Men in My State, or Why to (as a Woman) Avoid Dating in Utah

Men in my state, or why to (as a woman) avoid dating in Utah

Welcome to Utah. A state known commonly for the church of Latter Day Saints, Skiing, and Odd alcohol laws. We have amazing scenery, some decent places to enjoy yourself, a great gay pride parade celebration, and a history that stems back to the prehistoric times of Lake Bonneville (Now reduced to the Great Salt Lake). Something we don't have though? A great dating scene for most heterosexual (and some bisexual) women. Before I get hounded by the misinformed boot lickers of the PUA, MRA, and MGTOW movements. This article is most likely not for you. But since your bound to come with your war cries of "fat dyke" and "Cuck", I just say I warned you. Anyway? Let's continue. Utah men have to be the unjustifiable pickiest creatures on Planet Earth. You only appeal to them (on average) if you're 5'4 to 5'9 in height and 110-125 in lbs. 140-150 lbs is considered a bbw here. A lot of them are not so classically handsome however. We got an abundance of men ranging from 300 (fat weight not muscle) plus pounds, who don't know how to cook, clean or seemingly even shower. Not hating on larger males but this high standard you don't have anything to offer to? Good luck. Along with these we have a high amount of bona fide Pedophiles. Before the psycho foaming at the mouth PUA bitches start barking "14 and over is ENDOPHILE, bark bark"...heel boy...there's a lot more who like 12 and under here (ewww). There's also a high number of cheaters, Rapists (with actual conviction charges), Pet abusers, and ALT right nutjobs. (Which includes conspiracy fetishists, white supremacists, those who'd like to kill all the "Queer people"). I guess in the end, bisexual women have it easier since there's a ton of better feamle choices, but heterosexual women? Watch out and try for an LDR or move.....unless you like what I listed then that's your problem.

Don't say I didn't warn you....

Note: Before the MRA crazies say anything it's ok to have standards yada yada but there has to be a sense of realistic attitudes with them.


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  • It's because of the healthful living beliefs of the LDS people, so there are TONS!! of uber fit healthy women and men making anyone who doesn't take care of them selves really stand out as being more ugly.

  • Uh oh, it's another fat chick with a mullet and a tramp stamp from Magna who's bitter because all those hateful men won't give her the time of day.
    Go talk to your bishop about it and spare the rest of us your childish Utard rant. Or better yet, head on down to West Temple and join the like minded folks in the parade. You'll fit in there.


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