10 foolproof signs he loves you!


Have you ever wondered if your partner truly loves you or not? Don't know if he's showing real emotions? There are tons of woman who worry about whether their boyfriend is the right one for them.

Well fret not because here are the 10 signs that your significant other does and this is no bullshit!

1.) He sends you text messages or knows how to keep a conversation going.

Of course actions speak louder than words, but when your man greets you a good morning or good night, it's a sign that he cares for you. When you least expect it, he sends sweet TMs, memes or those one liners just to impress you. And the best part is, he knows how to keep your conversation going.

2.) He's chivalrous from time to time.

Despite your independence, he insists on opening the door for you or pulling the chair for you. He's there when you need him and asks for nothing in return. He doesn't want to see you having a hard time so he insists on helping you. He's a knight in shining armor even though you're not a damsel in distress and there's nothing greater than that right?

3.) He makes an effort to be a better man for you.

When your boyfriend loves you, he would want to improve himself. Be a better version of himself for you so that he can prove to you that he's worth loving. A man of love will work on his own flaws just for you. When he makes a mistake, he apologizes and takes responsibility for it rather than having too much pride. He makes himself grow and never forgets where he came from.

4.) He respects you.

Respect is the utmost pre-requisite for love and without respect, there would be no relationship. A guy respects you for who you are and what you do when he loves you with all his heart. He accepts your flaws and doesn't take it against you. He doesn't force you to do things on his terms and he respects your decisions. He treats you like another individual and lets you grow as well.

5.) He's patient with you or forgiving.

Similar to 4, no matter how many mistakes you made, he's willing to forgive you and doesn't hold a grudge against you. He's willing to talk it out with you or work with you on your relationship problems through thick and thin. A good boyfriend won't ever doubt you just because you have shortcomings because he knows that people make mistakes and that they can learn from it. He's also patient when you need space as well.

6.) He allows you to be yourself when you're with him.

A loving man will bring out all the positive things about you and will thank his lucky stars that he found a woman like you. He reminds you of your self-worth and he's the person to tell you that you should never settle for the bare minimum. Your partner fell in love with the real you so he isn't willing to change you for his own gain. No matter how few the values you guys share, he will always appreciate your similarities and differences.

7.) He misses you, yet gives you time for yourself.

He won't monopolize your time as you are a human being and that you have the right to do whatever you want in life. He allows you to have time alone or time with your friends and he knows that your world isn't all about him. He will never treat you like a possession or expect you to be there for him always as you have had your own life before him. Your SO loves you when he gives you the space you need. Space is an important thing in a relationship in order for your partner to put value in your time together and also to miss you as absence makes the heart grow fonder. E.g. You have an introverted boyfriend and you're the polar opposite. While he's at home playing an online game, you're out there having a girls night out but at the same time, he checks up on you to see if you had a great night with them.

8.) He surprises you in different ways.

He gives you small presents occasionally that will remind you of the love he has for you and takes you out on places you never been. He gets spontaneous at his time and he encourages you to try new things. Your boyfriend finds many ways to impress you and makes sure that his surprises for you will be memorable. This person will give you something to cherish so that you won't ever have to look for another man again.

9.) He's genuine about his personality.

Your boyfriend isn't nice just because he has an agenda, but instead he is being authentic about his kindness and doesn't ask for anything in return. He isn't the nice guy the people call, he's being true to himself and he knows that being nice is the real him, not just because he wants something back.

10.) He's affectionate.

Whenever you get vulnerable, he comforts you and has no problem showing emotions. When your boyfriend is sad when you're sad, it just means that he loves you more than you'll ever think. You'll never doubt what he feels about you and rest assured, he's willing to support you emotionally.

All the 10 signs indicate that he loves you more that you'll ever imagine. If your boyfriend portrays some of these traits, you don't have to worry anymore because all these signs show that a person has true love for you.

So I hope this Take has helped you see if he's the right one for you. And remember, you should never settle for anything less than what you deserve! Always always know that you deserved to be loved the way you want and know your worth!

