Women Are the Crazy Ones

I just wanted to point out that guys are right, women are the crazy ones, and here is why.

Women are the crazy ones and yet men will...

Assume a girl is a feminist if she says something that he does not agree with: It seems to be a common knee jerk reaction that men have. Apparently every women is a feminist even if they deny it unless the guy decides in his head otherwise. Women are the crazy ones

Guys will assume a girl is a bitch, prude, or a gold digger if she doesn't "put out" after a date or receiving gifts. They will also assume you friend zoned them if you do not make an advances towards them. Then men will whine about being in the friend zone just because she did not fuck him on the third date. Women Are the Crazy Ones

On the other hand men will assume that a girl is a ho or a slut if she shows sexual interest, yet get mad if a girl they have decided is a slut turns them down for sex. Women Are the Crazy Ones

Men will brag about having sidechicks and brag about their sex count, yet will be quick to assume that girls want attention just because guys are hitting on her and chasing her. Women Are the Crazy Ones

Guys will accuse a girl of picking bad boys if she is attractive and does not choose a guy she finds unattractive, yet men have no problem telling women that men in their 30s have an easier time getting younger women. Oh and by the way you are a shallow bitch to guys if you do not date the ugly nice guy

Women Are the Crazy Ones

Men will sleep around with as many girls as possible and disrespect women, yet still act clueless as to why they are still single.Women Are the Crazy Ones

Yet women are the crazy ones



Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, they are. But if you get very confident, work on your body and develop muscles, you can play them liike a fiddle. I fucked 10 girls by age 21, then from 21 to 25 I fucked at least 140 girls in 10 countries. After I got my dream job my confidence and workouts went through the roof

    • I'm sure your STDs remind you

    • Too bad you did not actually read the post

    • 😂 Lmao anyone else finds this guy's opinion kinda funny. Who the hell keeps count on how many people they have banged? Oh well it's cool man just make sure to get checked for STDs. And referring to the original post, no one really asked for the number of people you've laid. Saying it without being asked comes out a bit douchey. Keep it mind.

Most Helpful Girl

  • All of the things you said are right, girls do get called crazy for any trivial reason. But we gotta keep in mind that it's not about pointing fingers at each other, it's about thinking about the real issues and how to solve them. We do have it harder than men, but even men have their own problems that they have to deal with in our society.


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  • I get what you are trying to say but one thing... the guys who complain about being single, isn't the same guys who are sleeping around.


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