Dating: The Rule of 3

Dating: The Rule of 3

A lot of GaG'ers, especially the gentlemen, ask about dating advice. As a 48 year old man separated from his wife for just over three years with no chance of getting back together, I reflected on some of the dating tips I heard over the years. My favorite one, and I'm a big fan of this, is "The Rule of 3".

The Rule of 3 is pretty simple: everything happens after three. So, here's the basic run down:

I'll use me as an example. There's this very attractive, young redhead who works at the local pharmacy that caught my eye about a month ago. So, putting myself into the role of a third person narrator, here is how I would advise myself.

1. Catch a woman's eye that you like, and do something subtle, yet natural, too draw her attention to you, like smiling and winking at her. Do this three separate times, with no less than three days in between.

Dating: The Rule of 3

2. After completing Step 1 three times, approach and flirt with her. Repeat two more times, again, with no less than three days separation.

Dating: The Rule of 3

3. After completing Step 2 three times, start up a casual conversation with her.

Dating: The Rule of 3

4. After three repetitions of Step 3, ask her number.

Dating: The Rule of 3

5. Wait three days before calling her.

6. After the third phone call, ask her out on a date.

Dating: The Rule of 3

7. After taking her home, wait three seconds to kiss her.

Dating: The Rule of 3

8. No "Base Advancement" until after every third date.

Dating: The Rule of 3

It's time tested and it works. It builds up anticipation, keeps you from appearing desperate or over eager, and forces both parties on getting to know each other on an intellectual, emotional, and, for lack of a better term, spiritual level.

Dating: The Rule of 3
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  • JudgmentDay
    Only if you still have the incentive, desire, will, or even heart. Otherwise you'll realize maybe it really doesn't matter at all anymore. Of course for those that really want a family and kids or marriage some day, I can can understand that it's reasonable to keep trying, otherwise what else is there? What's really the point to pursue anybody, when anybody you have you are gonna lose anyway?
  • IAmCluelessToo
    fuck that I can't be bothered
  • Anonymous
    You still haven't learned ANYTHING after your divorce?

    STAY AWAY FROM WOMEN. They will ruin your life!
    • I'm sorry, but is an addiction I have and do not want cured. I cannot think of a more beautiful creation in all the world than that of women, short or tall; skinny or Rubenesque; blonde, brunette, redhead, or raven haired.

      And I did NOT say I ear divorced, merely separated with no chance of reconciliation. There is a difference.

    • Anonymous

      I'd rather think with my brain than with my dick.

    • the three day has never been cool.
      yes he needs to stay way from women. i mean FAR FAR FAR AWAY. As long as women logic exists you can't make logic out of women's actions or words. therefore your logical thinking, strategy and game plane is more hearsay than it is situational.
      plus your strategy looks like it was taken from an outdated dating advice post.

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