5 Signs He's In Love With You


Being in love with someone and not being sure if they love you back is scary and a bit hurtful most of the time, so instead of letting my imagination wander and make unrealistic scenarios about why someone is in love with me, I tried making a short list on what signs I see as an interpretation for his love.

Keep in mind, There is no better sign than him saying " I Love You" and you, trusting him for his honesty, but some signs for confirmation never hurt anyone.

1. They Trust You

5 Signs He's In Love With You

Trust is about letting someone in completely, being the person they can confide in when the rest of the world seems scary or overwhelming. If he comes to you when he’s sad, frustrated or overwhelmed, it’s a sign he trusts you.

2. They Ask For Your Input on Decisions

5 Signs He's In Love With You

What if they decided to move to a different city for a few months because they wanted to try it out there?

Yeah, That would be really inconsiderate of them, and a huge sign that they probably aren’t in love with you.

But if they think of you first when they’re faced with a big decision, if they decide to include you and listen to your counsel when they’re deciding, well, that’s a huge sign they might be in love with you.

3. They Give You Lots of Affection

5 Signs He's In Love With You

This shows he’s most likely in love with you if he can’t get enough of being close, intimate and connected with you. Affection, physical closeness, and intimacy go a long way in strengthening a relationship and helping love grow

4. They Are Curious About Your Day

5 Signs He's In Love With You

If he truly cares about what’s on your mind, how your day was and how you feel it means that he cares about you a lot. When a guy isn’t in love, he couldn't give a crap about what you have to say and would never want to just listen to you talk. If he’s genuinely curious, though, and listens this is a HUGE sign he can’t resist you… he’s in love.

5. They Make You Feel Good About Who You Are

5 Signs He's In Love With You

If you feel good around someone, you want to be around them more. That’s going to lead to romantic (or platonic) relationships with that person.

Far more rare is the person who makes you feel good about WHO YOU ARE. That person takes the time to understand who you really are, what makes you really tick, and then give you affection and validation about it.


SIDE NOTE: This article is just for fun, and it's from MY perspective. This isn't something that's 100% correct so feel free to share your opinions.

QUESTION: What are your "He's in love" signs?

5 Signs He's In Love With You
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Most Helpful Guy

  • coachTanthony
    I can get down with this. Nice take. I would say you know when he does this...

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    • Kiki98

      This seems like every girl's wildest dream, not sure if i'll allow myself to dream about this, i'll only get disappointed

    • Those were the days! LOL

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    10. When he doesn’t treat you like a sex object
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  • Coconut_Man
    #6 If he eats all the yellow and green skittles, and leaves the red, orange and purple ones for you... that's love fam ❤

    Good Take 👍👍
    • hasrett

      But green and yellow skittles are the best... 😁

    • @hasrett No one likes the yellow and green ones. You must be a unicorn or something. 😛

    • hasrett

      Purple are the worst. :p

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  • Pyrofox
    One easy one he goes out of his way to spend time with you.
    • Kiki98

      definitely a good sign!

  • Kabluie
    Liking someone for who they are is a big key. You don't really ask someone to change for love. Once this is discovered, feelings generally lead to trust, and intimacy. Whether it's just hanging out as much as possible, and sharing deepest secrets.
  • Hitman47
    He is in love with you when:-

    1. He initiates the conversation most of the time.

    2. If he is an introvert but talks openly to you.

    3. He will compliment you and make you feel good.

    4. He respects you.

    5. He buys you things.

  • Bigdaddyslim01
    You mean when he treats you like a... Person?

    5 Signs He's In Love With You
  • GracefulCharm
    So is this a guide for how to play girls and make them fall in love with you? I thank you for providing the tools needed for me to break future hearts and get in many girls pants.
    • You can't fake authenticity though.

    • @Sienna-Rose
      Depends on what the definition of authenticity for the individual. Some people think when their lover sacrifices something they want for them. That makes it authentic. If you are a skilled player. You can learn about this. Play her game and give into her bait. When she think she's won, you'll get your reward.

    • @Sienna-Rose
      The perspective of women in general is flawed when it comes to love. Do you ever ask the question why a player who can seduce lots of girls only really loves one girl? It's because that girl is just like him. She works hard at her seduction on men. These types of girls are just like players and they are hated by most other girls.

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  • RastaMahn
    6. When we cum on your stomach instead of your face.
  • Ripper_E
    I guess I'm in love then
  • scooogy
    Couldn't that also apply to friendship?
  • Nice222
    Thanks for sharing.
  • Anonymous
    good take
  • Anonymous
    6. He respects you.
  • Anonymous
    i agree with all these points, but there are definitely more signs to know for sure
  • Anonymous
    cool article! He is in love with you when he only wants you and doesn't want other women, you will seem as his first priority