All The Types Of Women In The Entire World

We are all snowflakes, but it not coincidence that the human eye can't really see the difference in snowflakes, they are mostly the same. And off that, some are very very close to one another while others are just mostly close. All this blathering is to say that all women can really be broken down into types. Knowing the types will help explain why the idea of "one size fits" all system every guy wishes they had doesn't really work.

And even guys who seem to "get all the girls" is a myth here's two reasons why

-They are getting a lot of the same "type" of woman, over and over

-The comment is made by a woman who is attracted to the guy or a guy who wants to be more like them and are projecting that onto all other women

So, we can assume that there are different types with different tastes, but that sound exhausting. This is because there's really only three concerns women have when it comes to men.

This is...

How To Know All The Types Of Women Ever. In The Entire World!

Social-- How does she get along with men generally. Does she like to have just one who she continually invests in (cliche is women addicted to fixing men) or does she like to have a lot of orbiting men in the back pocket that she constantly tests for masculinity as she sees it and more or less uses different men for different purposes...

All The Types Of Women In The Entire World

Sex--How does she conduct herself sexually. A vast majority of women do not want to be considered "sluts" and are impisoned in the patriachy which seeks to judge and determine what is appropriate for women sexually. as such, women have two reactions: to either reject a lot of men and raise sex to the level of "completing the highest level possible" or to reduce the importance of sex as just a way to blow off steam and stress then proceed hvae sex with lots of men justifying that its no big deal

All The Types Of Women In The Entire World

Romance--How does she prioritize love? "The dying breed of women" that takes care of her man and her children would really just be the type of women who believes in the female American dream that someone will take care of her and her family and she can go "Full nurturer." yet, society is now pushing women to think of this dream as false and that they need to get out their in the work force and provide entirely for themselves as well as any future children they might have. The second type would consider themselves "realists."

So then while this might seem simple--you have the blueprint to the psychology of all women! It becomes just a bit mathy when you consider

2 types per 3 consideratiosn equals 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 permutations of types of women!

Yes, a woman can test men but then be a sexual prude. A woman can invest in one man and yet have a lot of sex by going through lots of relationships. yes, a woman can invest in one man have very little sex and yet be a realist and believe no man will ever take care of her. all these types of women you know personally...

So then the trick is quickly be able to "test for the type"

More to come on that!

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