Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

So here's some advice I'm giving. Some of it is based on a really important friend I have. Read bad you'll see.

1. Been through too many relationships that started off romantic but the spark faded?? Then remind yourself, "if you're easy to get, then you're also easy to throw away."

For example...No offense, "first date is alright to make out" people...but love needs to be built. A kiss is a sign of intimacy. If you just give it to someone, then you might as well become an actor, because there's no way that a kiss will be meaningful with someone you hardly know.

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

- also, you shouldn't trust your hormones straight away or trust the person. Getting to know the person through activities, through actually is a good way. Create memories and play games, just explore. Even with friends. Just don't get serious too fast. Take your time. Time will tell you what you need to know.

2. Learn about your partner cautiously. Pay attention to how the person treats other people. Because they say, that the way a person treats their family, is most likely how they will treat you. Also, try to remember your conversations.

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

3. Get to know that person through his/her friend's. Seems stalkerish, but..It will really save you a lot of trouble.

4. Pay attention to yourself!! Realise your flaws! And not your silly flaws, but your real flaws. For example..are you a little too selfish? Do you pretend to like your partner's hobbies? Realise these things. Try your hardest to not be a jerk or biatch.

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

5. A person who is loving, is most likely to be loved. Remember that. Loving people are not superficial or vain.

6. Physical well-being actually is important. Health is important. No offense. But if you are not healthy enough, then you won't feel good. You must love the body that God has given you, and if you want the guy/girl of your dreams, then try to be healthy. Drink coconut water, miso soup, take vitamins.or just ditch junk food. Maybe get more sleep. Just look after your health. That's even more important than romance.

Any way, if you are healthy, it subconsciously shows your partner that you would be good to live with and be a good future parent. It actually does affect who you are on the inside. Literally. Good health means more endorphins and positivity.

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

7. This may be random but It is actually selfish to express your stress or anger all the time. It is as though you want to cast your darkness onto everyone else and that is selfish. It is more considerate to just smile. Don't throw your problems onto people. - this is just random advice that may have nothing to do with dating but whatever.

8. Females! Know your place. Don't be a cow. The guy comes first, not you. Deep down you want to be dominated. You want a master. Males! Be dominating! Just like how you would dominate yet love your child or your dog, do the same for her. No offense anyone.

9.. Be happy! And no! Not fake happy..but be actually happy. Do you want to know how to be happy?? Well I can't tell you (You can check the proverbs though) BUT one of the best ways is to be friend's with good people.

below picture shows some of the most good hearted people in Asia. Chen (exo) siwon (suju) Kai (exo) donghae (suju) suho and baekhyun (exo) Every one of them is so kind that they'd take you in and help you if you were homeless. (Unless you were a saesang, but that's a different story)

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

Your friends and family make up most of your personality, but if your family are absent, then it's your friend's. If you be friend's with good hearted people then you will become a better hearted person, and I guarantee that good hearted people are the ones who ACTUALLY have people fall in love with them. It's no joke, It's actually true. It doesn't mean you have to be overly considerate, it just means to not be an asswhole.

Good hearted people are actually always turn out to be the coolest. For example, Johnny depp, Michael Jackson, Jackie Chan, all of super junior, bill withers, will Smith, the list goes on... You see? Doesn't their good hearted personalities make them look even more handsome?

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story

Now, you don't have to read this, but I'll tell you about a really good friend I had. This is all true and I think that rarely, you will hear an experience like this.

There was a pretty girl I knew who was so good hearted and so healthy, but she wasn't the only pretty girl. In fact, she was one of the least prettiest. I knew lots of pretty girls.

But because she always tried to make people smile, whether it be an old man librarian or just a girl at work, tonnes of guys actually fell for her. She shone positivity onto people which was amazing because she had such a sad life. Her Mom died when sheI was a teenager. But she had a father who taught her good morals, she was quite a goody good. She watched bad entertainment but she never did anything bad.

With the fanboys, None of them had the courage to confess. And those guys were overly confident so it was a surprise they'd turn so shy or cowardly, except one guy and she got together With him but they were forced apart (banned from each others countries), but they're waiting for eachother. They've been waiting for 3 years.

And what's funny is that I know that every one of the guys still likes her, yet she never led any of them on. Never ever. I don't even know how they got the idea in their heads that she could date them.

And I know why she was so loved. it was because she was a very good person, who wasn't blind to her flaws. She was humble and self sacrificing and willing to learn and tell the truth. She was very clingy to me, she could be a real pushover and she thought everyone was really stunning. Lol. She'd say, "you're so pretty" to every girl or about nearly every girl and age genuinely thought it. She also had ways of giving people confidence just by being really respectful. Very respectful. . She was so loved that even all the girl's adored her.

The funny thing is, is that she's not the only good person I knew. I've only ever been friend's with good people. All of them have many admirers it's just that they don't realize because they're so oblivious.

My point is, is that even though I did give some tips about dating or finding love, the most important thing of all, Is to be a good person.

Treat people with respect. Especially your elders.

A good way to show respect, is to not be rude, don't be racist, don't be superficial, don't put yourself above others...just Don't.

Don't be dirty. Try to be clean. Be pure. Cleanse yourself of your filthyness, just try.

If you be a good person, then the good Ness in you will come out. It will show in your smile, in your creations and in your soul.

And that is more attractive than people realise.

Most good people have been through or suffer going suffer. That's just the way the world is. BUT that's what makes good people strong, admirable and inspiring. That's what qualifies them to help or counsel other people.

A hot personality can draw in lust.

But a good hearted soul can draw in actual love. And that will create the best dating life. Because goodness is love.

Feel free to hate on this article. But, It's inspired by what I've actually seen. Love is a very powerful thing. In fact, it is the most powerful force in existence. And love just doesn't happen the way it did in the titanic. They were infatuated with each other, but the whole world thinks they were in love. So ridiculous.

This article only covers a fraction of advice but I know that it's some of the best advice you've ever heard.

If you take this advice as much as you can, I guarantee that you will find real love and happiness

(Photo below shows on screen lPrince charming and snow white who married in real life. A pure, non scandalous marriage)

Both of them are really good people in real life and that's why they got chosen for the roles.

Romance Tips/Quotes That You May Need if You're Dating...and a Short True Story


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