Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting


To cover both Flirting and Approaching, it has to be a pretty detailed article. It's not enough to just say "walk up to him." So as far as the length - Bare with me... ( it took longer to write than to read btw ;)

With the coming of the new age, we have reached a time in which the male dominated aspect of courtship, is becoming settled on more equal grounds. Well - that's the goal we are shooting for at least. In my observations, I've noticed more girls than not, wondering how on earth they can have a shot at any stud that happens to be nearby; that's right, we're going to explore the idea of - dare I say it - the female approach.

Contrary to what we'd like to idealize for this - a female approach is going to be a bit different than a male approach. The pressing desire in men is to present himself as being as valuable to the girl - whilst the female desire is to make herself as available as possible to the man.

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting


"We are inherently in the control seat here - NOT the men."

Well, women subconsciously desire a male she feels is worth her time according to our oh so picky standards - whereas a man wants the chance at a potential mate (a guy wanting a chance at breeding? Who would've imagined that?) I bring up this point because being a woman, we already have 60% of the guy's attention simply being female; and if he mutually finds you attractive - well now you're at about 85%.

Hmm.. why has nature set this in favor for women this way?

Simple - we are the initiators. Ever wonder why women have "veto power" and government with sex? We are inherently in the control seat here - not the men.

Surprising huh? All these years we've been told it's the man's job to both initiate and approach - for all you hard core feminist out there - that idea of the man taking all the initiative actually pushed women out of that power.


I know huh?

We'll save gender struggles over power for another article - as for now ladies, I'm going to give you some tips on how to go from making googly eyes across the room - to having a steamy make out session when class is over ;D ( Yep, this is a real life account for me tee hee...)

Female flirting/approaching is NOT the same as male flirting/approaching.

They aren't severely different - but female flirting is more prolonged than male flirting. Usually men will step up and say " I want to date you be mine now." Where as women will keep wading his waters -it's our little way of deciphering a man through and through. Darn female brains - so detail oriented.
Lets get to it shall we?

1. Make sure he likes you

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

There is nothing more awkward than laying on the moves to someone who'd rather be watching tv then trying to court with you.

Signs he likes / is interested you:

  • He stares
  • He greets you with an overly happy smile consistently
  • He notices you often
  • His eyes will give it away ( they become really tender and psuedo - sexual)
  • He'll groom himself ( fix his clothes, his hair around you or when he knows you'll be around)
  • Psuedo - sexual conversation (He'll say things like, "You'd look good in my t - shirt," or turn an innocent statement into a playfully sexual one)
  • He gets more physical / touchy ( men are physically oriented, his knee against yours, his hands keep "accidentally" touching your neck, arms, or legs)

I've interacted with over 10 guys at a party and they all demonstrated a lot of these things. Also, you can "feel" a certain vibe from guys who really like you. I've heard it's your female brain picking up on his release of testosterone/pheromones that happens when he's face to face with a desirable woman - it's in his sweat and well nerves make you sweat.

Neat huh?

2. Embracing your inner vixen

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

- Have some self-esteem

As with anything, confidence is key. Actually it's crucial here. You have to be able to look in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are. You have to believe enough that you're attractive so you can have the guts to carry out the spicy flirting techniques we'll be getting into soon.

- He thinks you're hot - so you're hot

Believe me, this is loads easier when you know or feel he likes you back - because it's already guaranteed he thinks you're attractive. Men don't bend their rules of attraction - if you're attractive to him, you are attractive to him. Plain and simple. No second guessing ladies.

- Be a

There is nothing like embracing your lovely curves, luscious lips, whatever makes you stunning - slipping into a classy but sexy outfit, doing your hair up really well, maybe a bit of make up, and then watching him wipe the drool of his face when you walk by.

As stated before - men are physically oriented and quite visual compared to women, enticing his primitive desire to pounce on you will only make him want you more.

So don't fear the sexy, and don't look like you got beat with a wet chain when you talk to him. ( save that for when you're married :P )

3. Provoke his desires - How to flirt his briefs off - literally

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

In all honesty, you simply acknowledging him could be all it takes to get the message across. Of all the things men don't pay attention to, they sure are keen on waiting for that one little minuscule sign that she does indeed want him.

But if you're feeling a tad sexy and creative, or he's just not quite sure yet - lets get to the fun stuff!

