What Is Dating in the Middle East Like


I hear so many opinions from girls and guys about dating in the middle east, and most of the time the people get so many things wrong its frankly irritating they mix so many things together and get a lot of things wrong and assume stuff, which makes me wonder if they even have a clue what they are talking about.

Of course there is no smoke without fire, and som things are indeed true, in this take iam going to share with you what its like to date in the middle east as a middle eastern, it may surprise you and it may not, but i hope it helps you understand the situation better .

What are the middle eastern countries ?

Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen , Bahrain .

What is dating in the middle east like

Now, are all middle eastern countries the same ? do they all share the same traditions?

they do have some in common yes, some foods can be found anywhere, but apart from that, no not at all, for example we have the Levantine : which consists of Lebanon,Israel,Jordan,Palestian territories and Syria .

on the other hand we also have the Gulf countries : Bahrain,Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and theUnited Arab Emirates .

the levantine and the gulf countries are so different its shocking, way different dialects, differnet traditions, different music taste, different rules and laws, different clothes ...etc

in the levatine its very normal to see peopel wearing this :

What Is Dating in the Middle East Like
What Is Dating in the Middle East Like

in fact shorts, Skirts, tight outfits, jeans, dresses ...etc are very common and often worn by a lot of girls , pretty much what you would expect to find in a western country , you can easily find fair skinned people, blonde, redheads, and peopel with colored eyes, in fact some are mistaken for being european, you will find all sorts of combinations, of course they aren't techinically as arab as the gulf ones but they are still considered arabs by tha majority of the world .

in the Gulf on the other hand the guys wear more traditional clothing, not all of course the younger generation just wears normal casual wear, jeans and shirt , women on the other hand usually wear hijab and long dresses that cover ther entire body, in some countries though some dont wear hijab or cover every inch of their bodies .

What Is Dating in the Middle East Like

So you probably want me to get to the dating part, and iam going to do just that.

for most people in the western world dating in the arab world is so extreme, sad and violent, is that true ? iam not going to deny it yes in some parts , in some gulf countries and even in some parts of the levantine area, egypt and even turkey yes if you are a girl and you are caught with a man who is not your finace or husband it could lead to a shit load of issues, let alone actually having sex which could easily lead to an "honor killing" , and the guy you were caught with will get beaten as well if not killed (Not always but happens a lot ) so yeah its not an ideal situation .

but what about the other half ? the levatine countries ? others parts where dating is actually not an issue at all ?

before we get to that you have to undestand something very important about Lebanon,Israel,Jordan,Palestian territories and Syria, they are mixed countries, they have Christians, Muslims, Druze, nomads, jews and few other minorities .

let me talk about Thew jews and Christians (me being one myself) first since iam most familiar with those, dating to 90% of them is very similiar to the west, you like a girl, approach her, go out with her on dates, buy her gifts, she buys you gifts, after a while you meet her parents ,she meets yours ...etc

for the majority of jews and at least half of the christians (a little less than half maybe 30%-40%) sex before marriage is pretty normal and they usually do it without much consequences, but of course the slut shaming and all that still exists , so they should watch out not to overdo it .

with that being said you can find a lot of virgins much more than in the west, i would say around 60-70% of the arab christian girls wait till marriage to have sex , but kissing does happen before marriage .

Druze and muslims are a bit more extreme, some muslims are just like christians and jews, and even those who aren't usually dont end up killing their duaghters for sex, but they dislike it so much they might disown her or punish her for dishonoring them ( keep in mind for arabs family is extremley important and it doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl if you dishonor your family they aren't gonna like it ) .

as for the other half of muslims and the druze (druze is a very small religion with around 1 million followers who live mainly in israel, syria and labanon) sex outside of marriage, cheating and such behaviours uusually result in the woman and the man she had sex with being either killed or severly hurt, either beaten, shot , stabbed ...etc

Honor killings do happen no one is denying that and its bad , fortunately its happening less and less but its still a thing , but for the most part as an arab guy you can easily date an arab girl (even if you're not an arab guy ) without facing much issues, i have went on so many dates with a lot of girls including foriegn girls and to be honest couldnt find much differences, and i have also heard from a lot of foriegn girls either directly or indirectly that they think middle eastern guys are really attractive, of course iam sure they didn't think that watching hollywood movies lol cause lets face it they bring some of the least attractive bunch they can find who represent maybe 10-20% of the arab population .

