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Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice


Ever have a girl who starts out as obsessed with you and after a few dates she messages you less and pulls away? Here is some advice I have in these situations.

The most common reason why women lose interest and pull away is because you are too nice. I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. You are too reliable. Too dependable. Too consistent. She knows that you like/love her. She feels secure about how much you care for her. In other words, you are boring. The mystery is gone. Women at some point in a relationship will take your kindness and love for granted.

Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice

You Must Unlock Your Inner Alpha

    • Be less available. No more good mornings or good nights. Text back at random. In early stages of dating pretty much ignore her unless you are scheduling dates.
Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice

Be mysterious. Be vague about your schedule. Change up your routine. Make her wonder if there is another girl to invoke jealousy. BUILD MYSTERY.

Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice

  • Be here dream come true. When she is not with you pull away and be confusing and distant. But when she is with you in person shock her with love, kindness, and passionate sex when you are with her. But when you are not with her give her more silence and distance. The contrast will make her realize the void of emptiness and miss you more.
Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice
Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice
Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice
Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice
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  • JackSmy
    @Apope16 Thank you, for your long explanation, and what you think.
    I'm looking for a Lady, a Proper Lady, and she is TOTALLY my EQUAL, and I LOVE THAT!
    But, she loves the Romance, and being "Swept Away" by a guy, and he cares, and knows, and it's all about the Romance, and LOVE, and those fantasy dreams, can be real!
    So many women get tricked into shit, by guys, just lying to them, and telling them what they want to hear, and loving the promises, that become lies.
    A real LADY, expects A GENTLEMAN, to respect her, and she is in EVERY WAY, and EQUAL, and I assume that!!
    I want the Lady, that KNOWS she is an EQUAL, but ADORES being treated like a Lady, maybe a Princess, because he likes her, and wants to make her smile, and have the best time, ever, whatever they do, together!!
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    • Apope16

      Nobody is talking about lying here or treating her like she isn't equal.

      What I am talking about is relationship foreplay. Taking it fast and taking it slow at the same time. Building mystery. Be that guy. She wants to not only be adored by you but she also wants to MISS YOU. Dont blow up her phone. stop the good morning and good night texting. make her wonder about you. Then when you are with her cherish her.

    • JackSmy

      @Apope16 Your reply tells me that you don't have a FCKING CLUE!! You are about young enough to be the kid I never had, yet you think you can give me advice, how to attract women, and get a date?
      Laughing so hard, I am almost crying!!!
      You don't know me, and next to nothing about me. Thanks for your erroneous, little fantasies, of what you think women want, but you are just going about it, all WRONG!!
      Come back, in 20 years, and having MAYBE had some accidental dates, and experiences with women, and maybe we can talk then! LOL!! :) Peace to you, young one. . .

  • crazy8000
    Your talking about bending to her convenience.
    Changing to become her wet ideological partner.
    One sided.
    That you aren't worth as much as her and must...

    That doesn't create real attraction/emotions on the depth.
    Only repels quality person.
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    • crazy8000

      You are talking about emotional damaged female's. with insecure relationship frame with shitty attitude involved.

      Wouldn't recommend that kind of partner in the first place.
      Move on and find someone that really has what it takes to be in a relationship instead of running after bottom scrapings ( crap ) .

    • agreed

    • Apope16

      This is not about emotional damage. Stop acting like these ladies out there in the dating scene are innocent flowers. Grow up. Grow a pair. Understand the TRUTH about women.

      The girl you just met and got her phone number? Yeah. SHe's talking to 5 to 12 other guys. Most likely she is having sex and getting rammed through 2 nights before she even met you bro. These are not innocent ladies out there in our new generation.

      Second, I am teaching men tools here to beat ladies at their own game. Guys, understand. Women have been biologically and systematically learning these tricks for 1,000s of years. How to get a guy hooked and interested in them. Understand that. I am teaching men out there to use the tactics that women use on us to OUR advantange as men.

      Lastly, did you ever realize women WANT this? Ladies out there are THIRSTY and LUSTING for you to do this to them. They are tired of these nice guys who tell them everything and after one date its clear they want to be their girlfriend. Women want FOREPLAY. they want mystery. they want tension. and build up. They want to chase.

