At-Home Date Ideas!

At-Home Date Ideas!

Who said that a good date had to be at a fancy restaurant? Who even said it had to be outdoors?

Here are seven dates me and my boyfriend find perfect for an evening at home, or when we just don't want to go out for one.

1. Cooking together

At-Home Date Ideas!

Cooking together is always great, although it requires some planning if you want it to work out right. Be sure to print out a few recipes and make sure the fridge is stocked with ingredients beforehand.

It can be fun, and the best part is that if either of you have sufficient culinary skills, you'll have food to eat after!

2. Give gaming a try!

At-Home Date Ideas!

Usually, there's at least one partner who enjoys video games to some extent. Even if gaming is not for you, it may give you an opportunity to see what your bae is into, and learn new things about him or her. No console? No problem. You can always bust out your laptop and give a free to download game a try. (personal fav is Path of Exile)

3. Blanket fort

At-Home Date Ideas!

Every kid loved making forts out of pillows, blankets, tables, couch cushions. If you didn't, don't think it's too late now! Building a blanket fort is one of my personal favorites. The combined silliness of reliving child memories and having a new place to cuddle is always the best. In addition to that, you can order pizza to eat in the fort, or bring in a laptop and binge a show together.

4. YouTube karaoke

At-Home Date Ideas!

If you live in any sort of small town, you'll understand when I say karaoke places are scarce and few in between. So, why not hook up a mic to some speakers and do your own indoors karaoke? It's a great way to let loose and have fun, and also impress your date with your oh so smooth singing skills (or make them giggle with your lack of ability).

5. Indoor picnic

At-Home Date Ideas!

Make some sandwiches, pour yourselves a cup of rosé, and spread a sheet out on the living room floor. You'll have all the fun that comes with a picnic, and no worries about grass stains, and pesky unexpected six-legged visitors! Perfect for rainy days, and candles are optional for an additional romantic touch.

6. Read a book to each other

At-Home Date Ideas!

Pick up a favorite book, and read it together! to prevent issues involving when to turn the page (there's always that one person who reads sooo slowly) Take turns reading out loud! Or, if you aren't feeling the vibe to read out loud, put on an audio book.

7. The classic movie night

At-Home Date Ideas!

Put on a funny show, or favourite movie, and make fancy popcorn. Some popcorn ideas: chocolate chip and salted caramel, dried strawberries and white chocolate drizzle, gummy bears, smarties and popcorn mix

It's low effort, and cuddling on a couch can always lead to more ;)

*note to readers: if no girlfriend/boyfriend is available, this is also pretty fun alone*

At-Home Date Ideas!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • EvanR
    I'm a PC gamer so doing the whole XBox thing would be difficult, I'd probably dot he picnic or movie night, or both if at all possible, set up like a drive-in type of thing.
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  • vishna
    :) aw, these are great! Love the youtube karaoke! So unique :)
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  • Lopezz1999
    Video games, cooking together, blanket forte, movie night= perfection..
  • Unit1
    I like these all :)

    I'd also add a spa at home ;)
  • FaithfulGuardian
    Lol, just an excuse not to spend money
    • cynochroma

      I know right? that's also another perk

  • Poppykate
    Sex is always lots of fun!
  • Jen_Jen
    Love this..😊
    Great Take
  • TheNinthCircle
    At-home dates are the best. So much more intimate.
  • Chiquito_
    I liked those ideas , great take :D