He won't ever reject your presence

Unless you like walk in on him in the bathroom - well hey, maybe not even then either... Case in point - men don't mind the company of the pretty face he's been dying to get close to anyway. This means the options of approaching a guy for chit chat are near infinite.

One of my favorite ways to get within talking distance of the guy I like is to sit by him in class. If you're not in a school like environment or have his class, where ever it is that you see him - find a way to get beside him. Lets say he's waiting for an elevator - pretend you conveniently have to take the elevator too. If he's hovering by a bookshelf or standing in line at a coffee shop - stand beside him but act like you just casually walked over there.

Omg he's right there, what do I do?!...

Remember your basic greetings. It's always a good start - simply saying "hi and how are you today?" is the easiest way to get the conversation going. Now you simply talking to him first will suddenly thrust the idea into his head that this smokin' hot girl is right here and he should get your number. So his 85% interest just shot up to 95% interest. Even with a mere 5% left - it's still enough to hold even the bravest stud back. Didn't know women were so scary, ha ha. So now you feel like the conversation is dying. Well, for all the socially unaware...

Use the ENVIRONMENT to your advantage. You're at a coffee shop - just say "Mmm, the frapucchinos are so good -" let him respond and then ask him what his favorite coffee drink is. Let some of your background knowledge come into play - like " Oh did you know some people were saying Starbucks was using drugs to get people addicted to their coffee? How crazy is that right?" Let whatever thoughts about the subject that come to mind flow out respectively, and feed off of what he says.

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

There are an infinite amount of things to derive from the environment to keep the conversation going - eventually what happens is he'll start talking about all sorts of this's and that's and you'll start talking about all sort's of this's and that's. Not only have you bravely initiated the guy you like, but now you two are learning about the other and becoming more comfortable with the other.

The quickest way to a man's heart is through his ego

So women like compliments but men LOOOOVE compliments. In fact, a study was done on a speed dating scenario, in which the woman was asked to compliment all the guys on the second round. In the first round, only 4 or so guys said they'd date her again - on the third round 9 of the men said they'd date her - even one of the guys who wasn't extremely attracted to her at first had a change of heart.

There are two things that men have that are really sensitive - the one you want to go after upon first meeting him and getting to know him, ain't the one in between his legs. Do you see him in the gym sometimes? Tell him and then say he's looking good from it. Does he tutor some subject at school you know he does? Tell him he's really intelligent. It helps a ton when you start to take in his interest and the things he does to define himself, and then sincerely compliment him on his efforts.

Oh and men love the phrase "I'm impressed" from a gorgeous girl. Makes them feel all fuzzy and manly inside. His ego and his masculinity are prized within him, even in the least egotistical guys. Use that idea to your advantage ladies...

Flirting Techniques That Haven't Failed Me Yet

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

Just for credentials, I'm no whore or skank, but I am a natural flirt when it comes down to it. I've had more often than not, guys express their " fondness " of me when I wasn't even aware I was doing it. Majority of my friends are guys, so I spend much of my day fraternizing with the male species. You realize a few things when you're seemingly friendly guy friends start trying to make moves on you out of the blue?

Act overall happy to see him - Light up a bit when your crush comes around you - he'll notice. If you see him walk into class, or bump into him consistently, smile every time, even say a quick " hi " and " how are you today?" Make sweet chit chat when there's time.

Hug...Often - Men are warm and snuggly - enjoy his snuggliness as much as you can. Hugs are also the one thing that is kind of intimate and can be sexual, but still wholesomely accepted as being friendly. With your crush - Wrap your arms around his neck, give him a bit of a squeeze, pull back but while you're still hanging onto his neck, (so he can get a mini - fantasy of kissing those soft yummy lips only inches from his) and then say something like, "How are you?" and then let go. It seems like such a small gesture, but dangling there is what girlfriends typically do - and that's what you're hinting at.

"Hugs are the one thing that is kind of intimate, & can be sexual, but still wholesomely accepted as being friendly."

Physical Play - Men are physical, and they love when a girl thinks she can 'beat him up,' they enjoy the little patters of your fist and using it as an excuse to grapple your waist and man handle you. Its a bit raw and primitive - like sex.

Let him "accidentally" touch you - So you're talking to him and he over acts some gesture, "accidentally," touching your boob. What do you do? No don't slap him - say "ha ha you touched my boob -" He'll laugh or be like " Oh did I?" Guys I've said that too have been like, "Oh it was soft - didn't mean to ( with obvious sarcasm.)

