What Your Sleeping Position Tells You About Your Relationship

1. "I believe in you"

This sexy position represents your trust in your partner.

2. "I am your protector"

Here the protector is her.

3. "I will back you"

It shows that your partner will back you either way.

4. "I trust you"

Here, the way the guy lies in bed shows that he will use any power he has to protect the girl. And the girl gives the message of "I trust you."

5. "I don't feel comfortable"

If your partner leaves a big space between you it means he/she is not comfortable with sleeping on the same bed.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not necessarily true on the last one. I need my space to sleep, no matter how comfortable I am in a relationship. :)


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  • Well, I don't know how much of this is true but nevertheless it's a good post.


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  • My boyfriend tells me I usually take over the bed and he's left with very little space. I need lots of space to sleep. I am also a frequent stealer of the covers so... there's that. We also never "cuddle" when we're sleeping and I doubt most couples do. Regardless though, I don't think how people sleep really says much about their relationship and how they feel about each other. Haha

  • What does sleeping alone mean? Lmao