Why You Should Move Quickly with Women

"You should move slowly to make her feel comfortable!"

Why You Should Move Quickly with Women

I know that you may have heard from others (women in particular) that you should be moving slowly with girls in order to begin a new, potentially thriving relationship. However, the more slowly you move, the more problems you have. Problems including her possible feelings for you, her perception of your personality, attraction fading, etc, you are better off moving quickly rather than slowly. You don't want to move slowly with her, or anyone in general, because of the basic risk of them questioning your feelings for them, and that's something you'd never want if you actually like the person.

Attraction has the potential to very quickly fade..

The more often you talk to them. Now if you mix things up with flirtatious conversation and friendly conversation, that's fine, as you are continuing to build up attraction (girls too). However, the more you spend your time making consecutive flirtatious or friendly conversations with anyone, you are dwindling all attraction in the air, as the person will become accustomed and used to your behavior, given the circumstance that they were attracted to you in the first place. You want to ask him/her out as soon as you feel that your attraction between them is as high as it will get at that very moment, or you will attempt to recreate one that isn't nearly as great as far as it's attraction goes.

The longer you take, the more likely

she'll believe that you don't like her

Guys, girls will feel unimportant, especially if they have feelings for you. The last thing you need is for a girl to become cold with you all because they feel like you don't like them. Even if they do see signs of you liking them back, it isn't enough to assure them that you like them. Sure, they'll believe that you like them once you begin to show the signs, but women want to be asked out, and once you don't while continuing to show the signs, she may send you those annoying mixed signals, causing you to also believe that she doesn't like you, trapping you both in a huge circle until one of you eventually moves on from the other, or one of you finally decides to make a long-awaited move.

With the attraction at its peak, the excitement will also be at its peak

I love the feeling of meeting a new, attractive girl, and I'm sure girls do as well. While the attraction is high and one of you happens to ask for a date very soon after meeting, I'm sure you'd be anxious to talk to anyone willing to listen about this "new guy" or "new girl". By the time you meet again, you're already ready to get things started, to start having fun outside of wherever you've met. Ironically, these are the type of lovers that resemble best friends, since they always seem to have such a good time together. What's different between friends and lovers is that the attraction between lovers compared to friends is very high, and you will desire to always be together once you feel as though you have an amazing connection with your "new guy" or "new girl".

You will no longer wonder about their attraction for you

It sucks to be insecure about a person's feelings for you, and it definitely sucks to have feelings for someone that has none for you. An easy solution to avoid this is to not get too attached to anyone that you find attractive, as long as you don't plan on asking them out. The more time you take trying to determine whether or not someone likes you back, the more insecure you become, and the more attached you may get. If you really want to know whether or not they find you attractive, ask now to find out as soon as you realize you like them. If not? Move on with no strings attached. If you found them interesting, however, they don't find you attractive, so you may move on to others while staying in touch with this person in a friendship. Seek out other people, and if you're attractive to them and they're attractive to you, the two of you may go out with each other and do however you please, knowing the fact that you two like each other.

I really hope this influences you to get out there and get down to business. It feels great to have a strong connection with someone, and you certainly don't want them to feel as though you don't like them as much as they like you. Please, do not move slowly with anyone that you like there's either an attraction, or there isn't, so instead of believing that there is no attraction, take the chance of there being an attraction and ask them out as soon as possible so that you can move on as soon as possible, or go have fun as soon as possible.

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