5 Signs You Met Your Man!

5 Signs You Met Your Man!

1. He makes you feel beautiful without makeup

I used to really feel uncomfortable about letting guys see me without my makeup on. I suffer from acne and it makes me feel really self conscious when a guy I like sees me in my "natural" state.

5 Signs You Met Your Man!

2. He wants to take care of you

Words are nothing... but if he has actions to back it up- he really truly cares. When you're sick he is around to make you soup and tea, and doesn't expect anything back.

5 Signs You Met Your Man!

3. You can be a moody b*tch and that's ok, he gets it

You've had a bad day? That is ok, because he understands and instead of complaining about your sour attitude, he tries to calm you down and make sure that your day gets better.

5 Signs You Met Your Man!

4. He has your back

Is someone talking behind your back? Do you feel like you are alone? With a true man you'll never feel like life and its' battles are yours alone, but rather the both of yours.

5 Signs You Met Your Man!

5. You don't worry, ever

You do't have to worry what is on his phone, or where he was last night. He will check in and he is an open book. No secrets.

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  • "You can be a moody b*tch and that's ok"

    Sorry but it's never OK. Learn to control your moods, ladies.


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  • I do or really want to do all of these, I want to be the best partner I can be ✌️❤️


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  • everyone wants that... the real issue is for it to be real


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