5 Unique Date Ideas


If you're tired of the usual dinner at your favorite restaurant or staying in and watching a movie, here are five ideas that you can use to put a little spontaneity and adventure in your relationship.

1. Random restaurant date

Five Unique Date Ideas

Although this is still technically a dinner date, you're going somewhere you've never heard of before and may never have experienced if you didn't give this a try. Simply search restaurants in your area, close your eyes, pick one, and go there. It's new and exciting and you get to experience it with your partner.

2. Just drive

5 Unique Date Ideas

Get in the car and just drive somewhere and see where the road takes you. Stop at interesting places you see on the way and just explore. (You could also "just walk" if you want to go a shorter distance.)

3. Go to the beach at night

5 Unique Date Ideas

It's not something you would normally take the time out of your day to do, but it's relaxing and romantic. You can sit and just be together not without having to worry about anything.

4. Go skinny dipping

5 Unique Date Ideas

You only live once. Go have some fun with your partner, laugh, feel vulnerable, be spontaneous and adventurous, and make memories that you'll be able to laugh at for a long time after.

5. Climb trees

5 Unique Date Ideas

It's an easy and fun activity that you may not have thought about doing before. Bring food up with you and have a picnic lunch, or just sit and talk.

5 Unique Date Ideas
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  • Lopezz1999
    All of these are my types of dates! Perfect!
  • cupidkisses
    3rd one sounds so good
  • Anonymous
    Part of me wants to get links to websites from the waybackmachine ( https://archive.org/web/ ) detailing out every aspect of how these are about as original as the wheel but I know better.