If the guy you like gets comfortable enough to touch / smack your bum - let him do it but playfully act like you're offended - this face :O with a bit of a smirk is always cute. Then smack his tushy back.

Psuedo - sexual chat - is just as I mentioned before in the section of him being interested; turn the occasional innocent phrase into something a bit sexual that involves you and him. Sexual innuendos mixed with the context of a fantasy between the two of you. Example:

Girl: "Man - all my homework is due tomorrow, I have like 3 essays to write."

Guy: "Dang that's rough."

Girl: (smirks) "I like it rough..."

Guy: "Ha ha - good then I won't hurt you..."

Yea they are a bit corny and cheesy, but they make for a good laugh and conveys a sexual message in a subtle and witty way to your crush.

SPICE IT UP Techniques

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

Smile then Bite Lip - This is a pretty blunt message to any guy, I don't recommend doing it unless you're enticing him for make out, or sex. Ha ha it's funny because sometimes the guy will do it back and then you know things are getting kinda warm...

Fidget with Clothing in Sexy areas - Wait till he's in mid sentence and has your attention and then mess with your cleavage line for no reason. I pretend a piece of hair got on top of them. One guy literally stopped mid word and was like, " mmm need help?" It's a clever little way of giving him excuse to look because the sudden movement distracts the eye there. Plus he thinks you think he's not looking so it's a quick free pass for him to.

VIXEN Techniques

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

Sit on his lap - If you get the chance in which all the seats happen to be full - casually sit down on his lap. Guys won't be able to help putting hand on your hip or thigh, or doing that hovering thing about your neck and shoulders. You can " fidget" with your clothes here too. He'll like that.

Touchy..Touchy - Men have really sensitive nipples, in fact, they are more sensitive than a woman's nipples. " Admire " his amazing man chest and brush your hand or better yet, rest your hand on top of them. If you're feeling that zealous, mess with his nipples playfully. It's not taboo at all for a girl to touch on a guy's chest. ( One of my friends was laying on her crush's chest and was just fondling his nipples like it was just normal behavior. In front of everyone. At practice.) Rub his shoulders, talk about his physique - rest your head on him somewhere. My favorite? Play with his hair - not yours. Men melt when you get a nice scalp rub going.

I am Your Pillow - if the two of you happen to be relaxing and he lays down - lay on his chest but with your face looking at the sky - or if you lay down, he may lay his head on top of your chest or stomach. Let him - heck, mess with his hair while he's relaxing there.


Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting

Don't Keep Your Hands to Yourself - Sometimes guys will be like, "I could go for a message," if you two have been hanging out enough - give him a message then ask for one in return. At this point, unwarranted touching will be quite warranted - if you're feeling bold enough, let your hand rest really close to his happy spot - don't touch him fully, but move your hand slowly around the area. He'll do one of two things; rest his hand close to, or just touch your breast or mess with your thighs - or he'll go for a kiss. Either way you'll end up making out. Woot Woot!

I'm YOUR stripper - We have nice hips, they look great when they are shaking all around. If the two of you are alone, or at a party and there happens to be an option for music. Casually turn the music on and let some racy grind song conveniently play. Just start dancing on him. If he's sitting down, do a playful little strip dance (don't take your clothes off - well unless you really want I suppose) give him a little lap dance or make him stand up and get a little grind session going on. He'll get touchy and if you turn your head around, he'll probably kiss you. Woot Woot!

Taste as Good as You Look - Biting is a lot more sexual / affectionate - mess around and chomp down playfully on him every now and then. Some people really get turned on by that so it can be quite effective for flirting if you two are that deep into flirting. If you have foods like whip cream, chocolate you're casually eating, put a little on them and lap it up or if he gets a bit on him somewhere other than his mouth - swipe it with your finger (or tongue) and make it a little sexual as you lick it off. If you're in a setting with drinks and someone recommends a body shot - make him lay down and take a body shot off of him. He he - put the lime in his mouth...Woot Woot!

I always wanted to tell you this - There comes a point when you're so incredibly sure this guy is feeling you, that you end up in his arms or near enough to blurt out how sexy he is, and how much you like him. Don't be afraid to just throw it out on the table. This technique also ends with a kiss - or making out. Woot Woot!

As of now, these are all the major one's I can identify that get a guy's blood racing and your interest undeniable. Try out some of them - hopefully they'll work for you as well as they do for me.

Happy flirting ladies!

