PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

I recently wrote a myTake titled "Types of Women Men Should Not Date" and many people pointed out that I missed several dangerous types of women that should be avoided at all costs when it comes to dating. So here are my favorites they listed and just some other types of women men should not date.

1. The Gold Digger

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

This is an obvious one that doesn't need to be explained. However, incase you live in under a rock, this is the girl that quite literally only wants you for your money.

2. "The Nun"

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

@Browneye57 gave several good examples of women I missed and one of my favorites he mentioned was "The Nun." I am not sure if I am thinking what he originally meant, however this is my interpretation: the Nun is a super spiritual girl... but she isn't spiritual for her own benefit, she's spiritual to impress potential SOs. This is a huge problem among actually religious people who are looking for a girl who believes the same as them. The Nun CANNOT have a normal conversation. Everything is about God. Of course this sounds great, but if you date the nun you will quickly realize it isn't so great. Everything from sports "I praise God for (sports team's name) victory!" or if you asked her how her day was, "I was completely blessed by the Lord today! (Insert Bible Verse)." Or the worst... when you break up with this girl... "It's fine, I know the Lord has a plan through all this." It gets REALLY annoying... REALLY fast.

3. The Stereotypical Dumb Blonde

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

People say stereotypes exist for a reason. Granted not all blondes are dumb, but this stereotype is sometimes surprisingly true. Regardless if she is actually a complete fool, or if she thinks it's attractive to guys, no one should be in a relationship with a girl that they can't have an intellectual conversation with.

4. The Beauty

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

There's nothing wrong with dating a beautiful girl. This is every straight guy's dream! But every once in awhile you will run into the beautiful girl who is VERY much aware she is 9/10-10/10. The Beauty uses her looks to manipulate guys into doing stuff for her with no intention of giving them a real chance. All that comes from interaction with this girl is frustration and ultimately, rejection.

5. "Freaky and crazy ass psycho bitches, who love to throw a fit and break furniture and technologies and stuff."

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date

@Unit1 had this one in the comments section of my previous post. Sounds like a personal experience mate lol... hope it all works out. For everyone else... I believe this is the most self-explanatory of all. :P


So there are many, MANY others but I think these are the main ones. Avoid dating these women at all costs!

PART 2 - Types of Women Men Should Not Date
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  • Browneye57
    Is this still revelant?
    • Browneye57

      Uh, Mr. Bear... this is absolutely outstanding. And way better than the last one.

      "If we are just friends then buy your own damn drinks." Gentlemen, pay attention here.

      And 'crazy ass psycho bitch is simply 'BSC'. And you have no idea. The girls will stalk you. Show up at your work faking a pregnancy just to blackmail you. Some actually think they've somehow been completely shafted and will want to extract their pound of flesh. Either physically or financially.

      My first divorce cost over half a million dollars. People ask why divorce is so expensive - BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT!

    • Haha I'm glad you liked it. And no I have no personal experience with the "crazy ass psycho bitch" and I really hope I never do lol

    • Browneye57

      So, second time around I married THE BEAUTY. She was everything you could imagine, an easy 8-9, beautician, big hair, big tits, smarts, she had it all. I chased her for years and she finally decided I was worth having. Then she cheated. We had a kid. She cheated again. We almost didn't make it.

      But she's a beauty. :)

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  • MaxxiBonn
    Types of men women should not date:
    1. Guys who write online articles telling other men who not to date.
  • StrawberryCream
    I'm not any of those, yet I still have no hope. I'll stick to cats then
  • Idonthaveausername
    That's kind of unfair to dumb blonds. Some of them are too dumb to know they're dumb. Lol. But some of the dumbest people I know are really good people, so you can't always knock people for being dumb

    But you hit the nail on the head with the psychos. Neither men nor women should date psychos

    I also don't think it's fair to tell guys not to date pretty women just because a few are evil. I know just as many average girls who are manipulative as some of the pretty ones, and some even more. That category should just have been to not date manipulative women
    • Oh believe me... lol I'm not against dating pretty girls! Haha I just mean the ones that lead a guy on for months without ever being clear about her intentions

    • Ok that makes sense. Leading someone on or not being clear about your intentions is probably the biggest mistake most people make early on in relationships

  • I-am-a-nobody
    "the Nun is a super spiritual girl... but she isn't spiritual for her own benefit, she's spiritual to impress potential SOs."

    Good distinction. I, to the possible surprise of some people, agree.

    "The Nun CANNOT have a normal conversation. Everything is about God."
    Yes, this would annoy me, as I have varied interests, but my interests are filtered though my understanding of God. So, I'm pretty quick to throw in a Bible verse or two, which might annoy some.
    It is so hard to find other people who believe and understand the Bible and when I do one, I find it refreshing to talk about God and my beliefs.
  • Unit1
    Thanks for quoting me mate ;D

    This is also mostly true. I however do not subscribe to "dumb blonde" stereotypes.

    Good work :)
  • Iraqveteran666
    Its a good take I was nearly going to say you missed a few.
  • I'd like to have #2, but only as a fetish thing.
  • Marinepilot
    I've seen them all.
  • Nahid1234
  • Rosewanda
    I agree with this mytake.
  • Anonymous
    Combine part 1 with part 2 and you end up dating no girls at all. Bingo!
    • Browneye57

      Ya know, there's a saying for that - AWALT. All women are like that.
      But some schmuck comes along and starts with the white-knighting and says NAWALT. Not all women are like that.

      The truth is, the more you know the better you can navigate these waters. A guy has to know how to deal with shit tests and their little bullshit fussiness. They ALL do it. If you're not the leader then it just gets out of hand.


    • Topkek

      The only answer is MGTOW.

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