      Help these women out my brotha. give them what they want. Be THAT guy they want YOU to be. Bring out that inner alpha. that want to see that in you. trust me

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Most Helpful Girls

  • natured
    If my boyfriend wasn't nice and if he didn't do all the things you mentioned above, I would never be with him now after 7 years of relationship... So I'm really sorry but you're giving false information and you're teaching men to be plain IDIOTS.
    It's just a fact, and I don't know whats up with the BAD BOY GOOD BOY thing lately, but I think you're watching too many movies.
    I appreciate men that are good in the streets and bad in the sheets.Tks tks
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    • Well said, haha. I think this advice he gave is really idiotic. I know way too many people who prove this to be false. Myself and my S/O as well.

  • IveGotNoName
    My boyfriend does your weird "mysterious, unavailable, confusing" thing (not on purpose) when we are not together at times, and it is not nice. It honestly makes me like him less and want distance from him when he does. So you are sadly mistaken sir.
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    • Apope16

      Read the first to words you typed. It proves my point.🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • He only just started doing it dude.

    • Apope16

      he's got you on the hook. He is a nice guy. he's not bad. But he's getting you obsessed. Curious. Thinking of you. You are still dating him. he's driving you crazy. You are frustrated. But you are falling deeper in love.

      You boyfriend shows my advice is WORKING. frustrated? Yes. Will you dump him? Nope.

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  • ChristianMan21
    Sorry, but this is literally the most idiotic thing I've ever heard... If you want to play around and not have something serious, then fine. Go ahead and mess with their emotions and "play a game" as you've said in the comments. You want something serious and real? Just be open and honest and forward about what you want with each other. I've dated a lot and messed around a lot, and the time I was messing around, I found that almost every girl has some sort of emotional baggage because of a guy with this sort of moronic mentality that you need to "beat them at their own game" as if you aren't on the same side anyway! You want a partner in life? Stop pretending you're against each other! So stupid... Guys, don't listen to this moron... Be yourself, be open and honest, and show her the respect and love she deserves. If she is one of the FEW women who wants to play, then she probably isn't for you. Take it from me, I've had several healthy relationships, and NONE of them were using this nonsense. And the only reason I ever broke up with someone or they broke up with me is because we had different goals and directions in life. THAT should be how a relationship goes. Trust. Honesty. Openness. Sharing life with each other. Not hiding anything or playing some twisted game...
    • Azura_88

      Exactly. I broke up the moment I saw him being unavailable and mysterious because lockdown happened. I was regretting that why the hell did I used to agree to hang out everyday. I was furious that he will literally beg me to hang out but when physical distance happened, he emotionally distanced himself too. I just broke up after giving few chances. I'm glad that I don't stick around with people like these.

    • Exactly. Every stupid piece of advice he gave here is manipulative and toxic... I seriously hope that nobody actually believes him.

    • Azura_88

      Manipulative people will take his advice

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  • TommyMountainFigure
    You left out one small detail. If you do either one as an act, she will see right through you.
    1) Try and be nice and always available if you're not that kind of person. She'll know.

    2) Try and be unavailable and treat her sometimes with contempt if that's not really you? Again, she will know

    The bottom line is, always be yourself and as long as you find the right person for you, You'll both be happy! And without ever having to hide who you really are.
    • Bingo

    • Apope16

      Search the word contempt in this note. You won't find it. Show anywhere in the note where it says treat women badly. You won't find it. The advice is be less available etc.

    • @Apope16 You’re so gay teaching men to be women.

  • JustAnj
    No that's not why... this is all bad any girl that says this is true is more than likely needs to work on some things herself but no one is perfect.

    Look, I knew a guy who was a year younger then me really sweet really nice and I told him I decided I was not interested in him. He did not get why woman said he was to nice. I tried to explain to him my reasons, one he was to young what I meant was he was too inexperienced as in he was nice but I felt like knowing more about him over knowing how nice can be towards me. The inexperienced part has to do with a lot of immaturity which means I would have to be his learning about life and relationship girl. I just wanted to be with someone who understood what they wanted and wanted something serious. It's hard to believe this person can be serious if they do not understand that at some point the innocent of a relationship will disappear and that's okay.

