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The Art of Female Seduction


The Art of Female Seduction

The Art of Female Seduction


I see so many girls and guys on here saying things like, " I'm shy and can't get a date", "Flirting is so hard", even " I don't know how to ask someone out or for their number". Obviously, some people here need my help.

Getting a guys number, a date, even seducing a guy is easy. There is a art to seduction though. Fallow some of these tips and most importantly have confidence in yourself while doing them. If you don't like yourself why would he like you?

The Art of Female Seduction

Approaching Him

Never approach a guy without a plan first or you might go blank once you get in front of him. Think of what you will say to him and what he may reply with. Begin your seduction always at an indirect angle. Instead of saying "how are you doing" or something boring, give him a compliment or ask him a random question instead like "Is there a gas station around here"?

The Art of Female Seduction

Walk by him or make strong eye contact first from a distance, never directly walk up to him. Make him notice you first before approaching him. If you have to walk by him to go to the bathroom or to go outside several times, just do it.

The Art of Female Seduction

In the First Conversation

Play by his rules and follow his pace. Indulge him with (compliments). Being charming is key in seduction. Adapting to his moods gives him nothing to defend or resist with and he will relax.

Enter his spirit - Oprah

He will feel at home with you and lower his guard if you let him lead the conversation. Feel him out and see what type of guy he is. If he is serious you be serious, if he is silly you be silly. Now we have a conversation going.

The Art of Female Seduction

Finish Strong

This is important ladies Always get his number never give him yours! If you take his you are in control of the situation.

This way there is no wondering when or if he will call you. Wait awhile before you call, make him wonder about you and think of you before calling him. Men love to be curious about a girl so give them mystery.

The Art of Female Seduction

When to Call

Call him three to five days later. This shows him that he's not a priority to you and you have a life. In a week or so he will be happy to hear from you maybe even surprised. Call at night, but not after nine or ten o'clock, because hopefully he works and might have to the next day early.

What to Say

It's very important this conversation goes well. The key to a good first phone conversation is a hidden Sub text. Never use crude language upfront. Plant ideas in his head by dropping elusive hints or thoughts that take root in his mind hours later. Remember a man's favorite subject to talk about is always himself. Ask him questions about himself and his life. Trust me he will have no problems talking about it.

The Art of Female Seduction

Combine ambiguous or suggestive comments with alluring bold statements. Follow bold statements with a calm, cool retraction or a apology. Apologizing to him shows him you care what he thinks about you and shows submission.

You have to lock in the date on this call. If plans are not made on this call there is a 99% chance they won't be made later either. If he doesn't ask on the phone you out ask him.

The Art of Female Seduction

I hope this helps someone and thank you for reading.


The Art of Female Seduction
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Actually I like it. I was planning on being diplomatic with my displeasure but instead I read it in a way that allowed me to appreciate where you were coming from. I like that is can fit in many situations for many people and The ending was strong. 😉😛👍🏻🌺🌺
    Is this still revelant?
    • I was hoping you liked it. That made me smile thank you

    • A lot of girls just don't know where to start or what to say it was meant to help only. Glad you saw that

    • I enjoyed it. It was light and fun but addressed key issues, that seem to exist Independent of my opinion 😂😛

      in my opinion It ties together nicely overcoming a bunch of obstacles while leaving the door open for different points of view.

      It has a definitely flavor style and certain direction ~~ but it really doesn’t close the door on anyone.

      So really refreshing to read one of these things without feeling some pressure to defend anyone left out Or overlooked. 😅

      It was great Lexi.

      Thank you 🌺🌺🌺

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Yes, advance planning and having a script is important, especially for those who have a problem with confidence. And have your exit planned. . . "oh, I'd like to stay and talk more, but I can't be late for class. Talk to you later!"

    I agree that waiting 3-5 days to call may arouse his interest but interest in what? If you are just looking for a roll in the hay, this will work fine. . . but if you are looking for a serious relationship. . . I prefer a woman who doesn't play those games, and many other guys - of all ages - feel the same way.
    • The psychologist above agreed there's no games it's about thought process and end results in flirting. Interested in me and seeing me, if I just just wanted sex i would not need a number.
      But I will respectfully note your opinion

    • GraveDoll

      i agree with you
      i have never played a game. i like to think direct is best always, I will never understand these dumb game playing moves and im always myself

      blunt direct and confident... no poker face needed

  • SydneySentinel
    I'm sure this works. Valid points. Nice observations.
    The most significant thing I think you mentioned is to find out what kind of person he is-- if he's serious or silly, take that approach. That's a key part of gesturing empathy to him, or anyone really, when you mimic their responses. It generally makes people feel more comfortable.
    The other parts, I'm just not sure that I want to do. I'm not a Seductress but will become one when the time is right with him (someone I am already interested in).
  • ManOnFire
    To be completely honest, I don't really appreciate posts like these. They're your common how-you-can-have-him-wrapped-around-your-fingertips type writings, that in truth most women don't do and aren't going to do because most women believe all they need to do is sit back and let the guy come to them.

