Understanding Male Entitlement: Women Don't Care About You In Particular!

Male entitlement is a term thrown around a lot, but usually it conveys something off from its meaning. Guys here this and think oh they're just hating because we like sex. No, this is wrong because it doesn't fully grasp what exactly is meant.

Understanding Male Entitlement: Women Don't Care About You In Particular!

People from privilege tend to see themselves as special. They see themselves this way simply because that's how they've been treated and made to feel by society. The obvious problem is that when they are thrown into "the real world" and aren't treated this way they often get bitter. They get mad at the world and themselves get depressed do a lot of stupid stuff except realize the one obvious thing.

They were never special.

The world doesn't care that you're male, at least not to any identifiable degree in your day to day life. Girls don't just want you. You don't get to be with the woman of your dreams or have a supreme bachleor lifestyle just for existing. Mothers often do this to their sons--they tell them how special they are thinking that this will instill inside them a confidence that will make it come true. In reality, a lot of these boys just end up becoming aholes who at best use women in order to perpetuate the fantasy that they are special or lash out at women for refusing and thus confirming that they are not. They spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about and pursuing women and even when they succeed they never truly feel special like they did when they were very young.

This take is only to say that women don't care about men for no reason. A man can become special to a woman, he is not born special to her. This might sound elementary but its logic escapes a lot of men. Utter confusion as to the "hostility of women" permeates their opinion of them as a collective. Men need to stop expecting women to like them, and be more grateful during the times that they do. You're just a guy among millions of other guys and the fact that you've made a connection into her life at all is pretty major in the scheme of things. A lot of men actually do pretty well with women in an objective sense but feel they do poorly because their "me complex" tells them that the majority of women (over 50%) should like them. Why? Can they honestly say they're "more special" than 50% of men?

To me, the best guys are the ones that don't let it go to their head. They're successful, but they don't like to think of themselves in terms of being more successful than other guys. They're better at sex, but they don't like to think of themselves as big pimps in bed. They actively resist being special because they know it's a big lie. There are simply too many people for that to be true. At best, you can say "I have a lot more success with women than other men" but even that doesn't make YOU special and, like with anything else, there's a decent chance sometimes you'll have a lot of success and sometimes you'll be at total rock bottom. You appreciate what the universe has bestowed on you even more so because you know you are nothing but a guy. Actually look around though when you're out and about and you see these pretty girls with their boyfriends...for the most part they're just guys. they aren't exceptional by any objective measurements but they're special TO HER and depending on how long theyve been together she may really try hard to defend the fact that he is some special one in a trillion guy but in reality he's not in reality she's not in reality you're not i'm not we're not and that's ok.

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  • wow this is long! totally agree!:)


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  • The only thing we should be entitled with is respect, and that's if we give respect to others as well (or should I say.. treat others how you want to be treated)

  • What a way to bring men down. You gay? Or a female troll?


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