Fun Dates Ideas!


Cooking classes

Fun Dates Ideas!

Do you want an unusual dinner? Then cook it together and see how these new dishes turn out.

Go to a food festival

If you are a lover of different food, a culinary festival is perfect. You can try a little of everything and take as many drinks as you want, until you throw up XD

Go to a theme park

Fun Dates Ideas!

It helps you to prepare yourself to deal with children when you guys have them (Joke!). Theme parks offer many attractions, no need to limit yourself and think it's childish. Bring out your inner child.

Go to a coffeeshop and walk

Drinking a coffee and sit in place for a few hours can be tiring and boring. So better take it to go and walk ... if you get tired you can go to a park and just sit and keep talking.

Go to a zoo

Fun Dates Ideas!

It would be fun, not so much the animal protectors, but for anyone else, it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Go bowling

A good way to know who is more competitive. You can even make bets: whoever loses will have to kiss the other haha.


Fun Dates Ideas!

If they sing in front of you, you won the lottery ... No more secrets. It is excellent to lose fear.

Go to a concert

Well, if you don't like singing, you can hear others do it as you lose yourself in the crowd.

Go to a dance class

Fun Dates Ideas!

It is also ideal to lose fear. Perfect to let our crazy side out and laugh at the funny dance moves.

Go natural

Go anywhere they have a good view of the paradise where we live. Watch the sunset and enjoy the stars.

Fun Dates Ideas!

Fun Dates Ideas!
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  • ThisDudeHere
    Bowling and karaoke are the only ones where I will never in my life go. Bowling because I sucked at it as a kid and got made fun of. And karaoke because there's no way I'm singing.
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    • aw go by yourself and improve

    • That would be even more awkward. Those places are crowded and thus some guy playing by himself and sucking at it would be just... no.

    • I'll never understand what's wrong about being by yourself sometimes lol

      but okay, do your thing, just let me tell you that if you go around thinking like this you will not enjoy life as much as you could

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Femdomina
    Cool ideas, I will apply some of them :D
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  • TadCurious
    Your posts are always so cheerful and fun! How was that little girl at the zoo not terrified of that lion? lol
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I like the cooking class , dance classes, food festival and the dates in nature would be most fun for me.
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  • vekin
    Never been to karaoke but i think it is fun

    I like cooking and good food so that is also something i would like to do

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  • hotstuffSRD
    Sounds good 💁
    Nice myTake 👍
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  • lilmama229