What Is Dating in the Middle East Like
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  • yucel_eden
    You just described one group of people in the Middle East.

    Countries like turkey and Lebanon differ immensely as opposed to Saudi or Iraq.

    Syria is mixed and so is İran despite what the US media claims for its own gains.

    For example in Turkey, about 30-40% of female teenagers lose their virginities now when they have a boyfriend and don’t necessarily marry that person. And around 60% of the public is mostly accepting of that now (except older people).

    My ex girlfriend is Kurdish Muslim and she had a boyfriend before me and has had a boyfriend after me. To add I know both the kids and I shake their hands and say hi to them once every 5 months or so. They are also Muslim. This is like that mostly in Turkey now. Kurds or Turks. Does this happen in Saudi? No. Why it’s different. Honour killings happen, but they are about 1 out of 1000000 and happen in a village that hasn’t interacted with the outside world much by elderly people for cheating. That also happens by pscyhotic boyfriends in the west.

    Syria is divided on this as they have mixed sectarians and is usually as modern as turkey except they have a higher percentage of hardcores. This is before the war that is. Before ISIS took over.

    Same with Iran they are open.

    Lebanon is like turkey too. They go out and fuck sometimes. Anybody cares?

    But places like Saudi or Qatar is messed up. Everything is strict and any sort of mess up y
    Is this still revelant?
    • yucel_eden

      -mess up and you get punished by family or government.

      Point is. It’s wrong to say, Muslims or Middle East.

      Because it varies by country by countries as it’s not just releigion but regional culture.

      Even in turkey. Cities like Izmir or Antalya in Turkey is basically no different than London in terms of dating. They dress open and you can pull a girl in a club but a city like Ankara in the heartland is a bit more conservative.

      I don’t think you’ve seen much of the Middle East so I discredit this take as a representation of the Middle East. Just one particular country there

    • Anonymous

      yeah pretty much, it differs from country to country, from population to population, turkey is different from jordan just like jordan is differnt from saudie arabia, of course those who dont live in the area and lead very different life style dont neccissarly know this, they think middle eastern and think "damn girls are killed for saying hi to a guy" but they dont realize that even in the middle east it varies from one place to another , in saudie arabia, yemen or Oman yes honor killings are much more prevelant than in say... turkey, israel, lebanon or syria.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mi2mi2a
    I am a muslim from Morocco and I was shocked how extreme dating is in those counries. It's actually quite scary for those honor killing to happen. That's just plain killing and savage.

    I hope for the people there to take a stand for their rights, and not let old uneducated people use Islam as a mean to do whatever they want.

    Yes, in here, it's pretty strict about dating too, and some families may dishonor their kids for sex outside of marriage, but it's actually pretty rare. Dating is actually not a problem at all in Morocco (except for rural areas) as long as you don't have sex.
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  • To-Do: Provide my own opinion.

    I just finished reading this and I want to give my opinion.
    I will come back to this later. Now I'm going to focus on the new years eve. Happy new year!
    • Anonymous

      happy new years to you too its cool take your time

    • Unit1

      Alright, I'm back now from my trip to experience new years in public.

      Now onto my opinion.
      I live currently in the eastern parts of the world and I am from Germany. (while it is my preference to date european or western ladies because of my origin and my cultural/mental basis of liberation (including splitting the bill, gender equality, sexual freedom...), I have no issues starting relationships with any woman regardless of anything. Even if we are talking about black women!).

      My experience so far has been (in the eastern parts of the world) practically non existent. But it's good to see you writing, that you noticed minimal differences between Eastern girls and the modern western girls. It gives me hope, that there may be some chances for me to date women here.
      I am just not the kind to conform to traditions. I am not sure how this would appeal to women in the eastern parts of the world.
      I am willing to overcome obstacles. But the question is: are the eastern ladies willing too?

