Why I Need Several Sexual Partners


1. It keeps my sex life exciting

Let's be honest, having more than one keeps the variety and sexual experiences exciting. I couldn't imagine only having one partner at a time.

Why I Need Several Sexual Partners

2. Why just settle for 1?

Unless you're married, why do you have to only have one? Be safe, know who you are with, and set boundaries. Then go enjoy!

Why I Need Several Sexual Partners

3. More sex = more fun!

Honestly, the more you have it, the better you get, and you won't be able to go without!

Why I Need Several Sexual Partners
Why I Need Several Sexual Partners
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  • Anonymous
    I agree but honestly I refuse to sleep with a guy just for fun. Id rather sleep with him for money and get something out of the deal. Having casual sex does not excite me, when I do it for fun it excites me more because I know Im getting cash for it (alot of it) and somewhat having a good time.
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  • VomitV
    Kiss your goodbyes to Western civilization, everyone.
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    Good for you, I'm happy with zero sexual partners because I'm asexual.
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  • Adigelunar
    thans for the sharing
  • MissSakura
    not for me
  • Anonymous
    If I liked you, I would agree to be your cuck so you could do that.
  • Anonymous
    Agree with everything, plus variety is the spice of life!
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