101: How to not fall for a Player...


So, I’ve spoken about flirting, about love, about keeping a conversation going…. Yes, I’ve checked those off, but here is one that bugs me. Players!

Now, sure, I know how it’s done. Have I used it once or twice? Sure. On my girlfriend? Yes. On every other random women I see in a bar or walking the streets? NO. Why? Maybe she has feelings?? Maybe she has a dad or a brother who has a 12 gauge waiting for a prick who thinks he can get lucky? There are whole lot of maybes, reasons why a guy would, a guy should, not manipulate words and a lady’s feelings just to sleep with her….. and yet, here we are.

So, ladies, I hope this helps. If your still unsure, I know where you can get a good Ruger SR9c that’ll fit snugly just about anywhere and will sure as hell do the job if the time ever comes. That being said, here goes:

101: How to not fall for a Player.......

It’s hard to get away with much in the new world of social media. Still, you can waste a fair amount of time and energy being played before you realize what’s up. It’s very difficult in the early stages of attraction to know the motives of the other person, you know, those hidden agendas. Does he really like me? Do we want the same thing? Hey, I agree, it can be very challenging to assess someone’s character objectively, especially if they’ve got you feeling butterflies. Let’s face it; infatuation is all about putting the other person on a pedestal, seeing them in the best possible light and well, maybe getting away with murder, so to speak.

How can you be careful and still go with the flow? No, there are no easy answers, sadly, but it pays to be on the lookout for the ‘red flags’ that signify a person is “not relationship material”. Now, let me make something clear, Ladies. Some men, unknowingly will do certain things that will cause someone who cares about you to doubt their motives in a relationship. These sad guys may not even know what they are doing, but then again maybe they do. That is why it is so hard to tell, therefore, be careful but not too careful, you want to deep down he has the potential to be a prick so if it happens you know you had some idea it was there, it didn’t just hit you from nowhere. And at the same time you want to give him a chance, because maybe, just maybe, he’s a genuine and sincere guy. Do not ever forget that. Not every guy is a Player with sex on his mind…. Well, all guys have sex on their mind, the question is whether their willing to be in a committed relationship as well.

The 101s. The Things you SHOULD and now WILL (Hopefully) consider each time a guy comes up to you…..

1. Understand that he is in it for the sex.

First things first, all men are in it for the sex. Deny it if you want, Gents, but at the end of the day, we’re wired for sex from day one. Now Ladies, the question is, are they open to the idea of being in a committed relationship? At first, for males at least, it is attraction that interests us, grabs us, then the affection comes with time. That is how we work, so, in order to beat us at this game, Gals, you must operate under the assumption that he is not seeking anything more than sex. Until such a time comes when you can confidently say and prove otherwise (Sounds like a court of law doesn't it.)

2. Ignore what he says. YES!

Men say a lot of things to flatter women. A LOT! Players are obviously better at this than everyone else. By better I mean a lot better. So after all these words (because that’s what they really are aren’t they, just words, because you’ve known the guy for how long? +/- 2 hours?) He has you thinking this already:

He’s really into it? Doubt it. Possible, but doubt it.

He is thinking about you all the time? Mmm-hmmm. Yeah, I think about food all the time. I think about my girlfriend all the time, she’s my girlfriend, I love her, not a girl I met just then.

I’m not hooking up with anyone else right now. Literally, right now. Last night? Different story.

He is in sales mode. He wants P in V. Very few men are looking at you wondering if you would be a good mother. Obviously, if he says any of the following things and you get involved with him, you are beyond my help:

I don’t see what the big deal is about sex. Sex feels great, so why shouldn’t we just enjoy it?

I would be a terrible boyfriend.

I’m young, I want to have fun.

Call me if you want to hang out sometime.

so on and so forth.

3. Pay attention to what he does.

Players are obviously going to be more impatient in their desire to get sex fast. Not all, that is why I said this is not straight forward, but most. i.e. the inexperienced. Impatient behaviors include:

  • Overly relying on texting to make plans. May also text in the early stages with “cute” and “sweet” messages, like “Good night, sleep tight” or “How was your day?” or “Home safe?” Players know that these kinds of texts make women melt and think they are real good guys, caring guys. Texts are fine if they are backed up by other methods of communication. A player will not ask you to study together or call to say he’s thinking of you, for example (well, maybe he will now, if he’s reading this, so add those two to your “potential” list)
  • Texting for plans last minute. He’s keeping his options open for as long as he can. Players are known for sending friendly inquiries out to multiple women at the same time, and then choosing from the responses they get, back board for declining being a reason out of his control. A guy who likes you will make a plan that includes spending time together in public at a reasonable hour. It doesn’t have to be a date, but if you’re being treated like a dirty little secret, beware.
  • Wanting sex early. This is obvious, and many Players will walk away within days if you don’t put out. However, some will hang in there, going for the touchdown over a period that can last weeks. Of course, once they’re in the end zone, it’s Game Over. So be careful.