    It's really hard to explain but over with my experience I did not want to have to teach him anything or have to go through another break up because he forgot to get to know who he was before getting involved. Growth is a big deal for some of us. We know you got flaws we do too but if you don't know how to handle yourself in a relationship it's gonna be a problem. Some of us girl are ready to commit not be your experience and lesson. So go love you and learn about yourself so you can be ready too. ❤️
    • Bl0n6eguy

      If this is the case, how will any of us yet to find someone be accepted into a relationship?

      Men who are too nice are a product of what we have been told to be, by both modern society and the media; if lacking in confidence, standing and assertiveness is an issue, why are we told to avoid being a confident, forward or assertive?

    • JustAnj

      @BI0n6eguy Who tells you this? If you are learning from Media then your on a bad influence, someone had put it simply as in being to nice is not about being nice. It's about how your not including you as a person with flaws. The point is not to not be yourself but to fully show who you are with insecurities and all but to understand that not everyone is going to be on the same page with you. You are not meant to be with every person you are meant to find a person who will love you for you. But you being nice is not YOU that's just a portion of how you act.

      What I am saying is that I had been with a guy before this nice guy and went through hell because he was nice then was confused about what he wanted. He started realizing he wanted to find himself and who he was... he was not ready for a partnership this was fusterating. Please do not focus only on being with someone just so your not lonely or single. The right person will come and many will be examples but if you don't even know yourself what do you have to give and offer someone else? Some women are willing to be patient and let you grow and figure it out while together but we all change so it's a hit in miss situation. Whatever you want to do is up to you.

      I'm guessing this is why people date to figure it out. I just never had time for games when I knew what I wanted and who I was.

      There are plenty of women in your same boat so I am not the only type of girl that exists. You will find someone.

  • Azura_88
    The moment I see a guy who wants to date me is mysterious or unavailable I'm INSTANTLY OUT!
    I hate shady people, zero tolerance for BS.
    You are not a ladies man, you're a simp because you're still trying hard to keep a lady with you one way or the other. You're trying to COPY alpha attitude but it clearly shows you're equally desperate to keep ladies hooked.
    • Azura_88

      Confusing and distant? My foot. One guy tried that with me and ended up getting ghosted by me.

    • Azura_88

      "The contrast will make her realize void of emptiness". If partners make you feel empty then why the fuck do i need them? They're OUT. I don't need this toxic drama. I'll literally label them as perverts if they are distant online but offer so much when physically available.

    • Azura_88

      In fact that contrast will push me to be happy with OTHER THINGS... I'll instantly start looking for other things that won't let me down like he did. If my partner makes me feel lonely but then suddenly love bombs me then he is a narcissist.

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  • Toast792
    They probably 'lose interest' because you won't shut up about how 'alpha' you are. You look like a kid who has read one too many wattpad fics.. 😂😂 To all the guys who are reading this, please don't listen to this small child. You'll probably just end up attracting sluts who only stick around for your money..
  • CookiesAndCream2
    Sluts, like the ones you "date" and why you can't hold down a decent relationship, wouldn't care.

    Most decent women would rightfully think your cheating by such childish behaviour and toss you to the curb.
  • iseekpinetrees
    Lol I'll agree to this one. But your line you should of written was... be a bit of an asshole. Simply put. Not gunna lie my hubby was the nice guy turned little assholey n I ended up liking him more. So it's damn true. But I do like when people actually show personality and most of us talk shit so most of us have an asshole side. I'd rather someone show their nice and asshole side because no one is perfect and if they act perfect they are probably being fake.
    • yulbsari

      Yes! BINGO! It took me too long to realize this!

