10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

10 Cheap/Free Date Ideas For Couples

Lets face it, dates can be expensive. But rekindling your romance with your significant other doesn't have hurt your wallet. Here are 10 free or cheap date ideas that are fun, affordable, and won't break your budget!

1. Cook A Meal Together

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

They say the key to a man's (and woman's) heart is though his/her stomach. Harnessing your inner foodie and creating a meal you can enjoy together can be sexy! Even for the worst of cooks, it is an opportunity to learn new cooking skills together and improve your communication skills with each other. Additional idea: take a trip to the grocery store together beforehand and pick up the ingredients you need.

Not sure what to cook? Check out these Romantic Recipes for Couples from Rachel Ray!

2. Have a Spa Day at Home

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

Pampering yourself and your significant other at a spa can be costly. Why not enjoy the luxuries of the spa at home? Indulge in a bubble-bath or steamy shower together and take turns giving each other massages. You'll both feel relaxed, rejuvenated and connected! Additional idea: splurge on some rose petals or message oil to make your experience extra special.

Cosmo has a list of Couple's Spa Treatments you can do at home

3. Have a Netflix/Youtube Date in Bed

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

It may seem cliché, but there is nothing better than curling up with your honey and watching a movie. This is especially true on a rainy/cold day or when one (or both) of you are sick. So get into your PJs, grab some snacks and comfy blankets/pillows, snuggle in, and hit play! Additional idea: Put on something cheesy! It will be a guaranteed laugh for both of you.

Don't have Netflix? Here is a list of 30 Free Movies on Youtube compliments of Digital Trends

4. Play A Board Game

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

Playing board games is another great way to pass-the-time at home. We all have our favorites; Scrabble, Life, Cards Against Humanity, etc. But why not spice things up a notch and make the game sexy? From strip-poker to sexy twister, there are many ways to put an adult twist on a the classics. Additional idea: For those ages 21 and over, a few drinks can help loosen your inhibitions and make the game more fun.

Not sure how to make a game sexy? Glamour offers some great ideas on How to Make Games Sexy

5. Take a Nature Walk (Or Bike Ride)

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

Looking to get out of the house and do something outdoors together? Going on a hike or bike ride together is a great way to stay active. You and your partner don't need to be athletic to enjoy nature and get a breath of fresh air. Just get out there and enjoy yourselves! Additional idea: Don't forget to bring your camera/s to capture some beautiful shots! It can be enjoyable fun to go through your photos together later.

Here is a list of 100 Things to do Before, During or After a Nature Walk

6. Plan A Picnic

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

Here is another great couples' activity that combines the love of eating and nature; a picnic! Pack a light lunch (or dinner), grab a blanket, head down to the park and find a scenic spot to set up. What's a better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon? Additional idea: Don't forget the vino and glasses!

Not sure what to pack? Here are 25 Romantic Little Foods To Bring On a Picnic Date

7. Tour Your Town or City

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

You don't need to go far to get the tourist experience. Why not take in the sights and sounds of your town and city together? Stroll down the sidewalks hand-in-hand, grab some coffees at the local café, and visit stores you have never been to. You may be surprised what hidden little gems you may discover on your travels. Additional idea: Make your outing more exciting by planning a scavenger hunt or playing people-watching bingo.

Don't live in a big city? Here are 40 Things People Who Live In Small Towns Do

8. Explore a Museum or Art Gallery

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

Looking to enrich your scientific and/or cultural side? Visit your local museum or art gallery together. It can be both educational and fun. The best part is that many museums and galleries have free or reduced admission fees on certain days of the week or evenings. Additional idea: This is your chance to wear your Sunday-best (and not feel out of place!)

Never visited a museum before? wikiHow has 5 Ways to Enjoy a Museum

9. Take A (Mini) Road Trip

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

Looking to escape the city and just get away for a bit? Hop in the car, roll down the windows and take a mini road trip! Relax, take your time, and enjoy the drive; you don't need to schedule every little detail of your trip. Feel free to pull over and check out to check out the sights or check out a quaint little shop when passing through a town. Additional idea: Create a road trip playlist to enjoy while you and your passenger are cruising.

