How To Develop a Strong Long-Distance Relationship


How To Develop a Strong Long-Distance Relationship

In today's interconnected world long distance relationships are not unusual. As a dating coach, I am often asked by men and women how to build a foundation for a serious relationship after connecting online. Internet gave us online dating, which is swiftly becoming the preferred way for unattached singles to get together. So, what a relationship coach would recommend to couples who want to make their bond stronger?

7 tips for distant relationships

There is a difference between starting a connection through Internet dating and remote relations that happen during the usual course of life. From time to time, one spouse or partner has to go away, maybe for months, if there is a need for that. I am not considering these particular situations here. Let's focus on coaching advice for couples who have recently met over the Internet.

1. Be truthful

With a remote start of introductions, there is a great temptation to embellish the reality: Age, height, weight, income, etc. If you seek a chance to develop strong feelings, be honest. Lies will come out, and it will destroy or damage your potential love affair and mutual trust.

2. Face-to-face communication is essential

Today even in remote locations people have mobile phone connection, which means they have access to Internet as well. Definitely users of dating sites and apps are able to hook via Wi-Fi in cities. Shopping centres and cafes offer this service complimentary to their patrons. This means, a woman or man you have met though a dating site, including international liaisons, can chat to you on Skype, Duo, or another messenger with video. Don't move further in your dating or courtship online if the individual you are talking to says they are unable to switch on a camera to see you face-to-face. Chatting on video when you view each other's facial expressions and hear his or her voice is the only way to ensure your online dating adventure is authentic.

3. Eliminate potential scams early

Probably, any person who used dating sites had been contacted by some slick operators seeking to benefit from lonely hearts. Usually such people state a foreign location, even though they may say they are a regular resident of your country who is just away on a business trip. If this is the case, don't get involved deeper unless you see them on video several times. Make sure you are indeed talking to the lady or gentlemen from the photos. And certainly, never send or transfer money to individuals you haven't shaken hands with in the offline world, for any reason whatsoever.

Regular motives include:

>> Losing a wallet in a foreign country.

>> Being unable to pay for an urgent operation, having a condition threatening their health.

>> Needing money for an insurance or customs payment.

>> Missing a flight and requiring extra funds to exchange the ticket.

>> And many other excuses to ask you for money.

In such cases, remember that a reasonable adult would apply to his family and close friends, and not to a random stranger they met online. Even though you might have communicated for months and they proclaimed undying love for you, if you have not met in person, you are still virtual strangers to each other.

Another widespread rip-off relates to paid correspondence when chatting to foreign women. people (pay-per-letter) "dating" sites are known to employ writers to communicate with men.

4. Share details of your life

Any coach will confirm that if you want to have a chance to continue with a long-term affiliation in real life, you need to clearly know what it's going to be like when you are together. Sharing details and routines of your daily existence helps to make your bond stronger and more reliable.

5. Converse daily

The people I coach who manage to become successful after connecting via Internet have one thing in common: They talk to their sweethearts daily. Usually couples spend several hours over weekends and days off chatting on Skype or through other apps.

6. Exchange photos and videos

Of course, in the beginning you are trying to present yourself in a more beneficial light in your pictures. But as your bond becomes stronger, your photos can evolve to more casual. Send video and photo reports of what you did today if you wish the other participant to feel a part of your life.

7. Don't delay a personal meeting

A long distance relationship makes sense only if you intend to be together sooner or later. Dating coaches consistently advise love seekers to get together as soon as practical, once you feel confident this is something special. Unless an offline encounter confirms your feelings, you cannot say it's a bona fide love affair.

How To Develop a Strong Long-Distance Relationship
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