What Happens When You Date Your Best Friend

1. You know what they think

You don't have to make an effort to learn their thoughts about something.

2. Sex becomes enjoyable

In the end he/she was the one to whom you were telling everything...even your sex life.

3. You wish there were 25 hours in a day

You want to do things that you weren't able to do while you were friends.

4. You can mock at each other

And no one takes offence.

What else? Please comment.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are soo right on! We were so afraid to date, then when we did, it was like magical, I thought I was so lucky because I hit the gianormous jackpot of life, when he asked me to marry him him I bawled my eyes out, he made me the happiest girl ever. I cried the first couple of times we had sex! it was so intense and amazing to be so intimately close with my best friend in the whole world, for once I was beyond words! I love him so much, some mornings I wake up before he does and just look at the wonderful guy that God gave me makes me wonder how I got so lucky to find real love and my BFF all in one!! = ]


Most Helpful Guy

  • I like this question, honestly its scary for me to want that, but! the time i remember the best was when i was dating my best friend, i honestly miss those times with her a lot, but the bitter sweet feeling is stopping me form. going eother way on this


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  • This can be true but no girl takes it like this and people change. Just when the clokc strikes 12 o'clock and then you just have an relationship they keep secrets for each other and they get hurt for shit where they didn't feel hurted when they were friends.
    So i'm half on half with this.