Why Sleeping with Married Men, Makes YOU a Loser

Why Sleeping with Married Men, Makes YOU a Loser.

1. Wasting your time

If you think that this guy is gonna leave his wife for you, chances of that are slim. After all, if he wanted to be with you then he would have already left her and not put the both of you in this situation. In the end you will most likely be wasting your time.

2. No self respect

A woman with self respect will not allow herself to sleep around with a man that has made a commitment of loyalty to his current partner. This just shows that you do not have self respect for yourself or others.

3. You're helping break a marriage

Breaking up a marriage is never going to lay well in the eyes of anyone else, nor your mind. You will always know in the back of your mind that you facilitated breaking up of a family.

4. Karma

It's true, if they cheated with you, they may cheat on you. Even if the two of you end up together, you will always wonder what he is up to and what sort of morals he harbors.

5. NO man wants a woman like that

Realistically, no man wants a woman that sleeps around with married men and facilitates cheating. It says a lot about that person and their character.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Nice take. I agree 100%. A women who knowingly sleeps with a married man is garbage, just like he is.

  • It always wows me when people say "I'm not doing anything wrong the other person is the one cheating." It's like, no. You're a bad person and you don't consider the feelings of the person being cheated on. I hope you're proud of helping shame and humiliating the victim spouse. I'd never fool around with a married woman no matter how eager she was.


What Girls Said 1

  • I agree completely , you sleeping with a married man shows you have no respect for relationships , commitment , and other women in general. These women who defend their actions and other women who do this show us the respect. they have for others and especially themselves.


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