    "Getting a guys number, a date, even seducing a guy is easy." - This is an attitude I've talked about numerous times on GaG. Women see men as pushovers where they hate it when men see them in the same way, and I don't really appreciate any woman viewing me as something that isn't a challenge to obtain.

    Overall I'm not really attracted to women who are playing a sly game of trying to 'seduce' me or any other man. Probably because I am the dominant type and always make the moves, and I don't care for women who want to seem like they're in control.

    "This is important ladies Always get his number never give him yours! If you take his you are in control of the situation." - Actually throughout my life, I have always gotten her number first, and she rarely resisted giving it.
    • My skills are strategic and effective. With all do respect don't read it or write a page why you don't like it. If it's that horrible

    • ManOnFire

      So are mine.

      I already have written about it. You're late to the party.

    • Sure am

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  • lifelearner011
    Very interesting take. Yet as a "female" I have to point out that each woman has its particular spark, which might work or not in attracting a guy. Im taking myself as an example, Im not a temptress.. yet I do have noticed im "Playful" in my ways of being, I love being creative and a bit whimsical. This has actually played in both ways some guys have felt attracted to me, and some find it too much or just kid of weird.
  • i1T2daty
    Thanks fir helpful information. I've found that the ability to make her laugh, proactive listening, and being inside personal space comfortably are at least part of, if not mandatory for winding up together at end of night
  • loveslongnails
    My "displeasure" is only this: it's no different than it was 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 25 years ago, etc. The technology has changed quite a bit, but other than that, it's exactly the same. The fun for me personally was always when I met a woman who knew all these "techniques" and more, like I did, and we'd really "dance". LOL That was fun!
  • Unit1
    More like how to make a man think you're playing with him.

    but hey, the others approve, so you have a point but if any woman pulls this crap on me

    "Call him three to five days later. This shows him that he's not a priority to you"

    then I'm gone to the next erotic spa massage parlor and enjoy myself some beautiful girls with big tits making me feel like heaven.
    • You sound mad why you mad🤔

    • See I don't have to pay for men that's so cute🤣

    • Unit1

      I'll have the last laugh.

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  • Lliam
    That was great. I love a woman who knows exactly what she's doing and is in control while understanding the necessity of making the man think that he is in control. It's a dance; all part of the game.
  • Hey, your cat is looking really miffed!:)

    A lot of good thoughts there and it is an art that has to be done right. "Anyone can splash paint on a canvas" some know how to do it smoothly so it doesn't look seductive, but it is. Have you considered an online school of seduction? Looks like a good time to start one...

    I used one of those pics in one of my takes... popular bar pic!
    "Get his number". Oh, I don't know about this. I know women. Maybe if she is the serious pursuer it makes sense. But my general rule is, if she takes my number, she isn't going to call:) If I'm serious, I take her number. So this says maybe the "she" is going for someone? Maybe the rule is the pursuer gets the others number?

    I think the more subtler the move, the more seductive it is. An "eyebrow raise", lip primp, hair flip, slow walk, etc.. Words are over rated, that's not where the flirt is... its in the body language and it has to not be needy but be inviting and not too positive. She says "come get me" without saying that. That speaks volumes vs a nervous girl talking your head off, which is a turnoff. It's all about how it is done.

    I guess seduction is like going fishing... you don't just go in the water and pull that shark out of the water... you gotta work it the way that "fishy" needs to be caught:)

    Then there's the hanging on... that's another story...https://www.youtube.com/embed/8GvTIws-VGoThere... I just turned your sexy post into a fishing story:) haha!!
    • I didn't read it sorry

    • _inkRat

      @LexyIsSexy23 and you expect us to read your story? @lightbulb27 is right its more about subtle moves, im shit at figuring out signals, but ones he talks about when done right leaves way more impression than anything you have written so far. And even then he must be wiling to play your little games.