Check out 30 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Road Trip Awesome

10. Star Gaze

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free

You don't need to be an astronomer with a fancy telescope to appreciate the beauty of the night sky. Make your summer night magical (and spark some romance) by lying under the stars. Additional idea: Got a pickup truck? Fill the back of your truck bed with pillows and blankets to make star gazing even more comfy (you could even fall asleep!)

Learn the Constellations to enrich your experience.

Do you have a romantic date idea that you would like to share? Share your ideas using #DateIdea

10 Awesome Date Ideas That Are Cheap or Totally Free
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hastsezini
    Success! 10 things I regularly do with my wife, although most of our picnics are in our backyard and don't usually include a blanket and basket. Our favorites from your list is definitely movie nights, game nights, and the hike/star gazing. Our first two dates ended with hikes and star gazing.

    One we also like to do is read together. I'll hold the book or comic out and we'll read together (silently), and discuss each chapter afterwards. We don't do this often but it's another go to of ours, especially when a new Walking Dead comic comes out. Good take.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • vishna
    <3 These are awesome.

    I love to make a fort with my boyfriend in the apartment living room when everyone else leaves for the weekend. We make hot chocolate, watch movies, and light candles. It's super romantic.
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  • ElissaDido
    Star gazing 💙 My dream date 💫🌟⭐️☄
  • Tdieseler
    Sweet take...
    Also a good way to know what kind of girl you are dating too... the kind that is free spirited and just wants to spend time with you, or the materialistic one that calls you a cheapskate.
  • brain5000
    7. Tour your town or city - one of the most expensive date ideas I can think of.

    3. Have a Netflix/YouTube date in bed. Are you crazy? Please don't eat in bed. I like sleeping with you, but the ants have to go.


    1. Cook a meal together is one of the most romantic things a couple can do.

    Just don't take the food on 6) a picnic. That is an incredible hassle, and you'll spend too much time swatting away bugs, or chasing paper that blows all around.

  • SarahsSummer
    I love this take💜❤️💜❤️💜 And some of those are already my favorite things to do. i wish I could do them more often!
  • Great!
    Now all we need is someone to do them with 😂
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Yes! I love this list, most of these are my go-tos personally :) Great take!!!
  • Unit1
    This is so good! I like that! Thank you!

    Sadly there aren't many adequate girls left on this planet v_v
  • RedRobin
    Aww I wish I had a boyfriend so I could try some of these out
  • kitty71
    Good ideas I wish first to find a guy to do all of those things, lol!!!
  • cinderelli
    Now there's only one thing I need.. a guy to date..
  • dudeman
    i like cooking a meal listening to music and wine. always ends with me getting laid.
  • _Steven_
    Thanks for this AWESOME and INTERESTING "myTake" !! I really like it a lot !! ;)
  • Bluemax
    Stargazing is awesome. My wife and I did it a lot.
  • zombiebabe
    awwww all of these look so cute ideas :'( :'(
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    This neat thanks :)
  • MaskedSanity
    Well shit, we've already done all of these.
  • arashmenalagha
    I love how mini is in parentheses.
  • SnowHearth
    This is what I do mostly!
  • Phoenix98
    All are great ideas.
  • Eternallylucky
    I enjoyed your take, thanks for sharing.
  • amit741
    best is to gaze the stars
  • Shameel
    at last to come across a good piece here
  • Anonymous
    Women will only allow a guy one of these before realizing he's not gonna buy her things. A date has to be expensive for a woman to like a guy. Their vaginas are shaped like slot machines because they love money.
  • Anonymous
    Dance in the headlight together.
  • Anonymous
    How on earth did you forget sex?
  • Anonymous
    Now all I need is to find a girl that won't call a guy a cheapskate when I suggest this.
    • Bloopy

      if a girl calls a guy a cheapstake when you suggest it she's not worth it bro

  • Anonymous
    Have you tried arson contest?
    • MandyRuth

      That would definitely create a spark :P

    • Anonymous

      could share sparky cola too

  • Anonymous
    Good ideas. Thnx!