yes, the sex can wait.

    That does NOT mean to make her feel like you are sexually unattracted to her, but it means give it time and space to be more natural. If she ducks another dude because she's impatient, then she's incompetent, and you can cut the losses champ, because she will not be as good as the next woman. I promise you.

    Wife material will be patient for you, and supportive of you. If she demands too much then she just isn't it.

    Ask yourself: does she like you because you are beneficial, or because you have been official? (Quote by Nino Brown)

    A materialistic woman isn't worth the time or space to keep around, as she really doesn't like you as much as what you have to offer, and the second you don't offer it, she will abandon you. She lacks the patience of a wife, and the self discipline of a grown woman.

    Try this, try playing broke if you got money (but not too broke, don't come across homeless), and if she is Loyal to you, then take it a step further

    AS FAR AS GETTING WOMEN, just be genuine, be kind, treat a women gently. Some women do like one night stands, but they are hoes and might screw a random guy behind your back out of frustration. But if that's what you want is a one night stand, be straight up, but don't be aggressive. Just ask to fuck if that's all you want, don't confuse anybody or you will regret it.

    Also if she says no, just tell her have a nice day. Leave happily!

    Most women if they just left a bad relationship are scared of a new one, seeing you leave will make them think about what they may have missed in a moment. If they don't then they don't, but it's the theory of the benefit of doubt.

    Most women may be in a relationship already. Or most women may be opinionated and strict on what they like. That's normal. It's just how they are.

    Break the ice with a joke or corny pick up line.

    Hey are you a doctor?

    Wait til she responds,
    Then say
    Because you have me a heart attack

    Just introduce yourself don't be a stranger.
    If you have anxiety about being social, a great excercise is to just get flash cards, and write conversation bits to practice with yourself, and go out in public and try talking about normal things in the world with random people. Talk about something in the news paper, something on tv, maybe something you saw on YouTube or things you like.

    If you could use a coffee just say, man, a coffee would be great right now, and the woman next to you will probably talk about her favorite starbucks drink. Next thing you know you're getting Starbucks for her.

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  • AdithyaR

    Cool but that honestly sounds like too much work. I'm good on my own.

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  • rosemilk

    This is so cringe I can't even get through it... 🌸

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  • HairyPoppins

    I mean I guess if you want to have sex with 4's and 5's yeah then this is great advice. 10's aren't on the apps and if they are they are ONLY FANS and SNAP CHAT business women. LOL

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    • FACTS

      I’m a 10 and I’m not on any dating apps. I get approached by men offline.

    • Apope16

      FACTS. The girl from this note? We are still dating. She is NOT a 4 or 5. She is a tall, blonde, Norwegian Lawyer. Very cute.

      Babewithplan... uhm. okay. good for you getting approached by men offline. But do you realize that the general advice in this note is for guys who meet you in real life as well? Be confident. be playful. be direct. dont beat around the bush and ask her out. comment on her bracelet or shirt or something else to spark conversation. all of this is basic elements of connnecting and asking for the date.

      Lastly, dont give me this balony that women are not on dating apps. 99% of women are on dating apps even if they meet a guy offline in the real world.

    • @Apope16 I don’t need advice on how to approach, because I get approached.

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  • JSmuve

    Facts. Know what you want and don't beat around the bush. If she's gonna waste your time, find out sooner rather than later. But LOL at getting stood up by the single mom. 100% she was expecting a foodie date paid for by you and then when you said you split the first date, I bet her schedule suddenly filled up and she "forgot to tell you".

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  • so_over_this

    Sigh, why can't men just approach women in the real world.

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    • yofuknutz

      It's too complicated now probably need an app for that damn sound like a robot at this point

    • JSmuve

      Guys are being socially conditioned by women to not approach in person. With the proliferation of dating apps and social media, women find it more comfortable to have guys message her on instagram so that she can check out his profile before she responds. It's easier for her to deal with than being approach at a starbucks or the gym by a guy she's never met. Less romantic, yes. But nowadays, women get creeped out by well-intentioned strangers so online seems to be the safest recourse. It's sad. But here we are.

    • Overmind

      I do all the time:) I make it a mission to win a smile every time I go out.

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  • Jaximus-Lion

    Cool story! I did all that face to face, no tech, no phones, no pick up lines, just straight go out and had fun. It is the words choice and no interest in sex , again! Just having fun.