Mastering Your Seduction - Female Approaching and Flirting
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Most Helpful Guys

  • coachTanthony
    Really good points if it was 1985. Unfortunately it's #meToo 2018 where a touch on a girls shoulder can get him caught up in sexual harassment charge. Many Men I have spoken with are scared shitless now to even talk to a woman less try and ask her out or even date her. The Aziz Ansari allegation is now what guys have to deal with in today's society and women are going to suffer in the end because traditional courtship unfortunately is dead.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Wammu

      Dude. Most guys are stupid pussies looking for excuse not to approach women. Aziz Azari fucked up. The moment she said "no" he should have just left. A woman will not be held accountable for her actions to the standard that men are. Get over it.

    • @Wammu Eh, we actually care about our wallets more than sex m8. That's the truth. I think saving money where possible is quite smart. Why shouldn't women be accountable to the same standards as men? They are as capable as us. Same species. The diff is a few features. That's it. That's all. Some men don't actually care to marry or date and are fine to just have bros and friends all their life. Their decision, not yours.

    • Hate to say it, but agreed. Also, like others pointed out, it really puts men in a box and trys to explain them. You can't have a women explaining how men work just like you can't have a man explaining how women work. Both end up too fantasized and not based in reality. If you want to learn to approach a man, ASK a MAN to write how! You don't ask an engineer about breaking news sort of politics just like you don't tell a doctor to suddenly fly a plane and then expect good results!

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  • Myth024
    I wanted to mention that we are assuming that the target guy is a stereotypical guy. All people are different and some, like myself, can be particularly dense, so not all these techniques will work. I don't feel that I'm automatically 85% "there" just because I find a woman attractive. But, hey, that's just me.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • ManaX
    Ahhh, yeah I get that too :/. You think it's because of hanging out with a lot of guys, but I think I have it because I hung out with a lot of girls. I always seem to realize too late that you can't treat a guy like you treat girls they seem to get the wrong idea.

    Vixen flirting sounds like fun though, but I don't want a guy I am actually interested to only/initially see me that way. I'll save that for further on in the relationship...probably.

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  • ManaX
    Oh, woooow you ARE good, I'll bare some of this in mind. Confidence isn't a problem I've nonchalantly told guys they're hot before (which like you said usually has pleasing results). I think I do some of this stuff unconsciously anyway. To be completely in control and aware of what I'm doing sounds almost cruel...buuut I'm still taking notes anyway.

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  • Logorithim
    A lot of very good advice here. However, I'd add that I've seen lots of girls successfully approach guys without having any idea whether he was interested (and most of these girls were of average attractiveness). They just had confidence and went after what they wanted.

    A lot of times we are completely oblivious that a woman is interested, and this where her confidence really comes into play, because she has to stick to it and try something else, sometimes on the fly.
  • BrutallyHonest87
    Without even reading this, I can promise you ladies that if you approach a man, you will be a breath of fresh air and, most likely, he's going to be interested in the classic sense of the word.

    I myself make it a point to never turn down any female who approaches me. At least, not initially. I give them a fair chance, regardless of physical attraction, for the soul purpose of encouraging this type of behavior.

    If I'm approached while I'm in a rush, I'll just say "Hey, I gotta jet. Take out your phone and I'll give you my number. I DEFINITELY want to talk to YOU more!"

    I've done that 6-7 times, got hit up by 4, went on a date with 2 of them, and one did turn into a short lived relationship.
    The problem there was that I just wasn't in the right head space for a relationship at that time and we discussed it at length before I said I had to walk away.

    Bottom line:
    It's about fucking time the playing field was leveled and you ladies will most likely find yourselves surprised more often than not if you can make a genuine approach.

    Cut the shit. If you approach a dude and just tell him he's attractive and try to strike up a conversation, his head will spin and you will be the biggest breath of fresh air in his life. I promise.

    I have seen some ugly chicks get phone numbers from dudes way out of their league just because she had the tits to approach him. Keep that in mind.

    Just be confident, turn on the charms (but cut the shit), demonstrate your worth, and go for it!
    What's the worst that can happen? He'll decline politely. Big whoop.

    PROTIP #2:
    Approach a guy the same way that guys approach you. Think about that one. Did some weirdo score a date with you based on a lame and timid approach? Probably won't work in reverse. Unless you're approaching me.

    Just make sure that the sluttiness of your approach/pickup line matches the sluttiness of your intentions. I've seen this go hysterically bad for girls and that's doubly embarrassing for you as it is for us.

