You Don't Know What You Want!

You Don't Know What You Want!

In my experience, most people think that they know what they want in a relationship or a partner, but turns out that they are just as confused as the rest of us. Here are a few things that I noticed from what people "say they want" versus what they "actually go for".

You Don't Know What You Want!

1. Natural girls without makeup

Guys so often say that they like a natural girl. But in my experience they are fawning over a hot looking, fake girl with big pouty lips and a bitchy face. Its interesting that even if a guy says that he likes a girl next door, he will go for a bitch.

You Don't Know What You Want!

2. A financially stable partner

I want an strong independent man. And then they date Juan, the hot guy with the tattoos who works at Taco bell, but hopes to be a doctor one day... Just saying!

You Don't Know What You Want!

3. Loyalty

You want loyalty and you would never accept cheating, but then you justify his actions and wrong doings by finding excuses for him. Hmm.

You Don't Know What You Want!

4. No games

I don't play games. And then the girl goes on to date other guys, playing games and changing her mind left, right and center.

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  • I can assure you I know what I want. I'm the only person who knows how to make myself happy


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