  • Ayanna240
    How hilarious, a man who cannot maintain a relationship , teaching other people how to maintain a relationship. How many more relationships have you been on this past month?
  • HairyPoppins
    Living a real life of mystery and having something going for yourself is a much better play then pretending to be some alpha and purposefully ignoring her. Guys get a real life, build your empire so you don't have to pretend.
    • Apope16

      My advice is not to be fake. We are on the same page. But lets be real. Nobody is so busy 24/7 in their day that they can't answer a text message. there is a bit of gamesmanship here. One trick I do is any text after 8pm I dont answer until the next morning in early stages of dating. Sometimes do and sometimes I dont. Makes her wonder... was he with a girl last night? Because he messaged me late tonight. The best thing is to actually be on a date with another girl. Thats what I do. thats even more alpha.

    • @HairyPoppins yes dude teach me i am so bad with hot chicks lol

  • ifbaldrickwasagirl
    Um... I like nice guys!
    Ngl, I would hate to be in a hot-and-cold relationship with an "alpha" type. I hate it when emotions are hidden and opportunities lost, just because a guy was too "manly" to show his true feelings!
    I don't want them to be needy/desperate or trying to mould themselves to my liking, but at the same time a man who puts on the alpha I'm-an-asshole-and-enjoying-it mask would be repulsive to me.
    • This guy is an idiot... He claims to be a ladies man, but knows nothing about actual connections, relationships, and commitment. An actual alpha male is someone who is confident in themselves - confident enough to not play childish games to get what they want. A real man doesn't hide things from his significant other, but is open and honest and caring. The true nature of man is to be a protector and provider. To provide every kind of safety, respect, love, and protection is our true instinct. Most men nowadays have been brought up to believe otherwise, but those who don't show those traits are not men. They're children. A real man is going to be confident, emotionally available, caring, calm, and attentive to the ones they love. Not whatever this garbage is, lol.

  • m33lad
    After 20th times in my teens and early 20’s I learned to still talking advice from women. And street being an a-hole!

    All the sudden got easier to get laid with hotter girls.
    • Apope16

      haha. The problem with advice from women is that it is true. in other words... women want a nice guy.

      You want to know why? Because they are getting fucked by the alpha bad boys and they want to change them by making them more nice.

  • RockinRob10123
    I don't even get started and they back away. I am nice! But I like rough bars. So the biker babes look but don't touch. I ain't making a first move because I don't know who is with who. I went to other bars too. Not so rough but you still didn't want to mess with anyone. Every once in a while I'd find a woman who liked my style. Too many and too long a time to end up alone. I lived with too many from a couple weeks to about four years. Her and I still see each other. Just to say high. And I gave guys a few try's. Who knew I would love sucking and swallowing. I'm new here and don't want to reveal too much of my past. No violence. I despise women and children abusers and bruisers. If you can't hold your partners arms to keep him or her from beating on you don't piss'em off. Women and children were created to keep man company. A lot of my friends think I go into too much detail but I like to explain what I'm talking about so there is no question what I said and how I feel. I don't lie and I am very trustworthy where I don't think someone is lying unless I know the truth. I've said enough.
  • tupacs_only_wife
    Keep up that aloof alpha shit and that's how you'll die lonely. If only you men knew how women hate that toxic alpha sigma bs, like bruv just live a normal life find a serious woman who truly loves you and is willing to be around you no matter what.
    • HiveBee

      Yea but if you can't get a date you have to change yourself right? You can't just assume you are perfect. One must work on thenselves.

      Why not do what it takes to make the most amount of women attracted to you?

    • JustAnj

      @HiveBee You don't have to change yourself you just need to grow some and learn more about self love and your needs. Working on yourself is not about being a people pleaser it's about understand where your flaws lay and working on them to be prepared for a partner that you feel is right for you as they should feel you are for them. Never change who you are to please learn to change through growth and wanting to be a knowledgeable better you.

    • HiveBee

      @JustAnj Maybe. I dont know. It doesn't apply to me because I've always been improving myself.

      But it never got me a girl. But now, I've been having much success with women and none of it was because i improved myself.

      Most of it was by accident honestly. I said something mean by accident one time and suddenly i was famous with the girls.

      And so for the past few years I've been trying to figure out why women react to different men the way they do.

      Most dudes aren't even like on that journey of continuois self improvement. Most guys i see who have all the options are bum ass losers.

      Like its just hard to believe that self improvement plays any role at all.

