10 Dating Tips to Remember Before You Screw Things Up With Him/Her

10 Dating Tips to Remember Before You Screw Things Up With Him/Her

1. Be honest with yourself.

Self-awareness is key in the dating world. If you think you may not be able to give anything emotionally, that’s ok! If you are ready to settle down and get serious (no matter what the age) that is okay too! There is no right or wrong answer here. This is all about knowing yourself and what it is you are looking for.

2. Never put them on a pedestal.

Occasionally you come across someone so perfect and so amazing, it feels like a dream. How could you meet someone so perfect for you?! That’s great and all but keep your head out of the clouds. Give that person a chance to prove themselves to you, things may not always be what they appear. And even if (after a few weeks) they are just as impressive as they were on day one, they shit just like you do. Never forget that.

3. Make sure you have led a life worth sharing.

If you want to be successful with Mr. Perfect or Amazing Anna, remember that you should be great too. Doesn’t mean you will have everything together - it just means that you need to have a full life. Have friends, passions, a hobby. Find things and people you enjoy because that’s what makes you interesting. If you are using a person to fill a void, you’re playing yourself. Your relationship will never be true love, only dependency.

4. Never be afraid to walk away.

I don’t care how good she looks or how smart he is. If they start sending red flags, then get out of there! Sometimes you may not recognize a problematic person for what they are until weeks in....I don’t care! Get out get out get out. No they won’t change and no you don’t need to wait it out.

5. Trust your instincts.

Unless you are super paranoid you have to learn that your gut won’t lead you wrong. This is related to number 4 but it deserves its own point. If you think something is off, TRUST YOUR GUT.

6. Your friends matter, more than this person.

Your friends will tell you if the person you like isn’t all that. I’m assuming that you are living your best life and have at least one close friend you trust. Get your friends to check this person out - if they can’t fit in with your friend group, your CLOSEST friends....this may be a problem. Oh and never abandon your friends for a significant other. Bros before hoes and sistahs before misters. Ya heard?

7. Everyone has love advice and everyone is usually wrong.

Stop googling love advice and asking GAG what you should do. Trust your gut. A ton of people will try and make it seem like they have life figured out - they don’t. Love is confusing and sometimes it hurts. But if you trust what feels right, you should be okay.

8. SEX IS IMPORTANT but it’s not the only thing.

Establish early on what you may want and need. If she doesn’t wanna have sex before marriage, figure that out early. If you are super liberal and love sex, try and get an idea of this before a relationship? It will be much easier on you.

9. Don’t expect everyone to play fair.

Love isn’t shit but sometimes it’s the best. But before you get to that point, you gotta get through some people who may not have your best interest at heart. Some people play MASSIVE games and some people are straightforward. And I can write a whole post on this alone. But just know that you can never hate the player, because you usually allow yourself to get played. Don’t assume everyone will be nice and don’t give ANYONE the benefit of the doubt. People will try and take advantage. They will try and use you for sex or money. And they will lie. But you have to be better and smarter than them.

10. You will fail more than you will succeed.

Seriously. Love sucks because we all want it and we try so hard to get it right. We usually fail and end up getting our heart broken. But take every rejection and failure as a lesson. Life is about evolution and change - if you stay the same, you stay a loser. Change and grow and watch how much you learn. Eventually you will find the right one and win. But you gotta try first.

These are general viewpoints and considerations. But if you read nothing else, read this: if you love yourself more than you love THEM, you will be okay. The second you put them over YOU, you’re screwed. You aren’t married and you owe them nothing. Nothing. Self-love is the key to getting someone else to love you. It starts with YOU, not them.

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  • I came here to shit on what you had to say lol... I don't know why. Im a cynic. and i don't believe women can give good dating tips (most just know how to destroy it)... but... fuck.. this is one short and very informative article... it doesn't encompass everything, not even close... but yea, i can see it improving chances.
    Im a fan of 2, 4 , and 9... very very nice commentary on those. i preach those.
    But let me say something about 6... especially when it comes to females.. that is not necessary. because in many cases, when one female see's her "friend" very happy with someone, the jealousy makes em give her bad advice. she amps the friend up and brings the guy down and plants that seed of discord. which brings me to 7. Everyone is usually wrong...
    I consider myself pretty adept at relationships, not because i read books or went to school for it.. i lived everything i tell people. but just because it worked (or didn't work) for me, doesn't mean it will work or won't work for others.
    When you ask for advice.. in most cases... its just as a guideline.. to see it from another persons perspective that you were missing... you don't necessarily have to do it down to the letter.

    Though i have a few qualms.. this Article is fucking Great... good Job. Hell, im taking a few notes myself lol... bout to hop back in the game after 4-5 years of going single by choice... why not take notes. Thumbs up.

    • 6 is very complicated lol. I kinda disagree with your take on it, mainly because women disregard their friends who KNOW the man ain’t shit. And women are more likely to ignore their friends for their new man. Men, in contrast, are more likely to get with women that could never fit in their friend group. How y’all date but your friends hate her? If your friends (who know you better than most) can’t vibe with this girl or understand your attraction to her RED FUCKING flag bro

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    • Um... I think you are going way off in a different direction. I’m not willing to play the oppression olympics with you so I’ll end it here. Lol good conversation though

    • oppression olympics lol. Love it.
      I guess... either way.. good talk... GREAT Take.
      Now im gonna go get a bottle and work on my next one that spins off of my "Studs Vs Sluts" Take.
      Actually... ima make it big and add a HUGELY controversial topic to it. OMG... i might need more bottles than i thought

  • Point 6 is very wrong, you even contradict it RIGHT in the next point.

    • Lol, and I see you also contradict it in the point right before it as well.

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    • I guess it also depends on what you and your friends are like and what they are doing with their life.
      And I imagine women are also much closer to their friends than men are.

      My friends and I we are pretty busy people so our social interaction is limited to sitting at some place once or twice a month. (or less)

    • Been my experience that it's a very, very bad sign if your partner has no gender peer friends, or worse if they have nothing nice to say about your partner. If she/he can't keep friends of the same sex, how can they keep friends with a lover?

  • And how's your dating life?

    • I’m not dating anyone. Just got out of a relationship and I want to focus on me for a while.

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