10 foolproof signs he loves you!
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  • Unit1
    That is pretty accurate.
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  • sheikalana
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Most of this sounds reasonable, if already in a relationship officially. If a mere crush, the first one is probably not true. If I don't text her right away, or very often, it's because I don't want her to freak out, or to think I'm some predator. Granted, some girls are ludicrously paranoid, and will think that anyway. If I like a post her mom made, she assumes a billion things. Because it can never just be that her mom and I agree that a certain chair looks funny.
  • Thatsamazing
    Welllllll... no not quite. There are no foolproof ways to know how someone feels about you. You can't SEE someone's emotions or thoughts. Love is an emotion. All we can see is external stuff. Everything you have here is good, and positive indicators, but no, none of this is foolproof, nor is anything else. Ultimately, we do not know deep down how any other person feels about us. We just have to have faith.
  • finallylettinggo
    All except number 1 sounds right. Some of us are not big on talking a lot. It doesn't mean we do not care, just some of us do not talk a lot. I'm introverted and quiet, i listen and can support someone but if i have to prove that i love someone by talking to them then no one will ever think i care.
  • sensible27
    And it just might be that some unlucky person somewhere still isn't actually loved regardless... even if not... still seems like a friendship worth having... somewhat...
  • NatalieKeller95
    see this is what's necessary for love, not height, not weight not any of that superficial bullshit, just this will do just fine,
  • Monicaa7690
    Hah, I’ve dealt with men who’ve done some of these things then ended up treating me like scum just to end up being with someone else. I’m pretty sure any guy can do this even for someone as a friend. I personally don’t think there’s any set in stone specific sign a man can give that he loves you besides respecting you, doing nice things for you here and there and being faithful in a relationship. Guys are not as complex and over thinkers as women are. They don’t get their hopes up or expect a woman to give these types of signs to show she loves him. Yes actions and effort show a lot about how someone feels about you, but at the end of the day I think relationships are just things where you like each other, trust each other and hope for the best. Just cause someone does these things for you don’t mean they love you, it’s just something you gotta wait down the road to figure out and see.
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    The one that hits more for me is the number 3.
    Personally the other points I could, and I have done, for girls who I did not trully loved. To some extend at least.

    But for the one that is now my wife, I looked at her and I feel like she deserves the world. That she deserves the best I can be and more. So I want to improve and be better so that she can have all that I can be for her. We don't do that for girls we don't love.

    I know that she does the same for me. We both changed to better versions of ourselves simply because we love the other and want to give as much happiness as we can.
  • DavidHart
    As an introvert person, i am denying point no 1 firmly.

    For point no 2, i never like to spoil anybody.
    Furthermore i heard a woman said if any man opened a door for her, she will never want to see/date him again.
    • jkm1864

      Don't fucking matter I'm not going to change for Her so if She don't like it then She can hit the road.

  • Kaneki05
    This is me always with those i have been with. Even before i loved them tho... So i don't think this is full proof. More full proof that he treats you right. Since i can do all these to someone i like.
  • OpenWine
    right after point 3 it hit me in the feels. I was looking for any weak points on this Take since I saw it but it reflected the way I treated the girl in my last relationship and I could not lie that the feelings were true. girls this is the go-to MyTake if you wanna be in a decent relationship. anything less is just convenience and good sex
  • RHK36
    Signs are bs. People are complex and nothing is set in stone. Close to half of these " signs" are just me being me and has nothing to do with anyone else. Girls need to stop looking for signs because ultimately they are pointless. The best anyone can hope for is that you find someone that wants what you want and you trust him/her enough that they won't do you wrong. Relationships aren't to be taken granted, so love them as much as they love you.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Is this up for discussion, or would any disagreement be seen as cocky and immediately result in blocking? Sorry to ask, but I'm a bit snakebit on how people on G@G react to simple disagreements.
  • DaMack999
    Dumbest shit I ever read. Good luck staying married if you think men think this way. Wow.
    • Butthurt.

    • I am going to literally ask every guy here who thinks this is to much to aks why the fuck he thinks that!
      @damack999 Why the fuck do you think that?

    • Aak1980

      @ThisIsMyOpinion yea guys do this.. till BAM WAM BAM. poof. Than u youu b sitting staring cellllphone device. Hoping he calls

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  • just_legit1998
    GUYS GUYS GUYS... seriously calm the hell down. I see a lot of hate comments and all she's talking about is merely a guy who truly loves a girl. Don't be so defensive about this.

    Now @certifiedalphafemale, your Take is good. Those signs are accurate, though I admit that not all of these apply to me but this is a perfect example of a good boyfriend. And to all you insecure guys there, call me a simp all you want IDC.
    • Unit1

      Or they call us a white knight dare we agree/side with her or women. 😂😂😂
      Man, I'm starting to take it as a compliment. Synonymous with ladies man! Since when is it wrong to be one? Nature literally made us this way 😂😂😂

    • IKR! 😂

  • Whaddupcuz
    After reading all this I’m pretty sure the love I thought I had for this girl is “true love” and that I will never love anyone the same way ever again, the only problem is it’s very rare that u will find a guy who truley loves you, i think it’s only possible to find 1 true love in your whole life and it’s very unlikely you’ll come across that guy who truley loves you,,,, i just happened to meet her by luck, shame she doesn’t feel the same way back tho :(
    I’m just her friend apparently lol fml
  • Shy people can love too !

    ... not being great at chit chat doesn’t mean you don’t love ❤️ 😛 🌟😊
    • VIVANT

      Also most of this is like of both people do it It’s a tight friendship

      I think love isn’t something measured on a list and when it’s real you know. I think people who question things a lot either don’t want to to accept the fact they don’t feel it or are sort of frectyred I stare so have lost intuitive ability.
      None of those can be solved by looking at a list. Love is a relation not an Object.

  • Don-_-Don
    I can't help but to think about how important number 9 is, thank you for adding that one.
  • jasco
    Do one for women pls i wanna see how i know if my girlfriend loves me. also i can't agree or disagree with any of that
  • omg... he doesn’t love me
    • Sorry to hear that sweetheart. I think you should dump him, you shouldn't be with someone who doesn't value your relationship.