    Happy hunting
  • weysally
    I can sum it up quicker,
    1/ eyes across the room, smile
    2/ tilt of your head smile
    3/ eyes closer smile
    4/ the pick off something from his clothes, smile
    5/ conversation smile
    6/ your both pass the main starting post
    7/ go for what ever suits you
  • BeardedDude
    This article is unnecessary, if you're are female there is no seducing a guy, the movies lie. If he's attracted to you he'll go for you but if he's not then he won't. Maybe he'll have sex with you anyway but it doesn't take much. There is no "art of seduction" when it comes to women, just be straightforward and that'll work. Men aren't complex when it comes to sex. YAWN!!
    • Athena374

      If he would have sex with her than her finds her attractive.

    • Athena374

      *than he

    • @Athena374 Not necessarily.

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  • mydogdoestricks
    I can’t think of a time I ever had to work that hard to make out with someone. Some of your advice is a little too over the top if you ask me... I don’t want anyone smacking my ass in public. And I doubt I’d say “haha you touched my boob.” Possibly, “if you want to do that, you need to buy me dinner first.” when paired with a certain smile, it’s about 98% effective for getting his response of “ok.” Then you just say “great, pick me up at 7.”
  • kimmy28
    There are key factors in flirting or seducing a male, that is if you even succeed. "Confidence" ! Confidence not so much in winning but in approaching someone, eye contact, subtle flirting, touching the arm which indicates you are open to knowing him more. Let's face it flirting has be natural it's less rehearsed and is natural. Who doesn't like to be approached by an attractive woman and made to feel like you are the only guy in the room.
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo

    That obviously what you do to know some one, hence the emphasis I kept putting on TALKING TO THE GUY EVERY CHANCE YOU CAN.


    Ugh the rest of the flirting techniques is just apart of being flirty. Just casual talking all the time, can come off just being friendly and the guy won't really know.

    I don't know how you missed that...
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo

    not that oblivious - after a while they will catch on. I noticed a lot of questions on here where guys are like, " she winked at me / smiled at me / did this or that - does she like me?" They get an idea so men aren't that extremely oblivious. Sure they aren't as sensitive to facial gestures and such as women are, but they aren't completely clueless lol :P
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo

    Lol yea some of the flirting techniques can be pretty er strong lol - I put them in ascending order from basic to hotter, and well you definitely wouldn't be trying to fondle some guy upon first meeting him :P they're just tips for however bold she wants to be, or whatever intentions from innocent flirting to " I want your body NOW." flirting lol :P
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    @sixstring indeed -

    I think when we had the strict male patriacrchal movement in society ( well that was pretty much society from the get go lol,) it became the man's job to do virtually everything - the traditional outlook. So naturally it was expected of the man to get his wife, get the house, get the money etc etc. Well now we see how imbalanced that idea is because the men were taking over both the male and female roles of courtship - which has it's issues we see today
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    Lol look at the flirting techinique under " Seductress" that says:

    " I always wanted to tell you this."

    Pretty much just being blunt and upfront. It's not as fun and what not as the others - but hey sometimes it's better to just get your point across. I'll do that - tell lots of guys they're cute and we should hang out.
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    oh well that's totally different. Obviously you want to talk about something your knowledgeable about.Using the Environment to YOUR advantage - doesn't mean picking a topic you know absolutely nothing about ha ha.

    I just used words like seduction / vixen simply to get women more comfortable with the idea of flirting.

    Flirting has many forms and everyone has their own unique way of doing it. These are just some my tricks / tips that haven't failed yet
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    @Gym Status

    If he rejects it then he doesn't like you, or your coming on a bit to strong for his comfort. I put the flirting techniques in accending order from basic to pretty intense.

    Obviously if I first meet you I'm not going to be doing really intense flirting lol.

    You however, think your already too much of a stud to be convinced, so naturally your going to think your so much above flirting.

    Oy I don't get men - you want women to step up, yet you beat our attempts down.

  • oOsweet~o~nessOo

    Yea guys and girls do function a bit differently - if your good with both you get a great sense of what each gender likes.

