Why Women Should ask men Out on Dates

Why Women Should ask men Out on Dates

Short answer:

Men desire to be the aggressor to much and women desire to be the waiter too much. Going against our natural instincts will help fix a lot of the idiosyncrasies of dating and make for better dating and better relationships.

Long answer:

Women are naturally good at guessing how they will feel around other people and waiting to find the right man based on what they see and feel about them. But men are naturally good at analyzing the mental and physical traits of a woman that would make her a good mate quickly and without much guessing. Women and men can do what the other sex specializes in but most of the time women are built to feel and men are built to analyze.

At a basic level wouldn't you want the individual who is best at knowing how they feel around someone to be the one who asks for a date and the one who knows what they want mentally and physically to do the aggressive flirting and date accepting so that there isn't much guessing once a date is propositioned?

I think that if men learned to patiently wait and women learned to be more aggressive and ask the man out then this would erase most of the idiosyncrasies around dating. Women don't like it when men are too pushy because they know what they want (even though this is what they are built to do) and men don't like it when women take their time to learn what they want (even though this is what they are built to do).

Conclusion: It all comes back to this, men desire to be the aggressor too much and women desire to be the waiter too much. Going against our natural instincts will help fix a lot of the idiosyncrasies of dating because women would be forced to finally make a decision and men would be forced to wait for the women to learn about them and make the decision to ask them out. This will increase the chances of good dates and good relationships.

Note: women will still guess wrong and men will still be pushy even if these roles are reversed so the idiosyncrasies of dating will still exist. I simply think that if the roles where reversed it would decrease the chances for bad dates and bad relationships and increase the chances for good dates and good relationships.

Why Women Should ask men Out on Dates
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  • Clueless4sure
    Lol I don't agree with your logic but I agree with the general idea. I think girls analyze things wayyy more than guys. And my friends and I were just talking about how guys actually feel wayyy more than girls. Girls just show it more. But all the guys we've come across are like secretively really sensitive. We've also found that girls want more sex than boys, but that's another story lol. I don't think its that women desire to be a waiter. A lot of women are just unsure of how the man feels because he doesn't show it the same way we do, so we don't know if it's a good idea.. We're afraid to ruin it or come across as creepy lol. Men culturally just have more guts to take the initiative. But I agree that the roles should be open to reversal. If I'm tired of waiting, Ima ask him out!

    SPEAKING OF - My question is kind of a real life example of this. Help a girl out and analyze his response when I asked him out?
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    • Boppy

      I can relate a lot to being "afraid to ruin it or come across as creepy."
      It's really hard to tell if a girl's interested but playing it cool, attracted and socially shy, or just afraid of me.
      The poker face goes both ways, I think. The only time I was creeped out by a girl was when she asked me to dance and got a bit more handsy than I wanted. I probably look spooked every time a stranger talks to me, though, considering my social anxiety.

  • kaiya567
    I'll ask a girl out but never a guy. Men never had a problem with approaching me. But lately... yikes
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Most Helpful Guys

  • poseidon1111
    Stop comparing sentiant people and judging them based on their gender, i am just as good at identifying what girl i will get along witg intelectually whilst completly ignoring how she looks just as girls in my class can judge me based on how i look. Stoo creating/perpetuating sterotypes and using science as an excuse our closest DNA ancestor is a xhimpanzee which eat eaxh others fleas and smash tge heads and eat rhe brains of predators that get to close and yet i hace never felt the need to like a firls hear or eat a person/animals brain.
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    • @poseidon1111 I am not judging them on their gender, please re-read the post. I did not judge or disrespect anyone.

  • Gatman34
    Guys should just not approach and focus on themselves it’s guys fault for being desperate. Women don’t have to ask guys out because desperate men will always be their to chase
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  • CindyRuns
    A little less than 10 years ago, I saw this guy who I knew from college at a local shopping mall and asked him to join me for coffee and a snack...

    ... Well, one thing lead to another, a year and a half later we became husband and wife and 8 years later, I still love him more than anything !!!

    Heck... it worked for me !!!
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  • bellapizza
    They should not unless you are looking for a submissive man and you are a lady who likes to lead the relationship then sure ask him out
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    • I think that is a bad way of looking at it, just because someone doesn't act on an impulse it does not mean that they are submissive, it just means that they can think for themselves, for guys it shows immense control, which is a good attribute to have for anyone but especially men who tend to be impulsive.

    • zagor

      That is ridiculous. A guy who is not submissive at all may just not know that you're single.

  • sixxx
    Most Japanese girls re like that and I like their culture too.
  • ProfessionalMusician
    I agree it's no picnic out there for
    Men who have been out of dating for a long time
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • Plitty-Tank
    Whoever wants to date should ask the other out.
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  • Anonymous
    If only it happened more often
  • Anonymous
    Stop calling women easy then for making the first step
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