Combining Your Social Life With Your Dating Life


Turn Rejections Into Fountains

Unless we're trying to be players, we notice rejections and feel their weight. Yet, when you're building a dating life you learn that you should be excited when you're not someone's type. It's hard to be in the sweet spot of getting multiple girls out of a girl. Either the girl likes you and isn't admitting to it so she doesn't want to give you to someone else or she hates you and wouldn't recommend you to anyone. It doesn't require making her feel like your sister for her to want to introduce her friends to you. It only requires you never having established any interest in her whatsoever or fully transitioning into friends after losing whatever spark you started with. Don't think about banging that girl think about banging every girl that girl has ever hung out with.

The next question then becomes do you become friends with her friends? I'd say no, generally. You can merge into her friend group but i find it's more potent to sit on the outskirts if you plan on having sex with multiple girls in that friend group. once you are in the friend group and you end up having sex with a girl in it you're essentially escalating a friendship to something else. she will probably want to date you at that point (being part of her group maxes you out in terms of comfort) To wrap this section up, never look at a rejection as a bad thing look at it as an opportunity to see what her friends are like...but don't be so obvious that's what you're doing...

Combining Your Social Life With Your Dating Life

guy shows up at a party puts on beads and is a rockstar for 2 hours?

Tell Everyone What You Want

A big part of getting what you want is asking for what you want. it doesn't occur to people that people like doing things for others but often are so wrapped up in themselves they have no idea what other people want. Say you love latinas...make it known to all your friends that's your type. Show girls that look the way you consider a ten. Then, when they see a girl like that, they'll automatically think of you and be psychologically inclined to be matchmaker. Again, this is getting away from thinking about the One and more about realistically achieving a dating life where people are constantly setting you up with new girls rather than daunting task of having to meet these girls one by one often ending in fizzling out...

Combining Your Social Life With Your Dating Life

Don't get it twisted...homeboy on the far right gets it in

Simply Go Out With The Openness To Meeting Someone

When you hang out with your friends you tend to want to just be with your friends but its the best time to meet people. You can take turns approaching groups and then merging. For girls, they can talk more comfortably when they're with friends than when you approach them alone.

Combining Your Social Life With Your Dating Life

he told the far one on the left who he worked with for two weeks that her friend looks really cute she sends his pic to her friend they meet up they have sex nothing comes of it her other friend shows up at the workplace and the guy chats they have sex. #runningthruthecrew

Return the Favor

If you're reading this, it's probably not super easy to become matchmaker yourself. However, if there are girls that you know of but don't like or don't like you--consider setting them up with your guy friends. Consider setting your female friends up with your guy friends. This makes everyone more likely to return the favor back to you and so on and so on.


Again, these steps allude to a dating life with an emphasis on the life aspect. once you put them to practice you'll have to manage toning down your dating life so that you can have time for other things. if you combine some skills talking to women, a desire to be with a lot of women, and a lot of friends to bring girls around you it becomes very easy to have a date every night of the week (that actually calls you making sure you'll show up!)

I like to think of it as respecting the natural order of things. You should have more friends than you do lovers. If you have very few friends and more into having a lot of romantic liaisons it will just become messy and won't work. If you try to have a relationship and you barely have any close friends then it won't work. Friendships are beautiful things sought entirely for the sake of themselves. They guide all things social. If you can't make at least one or two friends, a girlfriend is not going to save you.

Combining Your Social Life With Your Dating Life
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