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  • Pasiton5

    Well that works for you but imagine most of these dudes, just happen to meet the same girl and she goes out with them and they all start dropping the same line you taught them, acting the same way you told them to, well didn't work out for you so it won't for them either, cause she's still single, I say be you always cause what works for one dude who didn't get the girl, won't for another either, so always try to be who you are, I mean you show up on your date armed with your guru, s lesson and some how you pulled it off and she's digging you, but now to keep her you got to remain this way only your guru only schooled you for that first date now you over there at her pad and constantly running to bathroom to call your guru for instruction on what to do and say, not good my friend, always stay true to you, be yourself always or wind up with 50 different personalities, and single line your guru , just saying, was some good advice though made me a copy of some of them, might work

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    • Apope16

      I am not telling you to drop lines. I am giving you example of confidence. Put you spin on it. be yourself.

      Did you read my note?

      Be confident. Be playful. Engage with women in an excited way. Be direct about your intentions to go on a date. Ask her out right away.

      These are not lines mate. These are ethical principles to follow.

    • Pasiton5

      Yes I read your note and I was echoing what you wrote I just like to, add a little humor, you got a laugh out of it didn't you and still had a positive tone so, my bad if you took offense or misunderstood,

  • A_Bell

    Dating sites are terrible. I'd rather date my brother and I don't have any brothers.

    In person is better. I don't like tech obsessed shutins.

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  • Silver158

    I usually just say "We should go out sometime" seems to work

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    • Apope16

      That may work for you but I can improve that for you. "We should go out sometime" is too weak and simp. It is not direct enough to arouse and display masculine confidence.

      YOu need to be confident and tell her, "Let's go on a drink date. When are you free?" See the difference? We should go out sometime could be said by a friend. It gives her plausable deniability to say "oh i am sorry i didn't know it was a date". THat is weak asf. What you want is to act like women go on dates with you all the time. its normal. If you call what you are doing a "date" and she says yes... then when she shows up for the date she is showing up knowing very clearly what she has agreed to. It gives her a different feel when she accepts your request.

      You dont want her going to meet you and asking "is this a date?" or thinking "well, its kind of a date.." she will not view you as masculine.

      If you say "we should do..." or "we should go..." this are not passive statements. They are masculine. COnfident. Direct. If you say "sometime" that is very weak.

      Just look..

      "We should go out sometime!"
      (See how the date isn't set up? see how weak that looks?)

      YOu want to be like this:

      "I know a place with the best ice cream in town. We should go. When are you free?"
      "Ohh! I love ice cream! I am free Thursday."
      "Cool. Meet me at 'Eye Scream' on 5th and Broadway at 7pm."
      (See how you look like a confident man with a plan? Its direct. Bold. Confident. YOu look like a LEADER)

    • Silver158

      I don't want you to improve that for me though?

  • crazy8000

    People have a tendency to behave according to rumor about a contract service and be the worst version of themselves. especially female's.
    You can stumble into same person on other services and they behaves differently, like majority of their gender on that service.

    If they pull that or what you show they most of the times not partner material.
    They are extremely easy to get into bed since they have the same mental issue going on in their mind.

    If your in to that go for it.

  • IHateBeingaMan

    why do i get the feeling this burden will never go away, speaking of my lifelong resentment of how men always have to do the asking out or be the initiators

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  • yourbabygirl921


  • Overmind

    Great advice:), & don't feel bad about flakes, I get them now & then too. I cut them off after; if there's a valid excuse I'll give her one more shot. I live in a rural area & favor meeting in person but that can get rather tedious with the shy types.

    Perhaps I should work on my phone game:) I cannot stress how much it matters to lose expectations, they're conveyed through body language & make things awkward with in person interactions. I go with the mindset of making it a night she'll remember (in a good way hopefully) & not just getting laid.

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  • MysteriousDarkness

    Good for you for getting the easy type that is if you even did get anyone. Men get ladies bitches get they easy ones.

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  • bannacookies

    This guys such great date material everyone! He is still seeking dates & then uses his little knowledge on them to teach already known info to us.😆

  • copiecat

    Every time I ask a girl out it goes south. And if I don't they come along but I get used.

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  • moviedude714

    Why do I get the feeling this gender role will always be one sided

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  • BlackCatBone

    Why can't you just stop with this?

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