3 Important Things I Learned from Being a Player

I was young and made the mistake of cheating, playing around and keeping my options open while in relationships. Although I regret it, here are a few things that I gained/learned.

Being assertive is a good thing.

People may judge others, thinking that being picky is bad. But really it isn't! I was on a mission to date, date, date until I found someone worth settling down with. Nothing wrong with finding the one person that will be different from everyone else.

Men enjoy the chase.

Don't be available all the time, don't be overly eager to go on dates, don't respond within seconds, and keep yourself occupied. The reason I enjoyed keeping my options open is because it kept me entertained... and honestly this is what made me seem so unavailable to the men I was dating. I didn't have time for them, and that made them want me even more.

Don't show your heart too quickly.

The men that weren't willing to put in effort to try and get into a relationship after months of dating, were the men that weren't worth my time. I learned that if I didn't invest all my emotions and energy into one person (especially if I saw the signs they weren't the right guy), it would save me a lot of stress and heartache.

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