    Yea the Vixen and Seductress ones are more sexual and intimate - I usually don't use those until a lot later. They are good to slip in every once and a while if your in the enviornment for it ( like dirty dancing at a club,) but if you put those on to strong he'll think your just wanting sex
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    Thanks guys glad you find it helpful :D


    Lol yea I was getting so confused when some of the guys who liked me kept asking if I liked another guy. I was like um I don't think so - then they're like why do you flirt so much with him? I was so confused but then I started to realize the little habits I tend to do :P

    He he it's not cruel until you start manipulating him - which becomes ridiculously easy if you make it to " vixen " fliriting :P
  • sixstring
    Men have never been the initiator. What is considered to be the first step, the guy approaching the girl, is in fact the second step.

    The first step in 99% of all courtships is the girl signaling her interest in the guy.
  • Kimin
    But I was wondering, you said you're sometimes flirting without really noticing it yourself right? I mean, if a girl gets a little touchy/physical here and there while talking/dancing, is it always a clear sign of wanting 'something' more?
  • wandermentated
    I guess I'm not the typical guy then 'cause most of the stuff towards the end started to sort of..scare me, or rather turn me off. << Being overly flirtatious with sexual signals makes me feel like I'm just going to be used for intercourse with no chance of a relationship. But then again, all of the enticing flirting techniques will have a positive - turn on - effect if I'm already in a relationship with the girl and she chooses to use them. Basically, it depends on the type of guy.
  • lernulo
    I can't argue against it, its almost true, obviously you must adapt the flirting to the man.

    But with my friends what I have seen more is that the girl ussually goes "aiming to the moon" and for men who doesn't like her but disgust her, so if you dont follow the first rule what you said.
    Try to figure out if he likes you, you are on a really bad position, and I have seen many many women self-convincing that "the guy liked her but he doesn't know it".
  • loveslongnails
    This is a great take... especially for women who are totally clueless, as in TOTALLY clueless! From the male pov, the short version for initial contact... 1) Look your best ...2) Be confident but not egotistical, and slightly vulnerable...3) Pay attention to him genuinely, but not with flattery.
    The other techniques above are great too. Just wanted to keep it simple for the first seduction :)
  • CubsterShura
    Man I'd never do these 😂😂 for me it's simple. If we both know each other and like each other and feel like we're ready to tie the knot, we will do it. :'v But it was a good read though. My bestie will love this.
  • DishLady
    DishLadyA minute agoThanks for the eye-opening advisement. Some of the stuff is axiomatic signaling I didn't realize was a "green light" to the guy. I've been warned. ;-)
  • GymStatus
    Oh it works or a note with a number on it lol. No need to over do it. I would not call it flirting. I call it straight to the point asking out lol. The women who did the straight forward approach got dates with me. The ones that did all of the flirty stuff got nothing. The try-hards= turn off for me. I guess I am the exception the rules lol
  • GymStatus
    Like for example if I am sitting down and a woman starts to talk about a car I am looking at but she is wrong on the stats but is doing it just to talk to me/seduce me and I like her but he knowledge of the car is turning me off. I had something like this happen to me lol. I was all merp to her lol. It was like she swings and she misses lol.
  • genericname85
    dude approaching men as a woman isn't rocket science. it's litterally like you're a freaking corpse in the middle of the desert trying to approach the vultures xD they will come to you anyway if you want it or not.
    • i mean seriously. just mention you're single and you'll be covered in wieners.

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    There's some nitpicking I suppose we could do, but I think it's within the margin of error for individual variable.

    Overall this is actually spooky in it's accuracy. Like, I'm wondering if you're a dude.
  • Youngin392
    This article confirms 0 women have flirted with me. Great 👍🏾 article
  • Bananaman177
    If you're tall and handsome enough, the girl will make sure it happens no matter how awkward or even creepy you are.
  • iXenomorph
    Yawn. Sounds like it would work on the plebeian men out there.

    Thankfully the "environment" doesn't interest me, and I am likely to die ever bitter and ever lonesome.
  • DishLady
    Thanks for the eye-opening advisement. Some of the stuff is axiomatic signaling I didn't realize I was a green light. I've been warned. ;-)
  • neonzebra
    Wow, cool article :D I really enjoyed it, the techniques seem really accurate, haven't read anything about flirting this good before
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo

    Awe that is the one thing I forgot to put in here, ugh it's kind of important too. Hopefully the techniques are blunt enough though.
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    True, dam I forgot to mention that :P thought about it, just didn't type it down. too bad you can't edit these things. or can you?
  • Jager66
    I really liked your article, it very well done!.

