My Dating Standards: Part II

My Dating Standards: Part II

My first Take details some of my dating standards. There were some things I didn't mention because I was typing about things that required multiple paragraphs and forgot about things that I could explain briefly, and because I didn't think some of those things would be common.

Like I said, the link above is for Part I of my Dating Standards Takes. If you read it (or clicked on the link to read it right quick), Part II will start with a list of the aforementioned things attributed to what I discussed in Part I.

A) Falling under the 'safety' category in the 'Health & Safety' heading, speeding will also mark an X for a girl. I forgot about it until last week when a friend of mine drove me home: going 15 miles over the speed limit was definitely uncomfortable for me.

B) Littering. Lack of respect for our world, including for the animals it harms (knowing how much I love animals) = I need say no more.

C) I may not plan to adopt pit bulls {and if adopt dogs, I'd prefer other breeds}, but the same way I disdain when people call all pet rats 'disgusting', I'd find it just as ignorant for people to say "ALL pit bulls are killers!"

Also having mentioned my desire to have snakes and tarantulas for pets, she can get right out if she believes my pets should die - say it in a non-serious tone and I won't make a big deal, but not if she says it literally. I thought any girl would be more respectful than that, but I've been wrong before.

To include this with the other animal-oriented things, I also hate sport hunting. If you hunt, make use of the animals you're killing: if you kill a deer, eat it; if you kill some raccoons, sell their pelts for money; and etc. To me, hunting animals just to kill them is the same as swerving on the road to hit them.

However, pit bulls are far more defended and beloved than pet rats; I don't think a girl would really be that obnoxious about my animal babies, even if she doesn't like them; and living in Arkansas, I still don't know many girls who hunt in general. I don't think C will be as big a thing as A and B.

My Dating Standards: Part II

There are those. There are a couple of other things that I didn't mention in the first Take, since it was actually my first-ever Take and I tried not to include too much (reasons pertained to reading length for fellow users and a 20,000 character limit).

Blocking traffic

There's a lot of coverage and publicity that goes on over Black Lives Matter supporters blocking traffic in the name of protest. This heading and portion of the Take applies to not only those specific BLM supporters, but supporters of *ANY* cause who block traffic, applaud it or accept it because it "gets their message across" or because "they can".

I mentioned respect for other peoples' political beliefs under the 'bigotry' heading in my first Take: I'm not here to state my stance on BLM, but whether I support it or oppose it, I think no less of those who believe differently. I also believe that Trump and Hillary were the two worst options for leading this country at this point in its history, but I don't adore any of my friends any less if they voted for them in the primaries.

It's entirely different when "expression" comes of stopping people from doing what they need to do, like it being "for black lives". If you care about black lives, you wouldn't enable stopping financially struggling black people from making it to their jobs to make their livings and support their families; you wouldn't enable stopping black college students from going to class who worked very long and very hard to afford paying for their tuition in their attempt to achieve greater for their lives; you wouldn't enable stopping a black couple from going to the hospital to get their child the care they need to save the child's life.

My Dating Standards: Part II

Compassion toward wrongdoers

To explain it, take the example of when a man's convicted of rape or child molestation and given prison time; and you see people on social media say things like "He should be raped thrice a day every day" or share pictures like the one below... Ironically for any girl who'd say things along those lines, I wouldn't get a good vibe from her - not just morally, especially with my religious beliefs, but mentally.

Part of me will also assume that she's a misandrist, given the unlikelihood of people saying those same things if women were the perpetrators instead of men.

My Dating Standards: Part II

The point of these Takes, more than anything, was to explain the morals, values and open-mindedness that I look for in a female. As for things that make me *attracted* to her in the first place {like hobbies, interests and tastes}, that would apply mainly to animals, film & television, and music. If she (A) has no interest in animals or dislikes them, (B) dislikes "geek stuff" (Star Wars, Star Trek, Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, The Lego Movie) or (C) dislikes older music, I probably wouldn't have much in common with her.

My Dating Standards: Part II

Also worth mentioning is a user on my first Take who wondered about my standards in regards to a girl's sexual past. I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy for that: I won't ask her (unless she brings it up), and she doesn't have to tell me (but can if she wants to).

I won't date her, though, if she's into the open relationship kind of thing: I'll ask her if she's pursuing something monogamous or open to talking to other people, which will be easier to identify than dating her and learning things about her.

Like I mentioned, the first Take is provided in the link above - if you haven't read it.

My Dating Standards: Part II
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  • vishna
    I agree with you on a lot of things. Though, haha, if I didn't date speeders, I'd never have a boyfriend (they've all been absolutely terrible... so, I have to resort to backseat driving!) Yes, about the rats, it really turns me off when people say "ew, that's nasty" "they're so gross, ew, I can't come to your house" In my mind I'm like "when did I invite your squeamish ass into my home?" Regarding criminals, I think people who say "hang them and save tax dollars." "Just one bullet is needed" those people are kinda violent and though I 100% think rape and murder are horrible and that person should be punished to the full extent (not like Brock Turner), forming a lynch mob is regressive.
    I get your standards though, you want someone who is down for animals, is conscientious, and is open to the geekier side of things. I second that.
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    • Anonymous

      I don't think speeding's as bad with girls, lol.

      The death penalty would be one thing, but I mean that things like "Let's rape convicted rapists and child molesters in shackles every day!" are barbaric.

    • vishna

      Right, haha. Why are guys so much more likely to speed :'o and scare their female passengers!

    • Anonymous

      If there's *one* thing from these Takes I'd change, it's the music thing. It wouldn't be as big a thing as the animals and the geeky things.

      Writing these Takes, I'm actually trying to get an idea of what I want in a girl. I've never yet been on a date.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - It says a lot about you as well as your wish list for a girl
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  • justagirl5
    Interesting! I speed though so I can't expect my boyfriend not to lol and littering is so unattractive
  • metalinjected
    Bravo. I sure hope you find the one who fits the bill, that's an endangered species right there.
  • iceEverestere
    Damn I agree so fucking much. And that pic was disturbing...
  • Adigelunar
    thanks for sharing
  • MissSakura
  • Anonymous
    Cool seaquel of the previous Take, good work 👍🏻