      Rather, it seems like learning ti play "the game" actually gets you results. And you can easily discover what you want when you have a large pool of women to choose from.

      Like, us men dont have the option to just date around 100 girls, find out what will make my perfect wife and find her.

      No most guys take what they can get it seems to me lol. Maybe im wrong.

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  • Ice_knight
    Immature and childish women want those types of men. Mature, grown and settled women seek secure and settled men who are nice and will be there for them. Most men who meet the criteria you have set out here are abusers and no good for the women they are with. I'm sorry dude but this isn't it at all. Now some relationships can get dull and boring, but there are better ways of spicing the relationship up.
    • Robertcw

      Ain't it sad that youth has more sexual fertility. Makes no sense. Almost like we evolved to reproduce immaturely.

  • _Cleopatra_
    I really wish more and more men will follow this advice and be "less available". Or better, just never be available, just stay far away.
  • TheOracle10
    In my own observations, I have found that being emotional, or "nice" to a woman will make her view you less as a romantic interest, and more as a friend. If you dare to show any weakness to her, unless you are incredibly attractive she will usually lose sight and stop caring. This can go both ways though.
  • far2gud4u
    Sorry pal but you are so off the mark here it's crazy. These are what your issues are:

    1) Some girls don't want to tie down yet and enjoy serial dating where they can get the ego boost they need with a variety of guys. I think this is a bit crap of these girls but I see it happen.

    2) They liked you but were unsure on date 1, date 2 they thought they couldn't judge you after the first one so give it another blast. Date 3 is still as bad so it's adios.

    3) You just are not what the girl is looking for. Usually this is the wrong choice in partner to begin with rather than a person sleight against anyone.

    You are looking into this way too much. You will find girls that appreciate a nice guy and you will find those that are drawn to the bad ones... Just enjoy dating and don't look to marry every single girl who comes your way!
  • Bluemax
    So, I'll just put this right here...Confessions of a Ladies Man-She Pulls Away Because You’re Too Nice
  • KrakenAttackin
    I agree with what you are saying but frankly 99% of women are not worth this level of effort.
    • Apope16

      My advice is not for 99% percent of women. I want you to find that spicy and sexy woman of your dreams. THat girl you want to wife up. THat girl who is the 1% that is worth it.

    • @Apope16. Yeah, I'm out of that race bro. Best of luck to you and every other man however.

    • Ryfyle

      @Apope16 What if your just after weird? What you described bores me.

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  • hi_it_is_me123
    If she does that, she does not deserve you anyway.
    • Thank you

    • Apope16

      THats not true. All women pull away at some point in a relationship. All women have little subconscious tricks to test guys. THey either dont realize it or dont call them tests.

      GUys, dont listen to these people who say "Just find a girl who won't test you." Listen to me and listen to me good. All women test guys they like at some point. Its in their nature. There is no finding a chic who doesn't do that. Trust me. These girls who say they dont do that are LYING to YOU. I have a lot of female friends who tell me their stories and swear that they never play tricks or test guys. haha. Then I point out in their story how they tested the guy and they finally say "oh.. welll... I guess you're right." and own up to it.

    • Men should not date anyone who disrespect them. Nice guys deserve better

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  • FictionalCharacter
    I like nice guys. I just don’t like clingy guys and confuse that to being ‘nice’.
    • JackSmy

      @fictionalcharacter Maybe "respectful" guys, that care, but don't overwhelm you like some needy dorks, never having had a girlfriend?

  • scott04sa22
    Yep the assholes always gets the girls and girl don't like people like me with 20 years of failed dating experiences
    • Its not me it's them and some people have it harder like me then others. I'm always my myself around them. Where I'm at and living the people here are very shallow on how their man looks.

  • Kaamraj
    This article is correct. Attraction cannot be negotiated nor is it moral or fair. Women are hypergamous by nature, being sexually attracted to men with a higher sexual mean value (SMV). And in any negotiation, the side which can walk away holds more power. "Nice Guys" who go the "extra mile" to please a woman unconsciously show their lower SMV in relation to her, and this turns women off. So, the so-called nice guys should devote more energy towards themselves and self-improvement. When their value and experience will increase, they will rationalize their treatment towards women.
    • When women hit a certain age, we want the nice guy.