  • Cocacolaaddict
    Girls are really clueless when it comes to seduction all girls make the mistake of thinking its confidence no you gotta show your personality then of we see something that clicks a bit then we will engage maybe even start pursuing you instead I don't think your tips are very good
    • If a girl did what you just suggested I would be disinterested

    • I'm 0: disclosed
      so I guess I pick different type

  • JSmuve
    All very good points. But I doubt the average woman has the confidence to pull even step one off, let alone all of them. To a lot of them, their idea of flirting is ignoring the guy and hoping he approaches them.
  • RickPen
    Seduction, to me, is a common form of manipulation and deception, only possible when the receiving person allows themselves to be seduced.
  • Moonchild714
    A very good MyTake. Well written and thought out. Confidence is Key to Seduction and Success!!! I always believe when I approach any Man the results will be in my favor. As for a Man approaching me if I sense the Slightest hint of Insecurity I just say don't bother not interested!!! To win over me a Man has to be Equally or More confident than myself... I don't want to have to Pump a guys Ego 24/7 nor should he have to build up my Ego... You have Confidence everything else will come along smoothly...
  • DianaWest
    i suppose some of your points are valid, but others just make a girl look desperate. really, walking past a guy 5 or 6 times? lol. i respectfully disagree with that. guys will smell desperate (but trying to pretend otherwise or feign disinterest) from a mile away. i think being genuine and your true self is most important. i agree that you must love yourself first before being able to love a guy, but if you have to change your true personality and read online posts about how to "seduce" a guy, then that's not a real relationship. i'd much rather get a guy by being genuine, instead of playing theatrics and putting on a show. if he likes it, great, if he doesn't, great. and the whole wait 3-5 days? maybe wait 1 day or 2. but i would not stretch it to as far as 5. by then the man probably got bored of waiting and is enjoying his wedding day to another chick.
  • Browneye57
    Hmmm... not bad. A lot more gumption than the majority here, for sure.
  • ShadowofRegret
    I think there is a lot of truth to that, but at the same time, different men may react differently, for example, the part about showing submission, while a lot of guys find a submissive woman attractive, I tend to find more dominant women attractive, or how some guys actually feel uncomfortable talking about themselves.

    Not saying you are wrong, but just that those are some things I think it is good to try to find out about the guy beforehand if possible, otherwise, it might backfire.

    But good take though!😊
  • Not the worst advice, but still it got a hard groan from me.

    Women, smh.
  • es20490446e
    In summary:
    Go and talk with the guy, and show some interest on meeting in the future.
    • You just come to be a jerk or?

    • You are overthinking the process.

    • Jerk got ya thanks for your kind words and support

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  • peachyknees
    Good points. I follow most of them too, though I rarely find men worth approaching :) I always make sure I get their number and I usually tell them that this is the way they can see if I am truly interested or not - which is true, if I like them, I'll contact them. I also don't contact them the next day, nor do I talk to them if I'm busy.
    When I was younger I used to plan in advance (mostly because I approached guys I knew beforehand), but I quit doing that because reality beat me waaay too many times :)) I now go with the flow, but I think it is important to have an escape route just in case.
    Guys are super sensitive to compliments, I gotta agree with you - but I don't hand them freely. I also noticed that they are pleasantly surprised if you compliment their work, their way of acting etc. and they are surprised when you notice these details. Good myTake :)
  • Alex_988_2
    is there a male version of this post?
    by the way lexy was my nick name that my girlfriend used to call me with lol
  • whitehide
    It really seems like you know what you're talking about. Very few people are able to get into all the details like that if they're asked, but that might just be because they're asked. This is not manipulation, it's just very, very strategic. But waiting 3-5 days to call might depend on the guy you're seducing.
    • I really appreciate that... I'm not sure why people keep saying manipulation. I'm not lying or trying to get anything besides a date. There's no hidden plan, no secrets. so I don't know why they are bitching

    • whitehide

      They're just pissy because no one's going to seduce them. But don't worry about them, after a while they'll just be background noise.

    • Thank you

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  • DWornock
    That's all nonsense. It is all about looks, wealth, and status. Either you have it or you don't.
  • lailison
    confidence is everything. This was well thought and planned out. Seduction is an art overall
  • The6ix
    not gonna lie even this question gave me a hard on :-s damn it, girls!
    this is crazy... so crazy, it just might work... be careful out there... Q _ Q they tryna get us...
    • It works

    • For girls

    • now i know... never to give a gal my number... cuz she gonnna play me

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  • sjoes006
    I’ve never done any of that, at least not on purpose and if so it certainly didn’t work out.
    when you notice someone the whole room notices you noticing each other but it isn’t intentional.
    • Most woman won't approach men at all it seems. I've been in big rooms I guess nobody noticed

  • PrimalInstinct
    This would work best for a fling. The exchanging of numbers early into an interaction most likely has most guys dump a girl into the "one-night-stand category" by default. Seems desperate or easy.