Here’s the key: A player will pressure you for sex. Even if it’s charming and he couches it in terms of wanting you really badly, it’s still pressure. A man who wants something real with you will respect your decision about timing; in fact, the time will be yours to set. Most players in college (inexperienced) won’t put up with a girl who doesn’t hook up immediately. And a girl who hooks up to make out but won’t go all the way? She’ll be dead to him on campus come Monday. If this happens to you, be thankful you got out quickly.

4. Observe how he carries himself. Red flags include:

  • Arrogance
  • Smirk
  • Careless Body contact with women
  • Grinds on the dance floor with anyone
  • Extroverted, enjoys being the center of attention
  • Eye f*cking. Watch his eye contact.
  • Moves into your personal space boldly

These are all signs that you are not likely to be someone special over a period of time. Men like this go from hot to cold with the flip of a switch. If you observe this behaviour when you meet a guy, be extremely careful, do not give in to quick.

5. Understand his relationships.

What are his male friends like? What is the friendship based on? What do they do together? Is he close enough to any guy to confide in him? Trust.

Do his friends seem eager to reassure you that he is a really good guy, all the time? This is usually a bad sign. In fact, it means he is a total douche bag. I do it SOMETIMES to friends of mine but it is done at random on the spare of the moment. Guys don’t get their friends to wing for them in this way if they have no need of providing extra reassurance to back up their ulterior motives.

Are most of his friends women? This is a bad sign. There are some very good guys who don’t have a lot of female friends, but there are very few good guys who have no male friends. Tough one to gauge but be wary.

Is he still connected to his ex? Being cordial is fine, but making plans, talking, texting, etc. are not. I mean, there’s a reason she’s “The Ex” right? If a guy is in regular touch with his ex for any reason, he is unavailable emotionally. That means he isn’t capable of wanting more than sex from you.

How do women in his circle regard him? If you see women pulling him aside at parties and in hallways to “talk,” you can be sure he has unfinished business, at least in the eyes of those women. If women are inexplicably hostile to you, it often means that he treated them poorly, and they resent your coming on the scene as the new favorite. Anytime a guy says, “She’s a psycho” or “I don’t know what her problem is,” be careful. Usually, this is projection, and the woman has a very good reason indeed for being pissed off. Usually. So see if you can find out why.

For a good guy, is it important to him that you meet and like his friends? He should be more than just willing, he should be invested in making this connection if he has any interest in something lasting.

With a Player, he may even use you to get to your friends. Is he eager to meet your friends? Does he go out of his way to be attentive and interested, determined to make a good impression? If he is all about his own circle, expecting you to come to him all the time, he is not relationship material.

6. Watch how he displays physical affection.

Hand holding is a must, but lots of players know this, and use it to pretend to be caring. Same thing goes for the nose kiss and the forehead kiss. Hugs are completely meaningless.

He should be at least a little nervous about the first kiss. If he has his tongue down your throat an hour after hello, move on.

When you’re out together at a party or gathering, does he stick close by, making it clear you are together? You should have a sense that he is attentive and a little protective. He should also be anxious to show you off if he is invested.

All in all.

At the end of the day be perceptive enough to identify mannerisms that show fault in what he is trying to show. If he slips up you should be able to see it (yes they do slip up now and again).

All I have said are potential signs. It’s like body language, the tips are just that, tips, not concrete. Use the above as means of identifying potential problems and thus work accordingly to either react to them or completely ignore them and move on. Genuine guys sometimes display a few of these signs, so do be careful. If a guy shows quite a few of these be sure he is a Player, if one, then you have the right think he may be a genuine guy.

Good luck Ladies, I wish you all the best out there. And as for guys, I’m not saying all girls are saints, some are equally manipulative but this was not on them, so suck it up. If you have anything to add or disagree with please do let me know. Cheers!