  • Jack9949
    Definitely truthful 👍 I notice myself engaging in similar behaviors when I fall for a girl
  • ryancg
    Yeah, that or he's playing a long con to someday murder you. 😂
  • andreasderjuengere
    I just wonder what 'foolproof' intends to indicate here... :D
  • OnigaiSempai
    How sad... I hit on all these points spot on and I still can't keep a relationship. How much more beyond already being traumatized do I have to sacrifice for something to work.
  • lazermazer
    I exhibit all these things but for my friend.
    Girls it's a trap. 😂😂😂
    • lazermazer

      And if you are still in doubt the username is certifiedalphafemale 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • thomas4616
    Is always man work... We are to satisfy in any aspect of love to woman make them happy, care, love, trust and be there for her make her rich...
    • Never said anything like that. We women can do that to ourselves. I just said that a man loves her if he does those things.

  • Vonnieboo01
    It is impossible for a man to truly love a women I never witnessed it.
    • Why do you say so?

    • @vonnieboo01 but it does happen.

    • @ThisIsMyOpinion it’s rare though. Men aren’t as emotional as women and play a ton of mind games Men love sex but the women herself? NO. Even if a man loves a women it’s for a short period of time. He’s on to the next best thing. He is on to the next hot coochie and pretty face.

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  • Love it! Hope i can be able to find that guy
    • He'll find you soon darling, just be patient!

    • @startingfitness Dude are you for real?

    • @startingfitness He just happens to be a compassionate guy with respect for other people unlike you. So please do us a favor and shut up if you have nothing good to say.

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  • LovingLover
  • Mysterygirl11137
    I wish I get Dese qualities guy soon
  • TheAfrikan
    Nice tips as a guy I Better improve on them.
  • WowwGirl
    Woa. 😮 i am falling in love with her. 😄
  • Twenty2
    Where did you get certified from?
  • mrgspoter
    Actually quite close enough.
    • mrgspoter

      I have no idea what your talking about message me if you want that's it

  • ChefPapiChulo
    sounds more like a pet. I don't agree at all.
  • asshole_
    People, People, this woman, drives a subaru
    • jkm1864

      Never date a woman that drives a subaru.

    • asshole_

      i was actually trying to write "saturn" but, for some reason wrote "subaru", however, it would remain the same, you shouldn't date w woman who drives either

    • jkm1864

      I get a mental image of a woman with a dyke cut whom hates men with a passion when I think of a subaru.

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  • Anonymous
    I think you probably like SIMPS.
    • Whaddupcuz

      Simps? Lmao what is this internet macho bullshit u young retards all believe?
      Being in love doesn’t make u a simp... simp is a different thing lol

    • Anonymous

      @Whaddupcuz but the guy she described does sounds like a simp. Agree?

    • OpenWine

      SIMP is when the guy would be fine with a girl having an only-fans account or letting her be polyamorous even the guy doesn't like it (if he's not a cuck he's a simp).
      not SIMP is demanding 50% of the income from the only-fans account as REPARATIONS.

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  • Anonymous
    I find that its rather contradictory that a man ought to forgive his girl's every mistake while also having to constantly improve himself.
  • Anonymous
    sadly I've done this with girls and im still single sooo... and mind you im decent looking, in grad school, athletic build, not a momma's boy, cook good food, can make others laugh, willing to give space and i'm still a virgin

    *shrugs shoulders*
  • Anonymous
    Who certified you as an alpha female?
  • Anonymous
    Girls, I got news for you. EVERY SINGLE ITEM on that list can be done by a guy who does not give one single shit whether you live or die.
  • Anonymous
    When I was in love I seemed to be jealous at times😂, because she had a bestie who was too clingyy
  • Anonymous
    My boyfriend!! 🤭❤️
    • Anonymous

      He’s so good to me

    • Good to know sweetie!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!!

  • Anonymous
    What a crock.
    women who expect men to change shouldn’t be with that guy. If you think “he has to improve” for you than don’t date him. You don’t actually like him, you like who you are trying to make him be. That is NOT love.
    A guy who is forced to change who he is to satisfy some female will eventually resent her. Which is why most married men are miserable.
    Then in #6 you say “he lets you be yourself”. What kind of back ass double standard bullshit is that?

    men get with women hoping they’ll never change from who they are, when dating, and they always do.
    women get with men hoping she will change him later and he never does.
    ... this is my relationships never last.
    • To want to be better for the person you love is normal. For both sides.

    • Anonymous

      @ThisIsMyOpinion “wanting” to be better is different than being expected to change who you are because the other person insists on it.

    • I agree.

  • Anonymous
    All of those signs apply to my guy, really hope it means he loves me, because I love him!
    • He does love you sweetheart, he's lucky that he found you.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you. Hope you’re right.

  • Anonymous
    So how come women don't do most of these things, but expect the guy to?
    • We women never expect the guy to. It's up to him to show us these things, accepting you in our life is ours, simple.