  • RoyalGuy_PRO
    Dont care that much about what she thinks. If she likes you, only then she deserves you and has to like every part of you
  • thathonestman
    Nailed it. Sad, but true. Guys, just accept it. Girls, just accept it.
  • Twalli
    It's generally a bad idea to make a girl wonder if you're cheating
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Your advice is when not physically with her is to be distant, not to contact her, make her think you don't want her you, make her think you are cheating on her etc. When you are with her to flood her with love, romance, intimacy etc to the point you come across as clingy. In other words when apart be cold hearted and when physically together be an immature boy who cannot control his horniness and sees her as a sexual object and nothing more.
    A self respecting woman will not want anything to do with somone who is like that.
    Once again you failed even though you claim to know everything about wo. en to the point you claim to know what all women are going to say and or do before they know what they are going to say and or do. You failed even though you claim to know how to attract women when in reality you only get girls at best.
  • orangecherry
    Wow is this ever stupid
    • It's actually a great way to attract insecure women, and tbh, more than 50% of women are insecure. But yeah, not a good plan for creating a genuine and connected intimate relationship.

    • In your opinion, @orangecherry, what kind of women does this method actually attract? Since he doesn’t actually care about women’s input.

    • @Mangospacho I don't know... I just know it doesn't attract me

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  • NathanDavis
    such lazy editing... and yes, still a CPS.
  • Ellie-V
    This is very unfortunate
  • oddwaffle
    So... don't be a simp.
  • stuntbrain
    Please love me!
  • Tuna陶拿恆
    Weird take mate
  • StunningANDbrave
    I see you know the game. Good post.
  • Hairylegs222
    To me if a woman does this, she's being immature.
  • Asianguy123
    Be yourself.
    • I mean what did you do to show her your niceness? did you buy her gift or you are just asking sex nicely?

    • just asking her sex nicer way than bad boys ask doesn't make you a nice man.

  • Unbeatable
    Good tips !
  • Ryfyle
    And most importantly, Be a Model.
  • Anonymous
    I mean if this works for you then good. But I honest just don’t see this working on healthy mature women. Those women are attracted to the cheeky playful as well as serious kinds of men who can keep her on her toes and interact with him in a more feminine way because he’s more masculine through his caring but cheeky personality.
  • Anonymous
    Yawn. You are rarely right. Give it a rest
  • Anonymous
    So he is teaching men to become women. Women are able to play “aloof” because as emotional creatures, it’s not faked and we are driven by our hormones. Men who act that way are seen as not confident and feminine. So, to win the attention of women DO NOT act like women.
    • HiveBee

      It's a double edged sword because to avoid acting like a woman =toxic masculinity.

      Can you see why men are lost?

    • Anonymous

      @HiveBee Stop complicating it

    • HiveBee

      Dude this is how men feel come on wtf lol. Sorry I'm just a lowly stupid man. Im not as amazing and wise and perfect as women.

      Please explain to me why I'm stupid and how I should think.

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  • Anonymous
    Gotta laugh at all of the women that deny this... while being exclusively attracted to exactly what he described...
  • Anonymous
    Problem is not being to nice!
    People confuse being nice with being submissive, a "yes man", dedicate all the seconds of your life to her and having no backbone.
    You can be super nice and be none of those things. Those are the problem, not being nice.
    • Apope16

      Honestly? I disagree? Even if you are being a nice guy who is still confident? She will get bored or test you. If she knows your schedule every day, knows you are not dating other girls, knows you like her... trust me. She will take that for granted. especially in early stages of dating. If you guys have been dating awhile thats different. BUt trust me early on you are risking boring her.

    • Anonymous

      I was always, let's say good guy to not get things confused. I was always a good guy, but always had self respect enough to not put up with crap. Always had my life outside my dating life. And I never had a hard time getting a girl to fuck or into a relationship.
      You say they get bored? Sure some did. But I knew who those were from miles! It's very easy to spot the ones that want that kind of toxic relationship. With those I was the first to jump of the boat.
      Simple as that. They did not make the majority of girls I meet so it was never really a problem.