101: How to not fall for a Player...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • confused1966
    You enjoyed it and I think every bit of it is truthful except for the gun part-but I would recommend getting a squirt gun! Also, there is a sure fire way to take them down and I have just recently learned that and I am enjoying it thoroughly. I let them think that they've scored and then I completely blow them up-In front of other women so that they know not to mess with the sky I've actually gotten cheers and applause from women and men alike when the guy is embarrassed takes off. Too many people in the world to be messing with one of these because you know what they are experienced and professional and what they want what women should be looking for tools away except if they do want one stand. Also, if you dress moderately or modestly you tend to avoid the players. I found it refreshing! Good for you. There are also women players out there-Very much like the men they will tell a man what he wants to hear, flatter his ego, even take his phone number or give out there own-But you know what I wish they would get together with each other but actually get to Cicle for that and their egos may combine with enough firepower that the universe would explode-LOL
    Is this still revelant?
    • MarkyyG123

      Enjoyed it? Enjoyed what?
      Hahaha yes, a squirt gun would suffice too, just depending on your ability to make a clean hit and bale in time hahaha ;)
      What you do is not entirely wrong, giving them a taste of their own medicine is perfectly fine and in some cases just. I just wouldn't recommend it because firstly it's you stooping down to their level and secondly, you are setting yourself up for potentially more hurt feelings in the long run. It would be easier to forget that to seek revenge and consequently regret.
      Everything you've said though is correct, absolutely, and as you know, just be careful :)

    • I enjoyed your post! It was funny and truthful at the same time. I do like giving them a little bit of their own medicine-because they are such jerks I tend to do it right in front of their friends. I only do it if and only if when I politely declined them they continue on-at that point I don't want to leave because I'm with my ordon't want to give him the satisfaction of leaving so I just give him a chance to get the hint or flat out take them down. Yes there are women who shouldn't or don't and that's fine as well-butit's part of who IM. And since I tend to go to the same places-usually once I put these players in their place they will come up to me and be respectful-because they know I'm not into what they want. I've actually had two of them sit down with me and be gentlemen! That is until a potential target comes in! LOL

    • MarkyyG123

      Oh right haha :) Thank you :)
      Well if it works I guess do it. And your right there is a level of satisfaction from having the girl leave but also disappoint because of the time spent that is now wasted. Your way works, no doubt, I hope it continues to :) Good luck

Most Helpful Guy

  • KleinTeef
    Is it me or was this take written by someone who is fed up with 'players' and just wants to go on a rant about how sick and tired he is of being beaten to the girls he likes by them?

    Taker, you can't tell girls and women to avoid players (or how to avoid them), they can chose who they want to date depending on their sexual attraction.

    Women, as well as men, will avoid desperate people like the plague.

    If you're fed up of being the girls' second best - quit being desperate, and start acting confident.
    Is this still revelant?
    • KleinTeef

      Plus this "advice" is just giving the rest of us guys a really hard time... Girls will just instinctively ponder our every move, leaving little chance of a "getting-to-know-eachother".

      Without being a bit harsh: this is the worse take I've seen so far.

    • MarkyyG123

      Hahaha mate, I'm sorry, I think you must have misinterpreated what I was trying to get across. First things first, I was a player, WAS being the key word there. I now have a girlfriend and am very happy. Secondly, I also was, WAS, a complete and utter douche bag until reality hit me and I saw the effects my actions had on other people. Thirdly, in my life I've only had 1 girlfriend, the girl I am with now.
      Does this take give guys a hard time? Yeah, I guess so but knowing the general populus, the majority of people will read this and two minutes after will completely forgot what I just said, those however, who have had their hearts broken by a prick that was me once a life time ago will reread this and use it to confirm their suspicions.

    • KleinTeef

      I don't think I've misinterpreted it at all, in fact I think you're the one who has managed to confuse himself, which is utterly ironic because you're the person who wrote it.

      You're being a hypocrite, whether you realise it or not. You've just told me you were a 'douchebag' before, that you treated women badly, but now you have a GF and you 'saw the effects my actions had'.

      So, just because you've 'realised' how much of a prick you were to woman (I assume) in the past, you think it's your duty to go round telling women how to avoid people like you? What a joke.

      Maybe you're trying to do a good thing here - key word is maybe - but you're going at it completely the wrong way. Women (and men) can date whoever the f*** they want, without having people like you give them half-assed advice on how to not get sucked into the lies and manipulations of a "player".

      My point is... focus on your own life and keep your advice to yourself.