    • Unit1

      I also find the "honor killing" a very terrible act residing next to forced circumcision. It's not even barbaric, it's worse. It's what I would call legalized murder. I mean is honor killing even legal?

      Poor ladies. And the chaps of course too but the ladies in the 3. th world countries are still vastly oppressed.

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  • GuyWannaHelp
    Do the people who have committed a honor killing get prosecuted, or are these killings tolerated in a way? Since they do happen semi-regularly (or at least enough for them to be considered a thing), I wonder if they do it regardless of the consequences.
    • Anonymous

      usually it depends on the country you live in but most of the time these peopel are caught and prosecuted, they are thrown in jail for years ( its a murder after all), is it tolerated? i would say not so much no, of course you will always find those who think a honor killing is worth it but the majority these days dont find it amusing at all, we have had so many protests and people go against honor killing and demanding that the people who do it be punished for their actions.

      p. s : those who do commit an honor killing are usually aware of the consequences and are ready to be thrown in jail for the next 20+ years.

    • Anonymous


    • Man, it takes a lot of conviction and dedication to be ready to face 20+ years in jail. I'm glad to hear it's getting less, and also that public opinion is negative about it.

      I do understand where the idea of honor killings comes from, but it is such an extreme.

      Thank you for sharing this myTake! It's very interesting to read about this from someone who actually lives there!

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  • Philyouup
    Like Russian roulette I assume.. Shame killings, stoning, and then there is arranged marriages, there is no dating there.. I don't know.. I don't think i'd want to be a woman in the middle east. Dogs are treated better.. and are much more free.
    • Anonymous

      as a man in the middle east, iam far less privileged than most women i know , so i have to disagree with you there.

  • bubble_tea
    Interesting take! Do people from Levantine countries date interfaith? e. g. Christians with Muslims or are they social-culturally so different that there's little mixing?
    • Anonymous

      sometimes yes they do but very few relationships end in marriage, there are too many issues to have these kind of relationships and we aren't very compatible so its not ideal, in the eyes of the world we are all arabs, but if you live here for few months you will start to realize that religion plays a huge role when it comes culture and traditions.
      with that being said, there is a certain hierarchy when it comes to dating, usually christians are the most desired, they are thought to be the most modern, open minded, peaceful and sometimes most attractive as well, in general thats how it plays out most of the time.

    • bubble_tea

      Why are christians thought to be the most modern, when the majority of jews but only less than half of christians are open to premarital sex?

    • Anonymous

      jews and arabs dont usually get invovled in dating, it happens indeed but usually just for sexual purposes not for anything serious (serious relationships do exist though), in the arab community on the other hand christians are usually at the top of the pyramid, and for a good reason, christians in israel are only around 150k, but they have the highest highschool graduation rates, ( you have to get a diploma to graduate ), they highest enrollement in higher education institutions and hold a lot of very important positions plus they have the highest quality of life as well even higher than jews themselves (The country is 75% jewish), in addition to all that they are the most peaceful and tolerant group and very open minded and western.

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  • someone1997
    Lol we are people
    Plus we prefer marrige on dating cause we are muslim
  • SouthpawPablo
    thank you for dealing ignorance a much needed blow to the nutz
    • Anonymous

      and who are you

    • @myTake Owner someone who enjoyed your enlightening and informative article thank you im not being sarcastic (for a change)

    • Anonymous

      okay cool then

  • BeHappy1985
    I got bored half way through, didn't finish.. Y in hell you talking about food and clothing in a post about dating? ..
    • Anonymous

      who doesn't like food

  • Jackblue
    I read a statistic that even in Iran 80% of women have premarital sex.
    • Anonymous

      I don't know for sure tbh since its a bit different culture there but could be yes

  • LegateLanius
    Thank you
  • Maxemeister
    Oh god it still sounds horrible
    • Anonymous

      in some parts only yes it is but half the area no not so much just normal everyday frustrating dating experience

    • In the city where I live in the United States there was a famous case where a Muslim girl had a black girlfriend and her mom held the girl down while the father beheaded her. Our police arrested the two for life. How does the Levantine treat these cases?

