How To Cultivate Your Dating Genius

There is a very simple solution to not getting enough dates:

Meet new people.

How do you meet these new people, you might ask?

It is your charisma, creativity, ability to have fun, social intelligence investing time and energy to learn about the opposite sex. But investing in yourself gives you the upper hand when it comes to meeting new faces that will turn in to possible friends and lovers.

Easy Steps to Cultivate your Dating Genius

1. Spend time with people that are dating geniuses

David Banks, a statistician has a paper about excess genius: he wrote that human geniuses are in tight clusters in physical space and time. So you need to be getting some friends who are already dating geniuses. People who are already good with the opposite sex. Around 400 BC, there were philosophical geniuses grouped in the same area within a short 60 year period. These geniuses, who changed Western Civilization were: Plato, Socrates and 6 other great philosophers. Imagine what changes this small group of people did for mankind, you can be part of the next group of geniuses. The Dating Geniuses.
"When you are failing miserably, you are learning to change what isn't working"

2. Learn from the experts

Social Media and the internet has opened up thousands of places to learn about the opposite sex, from people with similar experiences, who learned from their mistakes, and are putting it all on the table. On Amazon there are 135,000 books listed under dating.

Hundreds of blogs, newsletters, twitter feeds, Facebook pages, dating websites, videos, dating tele-seminars, online classes, and boot-camps are dedicated to dating.

Most of these experts will give you free information if you sign up on their email newsletter. There is so much FREE valuable information. You can sign up for a few coaches, get their newsletters that you like and you won't have to spend a dime. They usually offer products that will help you even more if you like their style and their dating advice

3. Take risks

If you get our of your comfort zone, that is a very good thing. Experiment, and try different approaches. When you are failing miserably, you are learning to change what isn't working. You're not gonna meet the love of your life it you're afraid to approach a woman at the gas station and try something new.

4. Work with the law of averages.

Less isn't always more. When it comes to dating, and you're not having any luck, you've gotta keep going to bat. Really get in the game. Pro basketball players don't start out in the NBA. They play basketball on the playground, then in middle school, on to high school, then college. When they're really perfecting their game, that's when they get drafted for the Celtics or the Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain didn't meet lots of women by sitting on the bench. He was practicing and playing the game. If you're not confident, you will become that way

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5. Don't take things personally.

A woman might not wink back, call back, text you back, or have a 2nd date with you. Rejection is part of the process. If you go up to a woman, and she blows you off, don't worry about it. She could have lost her job or her cat died, and she's having a really bad day. She might have a boyfriend or just isn't into you. There are plenty of single women out there, and when you're ready you'll meet a good one.

6. Take care of yourself

Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Make sure you smell good, feel good and look good. First impressions count, so make your first impression a good one.
How To Cultivate Your Dating Genius
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  • utmostusername
    Alonso14 based on some back-of-the-envelope calculations, assuming you average 7 hours of sleep per night and average 45 hours /week at work or school, and every other waking moment was spent pursuing women, you only averaged 29.6 minutes per approach. I’m guessing you didn’t have a continuous line of women to interview (if so, I think I found your problem), so the actual average was probably less. I think you’ve tipped the scale too far in the other direction as far as the law of averages goes.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • DinaColada
    I'm so glad you like it! Even if you do something that feels wrong later, it's always a great learning tool!
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  • Alonso14
    Not true. I attempted to get dates with over 300 women in a two week period and didn't get a single date. If I was good looking I would only need one attempt to get a date. All women like the same men, if you aren't one of those men it won't matter how many women you meet.
  • TheWaitingOne
    I got to start doing this more often.. It is just common sense, but common sense doesn't mean common action...
  • DinaColada
    I would love to hear feedback from everyone. If there are suggestions, or articles you would like to see, please let me know!
  • Jaleel
    i liked this article. I know that it boosts my confidence to know that I'm doing something right
  • Anonymous
    Ya but what do you do about the shitty attitude that women have when you nicely approach? After a while you just don't want to deal with them anymore. So I don't anymore. Now I get women miffed because I didn't approach them. But had I, they go into the standoffishness that turns into games of testing you etc.
    I guess dating and love are only for women to enjoy.
    • DinaColada

      Rejection is part of dating and attraction. Don't let their attitude affect yours. Dating and love is for EVERYONE.

    • DinaColada

      Keep learning about what attracts women and start practicing that.

    • Anonymous

      Ah; ye' old "you aren't good enough".

      Sorry I'm being facetious.
      I have always believed in constant growth and change through life. It comes natural.
      Being attractive is not my problem. Playing games is what does me in. It turns me off, I have no use for it and it goes against my nature of straightforwardness and honesty.

      -She shows signs of interest.
      -I show my interest.
      -She pulls back.
      -I try again.
      -She pulls back a little more and I lose interest: because it looks like she has.
      -She gets mad I lost interest and loses whatever interest she still had.
      -I go home and drink a bottle of wine and watch Casablanca.

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