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  • XRabbitHeartX
    I LOVE this article. The behavior you describe here correlates to all the behavior I saw in guys who were "players" that entered my life. However the last guy who broke my heart was actually a guy who was more introverted and wouldn't come off as being the center of attention. In fact he came across as having many insecurities but I guess it was all a act which makes sense. Play the victim, get me to feel sorry for you and open up and then break my heart. But still even so his behavior was similar to how you describe. I'll definitely read this again if I'm ever single again and have to enter the dating world again OR when I have to give advice to my friends.

    Thanks tons.
    • MarkyyG123

      Thank you and your more than welcome :) I'm sorry you had to learn that the hard way :L and yes, I know the other way is a lot more manipulative, using your emotions and playing with your feelings having you feel sorry and the like, hurts a hellua lot :L But I see your in a relationship and the past is the past :) I wish you all the very best :)

  • Tokana
    I didn't read everything but this caught my eye;

    4. Observe how he carries himself. Red flags include:
    •Careless Body contact with women
    •Grinds on the dance floor with anyone
    •Extroverted, enjoys being the center of attention
    •Eye f*cking. Watch his eye contact.
    •Moves into your personal space boldly

    Extroverted? really?

    You couldn't be anymore wrong with this part.
    • Tokana

      no response just down vote... beta.

    • MarkyyG123

      The down vote was not me, mate and I am not debating as to whether I'm right or you are, but why do you say that?

    • dartmaul15

      it is a red lfag, because it's a trait of him. I mean, how else is he to find willing, or more likely gullible, girls to fuck?
      It's a case of "not all extroverts are players, but all players are extroverts". PLEASE tell me you get my point.

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  • ScruffyNerfHerder
    So... avoid men who are good with women. A lot of those traits are just from experience, they don't speak to the motivations of a person. You did have some good points (assume all men want sex...).

    But here's the biggest problem with your take--the assumption that women are looking for a man who wants a relationship! Women often times just want sex, too. Men just get characterized for it.

    There are no guarantees of any kind in a sexual relationship--the person you have sex with may only be with you that night, or they may stick around for life. Women don't need to be told to avoid a player. They need to be told to have a sense of personal accountability.

    Accept the idea you are the only person responsible for what happens in your romantic life. Sleep with a person only if you are willing to accept it may the be first and only time it happens. Don't get upset if they leave--attaching your expectations to another person is only going to get you upset. If someone sleeps with you the same night you meet, why are you upset when you don't see them again? Trust, relationships---they build over time. If you are hurt and upset that they person left after only a night--that's your fault. You placed unrealistic expectations on the situation. At worst, you are emotionally irresponsible--at best, naive.
    • MarkyyG123

      Exactly right, you are 110% correct mate. This is intended for those seeking a relationship and to be used, I hope, as a guide, not to be followed to the tee in every situation and circumstance because they do vary and most certainly will.

  • Cockiness and over-confidence are also big signals of a player rushing into having sex.

    As long as women really want to fall for that (especially hooking up within an hour or two days) without setting some kind of boundaries, i cannot really blame either party for doing what they were doing. None of my business.
    I mean it seems obvious to me but maybe that's also just me.
    • MarkyyG123

      Exactly right mate, couldn't agree more! Sometimes both parties are after just the casual type of stuff and each to their own, your spot on, its none of our business what anyone else wants. Very valid points tho!

    • Unit1

      @MarkyyG123 Cheer mate :)

  • Prof_Don
    These are primally attractive guys to women... not all guys that possess these qualities are players!

    Genuinely good guys that are good with women, will possess almost all of these qualities and traits.
    • KleinTeef

      Agreed. This is exactly my response to this take. I'm a genuinely good guy - not a player - and I follow almost all the traits given in the take... so should girls avoid me?

    • MarkyyG123

      Agreed. This is just a guide, if you will, not to be followed to the tee. Just behaviours and mannerisms to watch out and make note off.

    • MarkyyG123

      And Gents, both @Prof_Don and @KleinTeef , I have said it above, there is always that grey area between Players and Genuine guys, it is up to the lady and her friends, if they are invovled to use their discretion and decide what is what.

  • JensonStatement
    What the fuck are you saying. You only are saying shit. That about friends is the only thing that can be a thing for like 50%. Some ain't a players but have friends that are drugs dealers and carjackers because of living in the wrong hood. So what. This guy can still be that insecure nice guy with social problems! WTF!
    • MarkyyG123

      This is all nothing but a guideline, key word being a guideline, it is similar to body language in that they are indicators, not 100% accurate all of time
      It is up for whoever is using what is being shared to use their discretion

    • Well, then good explaining but i'm not 100% agreeing at all.

