5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!


Hello and welcome everyone! It's your boy Hal and today I'm gonna tell you about the activities that attract a girl towards a guy. So let's start-

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!

1) Cooking

Girls really love it when a guy can cook. Cooking is part of a girl's life and they are somewhere emotionally connected with cooking. Moreover, a guy come off as more kind and soft-hearted whenhe can cook. It shows that the guy doesn't follow the basic notion of gender roles and is open-minded and liberal.

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!

2) Gymming

Oh Well! Yeah bruh I'm sorry but girls do like muscular men who take care of their body and fitness level. They don't really need some gym fanatic but a guy who goes gym regularly for maintaining his proper shape and if you have abs and biceps, bruh you're pretty much a female magnet😉

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!

3) Baby-sitting

"Wait Hal just stop right there! What the hell!?" Yeah I'm sorry again bud but this is true. It gives them signals that you're a gentle guy and knows how to deal with babies. This thing directly gives-offs vibes that you're a potential future partner.

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!

4) Reading

Every girl loves a guy who reads. Many girls are attracted to those typical nerdy guys who are bookworms haha. There's something about those guys that instantly attracts a girl. Reading is good habit and defines your personality.

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!

5) Grooming

Girls love the guys who spend time in grooming themselves and maintain them appropriately. Girls never ever compromise with hygiene. A guy should be well-groomed to attract girls towards him.

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!

That was all for this time!

Thanks for reading😊

Love you all❤️

See you soon💗

5 Activities That Can Make a Girl go Crazy for YOU!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Douma
    Girls have emotions and energies and have their periods. They are not acrtive as man because of that but passive. Man must be passionated with a woman he like or she is not interested because woman have no muscles and do not want activity but understanding for their more weak being then man. Only then she will show interest in the man. other wise man can seek man if they want muscles and think woman are with their energies to much to take care of because it is dangerous and complecated but challancing. Man did not have muscles for their selfish self but to support and give support and offer support and so he can. in our world woman use twise as much of their power and strenght while man only watch it. that is horrible because woman get exhausted and raped.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • CT_CD
    I'm asexual
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  • Kelliecoxs
    Well my top 5 arnt in it , he must be ok with my flirty and sexy dancing with guys he must be ok with me having male friends and he must be careful if his mates or brothers are hot x
  • 1truekhaleesi
    I was with you until babysitting. I am biased because I dont like kids. Replace kids with puppies or dogs, and its perfect.
  • txdiie_
    TS can cook and he babysits his sis
    but he needs a haircut and i don't mind that he doesn't like reading and i don't think he needs to go the gym

  • pooper89
    Number 3 is personal preference and I personally don't care whether or not a guy is good with kids or even likes kids. I have zero interest in any kid except for my own
  • monkeynutts
    I thought that you only had to lick her clitoris, that was it.
  • SketchForger
    Are there men that are incapable of these extremely basic things?
  • alice55
    I hate babysitting, I don't care if a guy read or not honestly, don't do anything to me and I don't like guy who take too much care of them. It's not really manly.
  • Kawabanga1
    congrats my friend you are officially a white knight, good luck
  • Flower-petal
    Dishes, laundry, back massage, is also what makes me a very happy camper
  • jamesmark1903
    The activities you listed are not attractive to most girls.
  • Imafreespirit
    Haha this is good stuff mate 👍🏼😂
  • YourFutureEx
    I can boil water, would it turn on women?
  • QueenofCups
    All very important tips.
  • Gadas

    and also he should be a handy man
  • SparklingDoll
    Yupp. 😂👍
  • xZoeyx
    Great take bro!❤️
    • lol so quick
      by the way thanks😛

    • xZoeyx

      Don't worry, I did read it. Not pretending😂

  • Good_Behavior
    I should become an editor. This isn't even hard.
  • Gedaria
    Yes you hit it on the head... Brilliant !!!
  • Coconut_Man
    #6 Taking them out for food. 😛

    Good Take👍
  • Nice222
    Yes great advice
  • brainpancakes
    I got reading, cooking, and grooming down. Yay!
  • Goochbreaker
    shooting range
  • Browneye57
    Try a sailing yacht. They get all dreamy-eyed. :)
  • Hungry_Shark
  • Chantel77
    I like cooking and exercise
  • Marinepilot
    I agree, I do all of these.
  • Anonymous
    Lol, if he can cook, likes kids and reads to me I’m hooked.
  • Anonymous
    Great mytake! I do them all but cooking haha i eat out like all the time :/.
  • Anonymous
    its puny to develop for pussy or dick.