    I'm a bit jaded tho and if a woman was doing this I think my defences would go up and id be wondering wtf her angle was.
  • 9teen
    I find your way of flirting pretty vulgar tbh. I prefer to do it the feminine elegant way. Maybe your way is a thing in the USA but I'm sure most men prefer to have it a different way. Your way might only result in wanting sex. I guess that's not the only thing you want right?
    A man's weakness is the female. There is nothing that makes a man crazier than a female who knows how to behave like a lady. If a woman acts vulgar, in most cases, a man will not take her seriously and definitely won't see her as a potential partner.
    Many perspectives support this, especially the biological one.
    • Eh give it time. If sex bots become more and more indistinguishable from a female body, that shit is GONE. A man's weakness is NOT the female, but for the weaker minded sex obsessed males you refer to, her parts. Or more so part. Only one part is needed for satisfaction. Anything else is bonus. If those parts as well as the bonus are replicated so well where women simply CAN NOT compete which with robots, nobody can, women will lose nearly all sexual seduction ability almost immediately. The only things differentiating a robot that has her special parts will be personality, charm, ethic, etc, things robots can't do better. Same goes for men, as male bots will get made too, no doubt. People obsessed with sex, materialism, pleasure, etc, will eventually figure out dealing with the psych of another human isn't worth what a robot could do 10x easier. Oh and on the vulgarness part, BS, I've almost never met a male not wanting a female vulgar and fierce in some ways. itsAssociated w/sexabil

    • On the robot thing extended, sex bots may not only be used by people obsessed and greedy about sex, but by people casual about it too. Why shouldn't sex/sexual activities done with robotics and stuff become a easily accessible entertainment/sevice industry for all instead of having to go through so much complications, shame, hiding, or embarrassment to access it? It's stupid that it isn't a thing already. It's like making watching films, going to theme parks, listening to music, anything considered fun, shameful and forced to be underground. Stupid. Serves no point. Big economic advantages being missed too. it can be taxed and support education, health, or infrastructure. The future of jobs in my opinion, is entertainment, law, arts., and that sort of thing.. Anything requiring physical ability can be replaced with a robot. Period. This includes housewifes. Gold diggers. That type thing. Replaced. Easy. Creative types are the future. :)

  • ElvenMr
    There was a girl looking at me exactly like that in the first picture in university and i didn't get the message...
    Then the next time we met, the way she said "Hi *insertmynamehere*" made me think that she may be likes me that way. So yeah.
  • Massageman
    Powerful stuff , there! You could be teaching a class.
    I DO suspect, though, that you meant "go for a mAssage and not a mEssage".
    And, yes, nipples are a very hot spot for guys.
  • toulouse
    This is more like, ' Slavery by Flirting'

    .theres a reason you just walk up& talk. its efficient.

    no two people act alike. you may read him wrong. better to just go talk see how things go. gradually flirt, as you feel it. if you do.

    doing all this premeditated stuff, just to 'see'. life does have an end.

    alot of gys do not like being touched. some guys are shy. you can't just do x why z, expect to have an answer.

    imo talking to someone, getting to know them, & letting nature take its course, is best
  • Gawesome
    I got turned on reading this article...LOL It's a great way to keep a man hooked that's for sure!
  • TedStar
    How good is this article! Excellent work oOsweet~o~nessOo. Ladies take note
    Wow ha ha this was an enjoyable read - saving it on my laptop for future reference. Good writing!
  • oOsweet~o~nessOo
    a post it note? LOL that's a form of flirting though
  • PoeticNinja
    That was an awesome read.

    Duly noted. I'm gonna work on the self esteem part.
  • WoIIie
    Genius. One of the few articles I can get behind on GaG.
  • YHL6965
  • LegateLanius
    "Simple - we are the initiators"
    Bullshit. Men have to initiate everything. Calling men approaching a woman the "second step" is an insult.
  • BoobMan
    A long article for sure, but a great read. I've got to say, a lot of those techniques have worked VERY well on me!
  • Moloch
    That section called, “make sure he likes you” applies to men too. Women need to send out clear signals, none of this hot and cold stuff.
    • The more they guard their ego and protect themselves from rejection, the less clear the signals will be. I also notice how women hold onto a guy before finding a new one as well... another so called safe guard... aka vine swinging.

  • jacquesvol
    Not sure that will work on me now.
    It could have when I was 19
  • stevejobless
    Every thing you said is sooooo, sooo, so, so painfully TRUE and I wish to god that a girl would one day flirt with me like this