    • MarkyyG123

      No hassles mate, each to their own its all good

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  • VulcanHades
    lol it's because of (ex) players like you that girls always think I just want to get in their pants. :P The truth is it doesn't matter if you're genuine anymore, what matters is if the girl is paranoid or not. ;)

    I mean there's no real way for a woman to know if a guy is being genuinely nice or genuinely extroverted. If she likes the guy she will think he is being sincere even though he's obviously manipulating her, if she doesn't like the guy as much she will think he only wants sex.

    Which is why I think the only real red flag is: "A player will pressure you for sex." Like you said, this is the key.

    That's all there needs to be said. A player only wants sex and doesn't care for a serious relationship. This means that he will insist or try to convince you to have sex. Someone who genuinely likes you and wants more than sex will respect your personal space and your decisions. He will be more patient and won't expect things in return.
    • MarkyyG123

      Haha yes, thank you for the Ex part, appreciate it, mate :)
      And I couldn't agree more. These days that is what it's all about, I can only hope woman consider a few of these and don't rely on initial feelings because players and guys in general are getting good at manipulating situations, and to such degrees some Women think it's by chance certain things happen.
      I guess, the bad thing for genuine guys is really them doing things that are similar to Players and they haven't the slighest clue their doing it. They get put in the 'bad books' and don't even know why.
      And yes, once again, 110% right, the genuine guy will be patient and not ask or want anything in return, spot on. Someone hand this man an MHO haha
      Thanks, mate :) Take it easy and have a good one :)

  • Monalisa77
    How on earth can you tell if someone is acting interested in you but its clearly not for sex (no i dont believe no guy would be interested in sleeping with me from the off, im actually lucky in that sense) but what if theyre playing you by making you think they like you? How do you spot these signs?
  • Jager66
    So if a player is a girl do you also advocate using a gun on her? or is that violence only suitable when men play the field?
    • MarkyyG123

      Only suitable when men play the field.
      I have tried to help guys, it would seem they are too dumb and full of pride to see what is infront of them. So a gun would suffice. Women on the other hand, accept and admit faults and work to correct once idenfied.

    • Jager66

      Ah I see, so you are a violent, sexist, bigot who thinks men should all take advice from about how to not be dumb and prideful. Perhaps you should start on your self with the gun, or are you all talk?

    • MarkyyG123

      Haha Indeed I may be all that, and no I do not think men should all take advice from about how to not be dumb and prideful, actually yes, yes I do, I think that too.
      Hahahaha no, as great as I am sure that would be for a people in this world, my occupation requires me to be best friends with one, and all those in my line of work know being killed with your own weapon is as bad as it gets.

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  • Izzy2102
    I think you're right mostly. But then again it's really to adequately judge a person based on a few things they do.
    In the end I think the question "is he a player" is remarkably irrelevant. It doesn't matter, what matters is how you handle him.

    I think it'd be more helpful if you had written advice on how to "weed out" players, such as waiting to have sex, not scheduling dates last minute or insisting on real dates.
    I know a lot of those sound a bit "the rules" like but they do align with what you said.

    A friend of mine once hooked up with this guy and the next day he texted her if she wanted to "watch a movie" at his place that night. Now that was bad sign if I have ever seen one, but she thought it was a date. She went to his place and of course he wasn't interested in watching movie, they hooked up again. That was easily avoidable
    • MarkyyG123

      Thank you and yes, I couldn't agree more. It's hard and this Take has it's flaws but then again all articles or whatever you can find will. Human behaviour will change and adapt as required and when one "tactic" is found another will be thought up to replace it, a sad thing when it is a bad tactic. The problem with, and I've mentioned it above, things like this, is that there is that grey area where players and genuine guys fall together, and it's extremely hard to differenitate them, I honestly don't know how to do that, it's all situational and circumstancial at that point, it's tough no doubt.

  • abundantlyrich
    Young girls and inexperienced ones fell for them easily
    • MarkyyG123

      That is true, hopefully this can help them a little without the heart break of personal experience

    • His charm is like a spell. Hard to resist.

