We Liked Each Other at Our First Sight


This is the first time I don't want to post a question, instead, I want to do a myTake. This feeling is so strong, that I even don't have a second to doubt that, we were made to meet each other.

He is a pianist, tall and pretty, made me nervous the first sight I saw him. I saw him under our City Hall, he was waiting for me as we talked on a dating site. We were both nervous at first, but then relaxed quite soon, because we found ourselves having so many things to talk about. He took me to a local bar he likes, and it happened to be my favourite bar, too. We talked about our childhood: he started learning piano since 3 and I began to learn painting since 5. It's such an amazing thing that we found each other have such a similar mind, although we studies and work in totally different areas, we understand each other like no one else can do.

We liked each other at our first sight

Then we went to another pub where jam session was on going and he took over the keyboard. He was looking at me while playing, but I was too shy to watch him in his eyes. I pretended to watch someone else but I could see him smiling at me and, watching me with happiness in his eyes. He noticed that I was a bit nervous in this situation, so he just played two songs and then came back to me, took me out of the pub for a breath, where a few friends of him was chatting. He introduced me to them and grabbed my shoulders so natural, and I feel his arm so warm, his voice so familiar, I felt like I've known him for years.

We Liked Each Other at Our First Sight

We went inside when he felt that I was shivering because of the coldness. He smiled at me then took over the guitar this time. He was looking at me while he was playing, and I finally could look at him this time. I noticed that other girls were all watching him too, he is such a pretty boy. So I went a bit back to the crowd. But he just put the guitar down after one song, came through the crowd, came directly to me, with the stare of other people, kissed me. We danced one song and went home. He appreciates me as if I were his princess. He didn't want me to leave the next day although it was already in the afternoon when we finally got up.

We, of course decided to see each other again. He asked me if I wanted to see him again. Now we both need to work since it's weekdays, but we let each other know what is going on with us, and waiting for the next time we meet.

We Liked Each Other at Our First Sight

We Liked Each Other at Our First Sight
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  • Nice222
    My wife and I were love at first sight too.
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  • Nora_Sutherlin
    Wait till the initial euphoria fades off.
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  • Logorithim
    Congratulations! Shows there really Can be love at first sight.
  • Hungry_Shark