    • Anonymous

      life sentence

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  • Nice222
    Interesting take
  • Anonymous
    Cool just get that middle eastern dating life outside of the west thanks
    • Anonymous

      that can't happen, for a simple reason your left is inviting these savages and backward people into your own countries and actively increasing their numbers, regardless of what they make you believe in the west arabs are all "united" or share the sam traditions or culture, the ones you are talking about are mainly muslims (not all but a large number indeed), they are the ones ruining the west and everyone agrees on that, in fact most of the time we are here wondering why the heck do they let them in to begin with is the west really that dumb?
      as for the rest, such as the modern muslims (very few), christians and jews (majority , who are not religious) they integrate well in the west most of the time and continue having the same lifestyle since as i have already mentioned our life style is not that different from you at all.

  • Anonymous
    Good MyTake. The insight is interesting. Could you share a bit of what it is like for same sex couples in these countries? Are there safe places for them to go on dates in public, or will they find themselves arrested if they do that?

    • Anonymous

      there are gay people , in places like saudie arabia or countries with islamic religious laws they are usually arrested and sentenced to few years in jail for any homosexul activity, in israel or lebanon for example its not against the law even though iam not sure if they can get married, cause as far as i know its not legalised.
      same sex couples are tolerated but not exactly liked, poeple dont like them much but the majority won't go out of their own way to harm them or insult them , they dont like but theyre like "whatever its your life" ... to be fair sometimes gay couples flaunt their homosexuality too much even when there is no need for that and some people find it annoying, plus i have heard of a many gay people pursuing straight people who werent intersted in them and annoying them for a long time , i know this girl in particular who was pursued by another girl that wanted to date her in one way or another and doesn't take no for an answer.

    • Anonymous

      didn't take *

  • Anonymous
    I live in Turkey and we are a secular country but unfortunately we have sexism over men and women ( mostly women) like many other countries. In Turkey there's a lot of types of people with different looks and opinions. I mean there's a lot of atheists and i am an atheist myself! I can't say we are the most accepting country because there's a lot of sexism and discrimination (religion) goin' on. But some parts of Turkey is surrounded by open minded people. I don't think dating is a big deal in Turkey. The cities such as Istanbul, Izmir are very accepting about it but i can't say that for most cities. There is also slut shaming when girls talk about sex and stuff. There is A LOT. I'm afraid that Turkey is going down step by step because of our government and they are tryna make our country "muslim". They dont even live like muslims they are such frauds ugh. I hope everyone a non sexist happy world. We all need it.
    • Anonymous

      yeah i watch the news sometimes and this is a big issue in turkey the european part of the country wants a normal secular life but the more conservative eastern part wants a more traditional islamic lifestyle and its creating a big problem, to be fair if it ever becomes an islamic country like iran or saudie arabia turkey is doomed.

  • Anonymous
    There is no dating. They just marry their 1st cousins and perpetuate a degrading genepool
    • AlphaGhost

      Well here is another idiot Christian, idiot genetic regression didn't happen in the case of cousin marriages and it scientifically proven fact. Its known to genetics by very very long time that, there are no disadvantages but you live under popes rule and can't even think straight,

      I am amazed by your comments about degrading gene pool, idiot west population is on decline with Male fertility rate at about 50-70% below average (2.5) but you are commenting against race with fertility ratio of 3.1, while yours is 1.25 to be exact.
      So please stop commenting about higher race :) :) by the word of your own science.

  • Anonymous
    It is just like in any other country...
    • Anonymous

      in most parts of lebanon, israel, syria and jordan yes it is, in turkey and some parts of egypt as well, its different in the gulf area though thats where people get their assusmptions from.

  • Anonymous
    30-40% of Christians have sex before marrige? where is this from?
    And did you have sex before marrige?
    • Anonymous

      of course this is not an accurate number since such studies aren't going to be done here, but considring that i live here, i know the people and popualtion is not that big to begin with i can easily make an estimation.
      and yes