    • Great con artists though haha

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  • PhiOmega
    "1. understand that he is in it for the sex... all men" keep ur fucking blanket statements to ur self please
    • MarkyyG123

      True, true, we all are. Just some a little more than others and with hidden agendas

    • PhiOmega

      Tell that to the guys like me he don't do casual sex

  • Pink2000
    We'll it's too late for me now. I already fell for one.
    • MarkyyG123

      I'm sorry to hear that @Pink2000 , I hope it never happens again. I wish you all the best for the future, don't make the same mistake/s again yeah?

    • Pink2000

      Thanks hopefully I won't do it again. But those were nice encouraging words

    • MarkyyG123

      No worries, your more than welcome :) I hope so to, it'll be fine I'm sure

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  • tOi_sOldier
    dude i mean seriously u are betraying ur own race and ur brothers :(
    • Izzy2102

      his race? are you implying that sleeping around is a race thing?

      And honestly I think most of it, should be common sense

    • @Izzy2102 : there is a thing called joking around

    • MarkyyG123

      I know mate hahaha, I can hear my death threat filled inbox calling to me haha
      Protective Services, here I come ;)

  • Findesemana
    this may be unPC, but then I think some women tend to see realities that aren't there...
    • MarkyyG123

      I'm sorry, mate, I don't understand what you mean by this. unPC?

    • some women bring players onto themselves, life isn't so black and white.

    • MarkyyG123

      Absolutely, I agree, there are too many colours to comphrend and on point about those women, they have what they got coming. But then there are those you haven't the slighest and/or haven't been exposed to all this side of life, this is just something for them to use as reference, it's not a step by step thing they should follow to the tee.

  • MartineVoisine
    I wish I had seen that 1-2 weeks ago...
    • How come? Did you have sex with a player (s)?

    • nope. HAPPILY I didn't have sex with him. But I developped feelings for him and slept over at his house (we just cuddled, no sex THANK GOD).

    • MarkyyG123

      :L Sorry that happened to you and I'm glad you didn't have sex with him. I guess now you know what to look for, I wish you all the best in the future

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  • Souma95
    If only I had seen this a year and a half ago!!
  • Ihav2fart
    Why you trying to ruin my life?
    • MarkyyG123

      Haha no mate, sorry if it looks that way. What I am doing though, is saving the father of a daughter having to use his 12 guage for the reason he bought it because his daughter fell for a prick who broke her heart.

  • Hajar_Whitestone
    Can i PM you?
  • AhmadKzha
    what if the player was a girl ! ?
    • MarkyyG123

      Hahaha great question, haven't the slighest idea on how to answer that. I reckon though, all girls are Players or at least have the capacity to play that game, whether they do or not is another story.

    • AhmadKzha

      make an article about it and tell me :"D , i will be grateful ^.^

    • MarkyyG123

      Hahaha alright mate, I'll see what I can do :)

  • Anonymous
    'Overly relying on texting to make plans. May also text in the early stages with “cute” and “sweet” messages, like “Good night, sleep tight” or “How was your day?” or “Home safe?”'Lol i do that but I'm no player haha
    • MarkyyG123

      I agree 110% Mate, and I mentioned that above. There are some things a Genuine guy will do that a Player may copy and similarly the other way. It's left to the girl and her friends, if that's the case, to use their discretion.

    • Anonymous

      Hehe oh cool... yea upto the girl but 99% of the time it's fairly easy for us men to pick out the players :)

    • MarkyyG123

      :) We need more genuine guys in this world Mate, just trying to help root out the other lot.
      Haha yeah, we can pick them out pretty easy, we should offer a service to have that done haha

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  • Anonymous
    your confusing attraction with being a player I do the majority of these even with friends that i don't find attractive because i come from a very touchy feely family and my personality I'm a virgin but according to you I'm a fucking player...
    • MarkyyG123

      Listen, I have said it up there and this is getting annoying now. There is a grey area between Players and Genuine guys, does not take a genius to figure that one out. It is up to the girl and her friends, if their invovled to use their descretion.

  • Anonymous
    I should have seen it earlier... it is too late now.
    But i gonna keep it and show this article to my daughter if I have one in the future.
    • MarkyyG123

      I'm sorry you had to go through what it sounds like you have :L But they say things happen for a reason, just learn from them and don't make them again. I wish you all the best and yes, I hope your daughter, if you have one, does not have to go through the heart break and pain that comes from all of this

  • Anonymous
    If a guy is sexually attractive, chances are he's a player. If you have to talk yourself into sleeping with him, he'll be loyal. Men are as faithful as their options, mostly.
  • Anonymous
    Great post!