    When I was single I found just a simple 'coy smile' worked fine to encourage a guy to come over for a conversation & continue with the 'coyness' to keep him interested. As a very easy example a coffee shop situation. Person A "You come here often", Person B "yeah moved in & just down the block".

    Let it build naturally instead of giving Joe Blow your number & ending the conversation "when you're bored, I'm available". Says more than a silly girl trying to play hard to get by exchanging numbers & waiting a few days to give the guy a call when they both know it's typically just gonna be a simple fuck at the end of things.
  • Plitty-Tank
    Yes. Plenty of women are good at being seductive. I bet they enjoy that.
  • red324
    I like the strong eye contact part. I sometimes forget that this is where it all begins. I've found that if I just walk up to a women who hasn't acknowledged my existence yet, then the interaction doesn't go as well.
  • Say that you are still untouched then it will turn them on.
  • Malik00
    Honestly all this is terrible advice, because anybody with remotely good sense can tell when someone is acting and everything said here just screams of trying WAY too hard.
    NOTHING about any of this comes off as sincere or even natrual, and if anything it will likely just piss a lot of guys off.
  • Lunatic1
    Interesting opinion on this subject. And these moves will work on plenty of guys, but not all of them. You also have to be flexible with him, as he may like you but not be quite ready for a "relationship." Therefore, you have to be willing to start as friends, and move forward at his place.
  • Cahittinsan01
    Very good, thanks for Ur myTake, ı will reading. :).
  • DJZest
    There are higher mechanisms in place that determine who gets to "control the situation" which you don't address, but anybody below this level of psychological debauchery might appreciate your tactics.

    But going blank is the fun part.
  • faisal6309
    That's too long and unnecessary on someone like me. I'm way too direct with words. If you want to be in relationship with me then tell me so. Otherwise all of this won't work. Also I don't like talking about myself. I listen most of the time. I think all of this will work on certain types of men but not all of them.
    • You are. Talking about yourself now

    • faisal6309

      Because I'm suppose to give an opinion here. That's why. Otherwise you'll find it different in real life situation where you'll be unknown to me.

    • Still just a random guy talking about himself

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  • Nades
    Why in God’s name are you helping are you helping woman out. You should be helping the guys lmao. Teach the guys how to seduce woman. Don’t give him your number, get his you say. That way you have control of the situation and you could play him to a point where he loses interest. Why couldn’t you just exchange numbers? Why is there always egos involved in this? And also last time I checked the man is supposed to be in control not the woman. That’s what makes a man attractive. So now the females are becoming the dominant male and the males are becoming submissive females.
    • red324

      Because women don't have a fucking clue, then get mad a the guy for not making a move because he's supposed to just know she's into him.

    • @red324 I have no idea how to pick up a chick so thank you.

      And I have a clue

  • chadpattan
    "Never approach a guy without a plan first or you might go blank once you get in front of him."

    100% disagree.

    This article sounds like it's written for the "pick up a guy in a bar" crowd.

    There's NOTHING more confidence building than spontaneity. You don't need a "plan". That's how you end up coming off stiff and unappealing.

    This is NOT difficult.

    As the guy for help with something. Take it from there.

    "Excuse me, I'm having a hard time figuring out this feature on my phone, can you help me?"

    "Pardon me, are you good with computers? I wanted to ask about..."

    "Hi, do you live around here? Do you know a good place to practice golf? Do you play?"

    Use your imagination when they respond. They may shrug you off. Dust yourself off and move on. It happens (not as much for women, but happens).
  • newlysingleca
    Gosh I shut down in front of a guy I am interested in. No amount of planning and self pep talks have worked so I dont think this works for everyone. Maybe I just have been around the block enough 🤔
    • I think most are more shy and more laid back then myself

  • R4vedave
    Absolutely fantastic advice
    I'd like to see you try this on me. 😏
  • OddBeMe
    This is all wrong. First step of seduction starts with explaining cryptocurrency.
  • hatim_tai
    loved reading... won't mind if a woman actually does the same to me :D
  • bulletbob555
    Goes well with todays theme of female empowerment. I d like to see more of this for sure
  • Will23v
    Now we just need instructions for a guy to seduce a girl
  • TCredo
    Great My Take! :)
  • I_love_Jaguar
    Good take
  • Massageman
    Good points. Thanks for posting.
  • worldscolide
    Nice my take as usual my friend.
  • UncleJessieRabbit
    And some of this is really the same as how society expects the guy's role to be too.
  • lasertag
    Women will evolve after reading this guys we r more in trouble now