5 Factors That Carry the Most Weight in the Dating World

This mytake is focused on heterosexuals and their dating world. Here are some factors you all should be aware of in the general dating world. These things carry the most weight whether you like it or not. It’s very important to be realistic as well.

5 Factors That Carry the Most Weight in the Dating World


Looks are correlated with genetic fitness and physical health. The better looking you are the better your genes are fit for the environment. Humans are generally wired to be attracted to those who have better genes because they want offspring with better genes. Humans are also generally wired to desire to mate with those who they can produce viable offspring with, so they seek out a mate that will either balance out or improve their offsprings’ genes to fit the environment in some way. It’s no different from other species. It doesn’t matter what your gender is. Your market value rises the more conventionally attractive you are because more people will be willing to date you. Your market value lowers the less conventionally attractive you are because less people will be willing to date you. Most normal people would much rather date an attractive, rich person over an ugly, rich person. You get the idea. Humans are generally wired to pass on their genes anyway even if they are ugly and can’t mate with an attractive person. The bottom of the barrel is stuck with the bottom of the barrel and they continue to reproduce because, to them, mating with someone is better than mating with no one. This is science and logic mixed together, if you don’t get it or like it then that sucks for you.

Physical Fitness

If you are more physically fit than someone else, then it means you have better odds of survival. That’s why top athletes are considered very attractive by a lot of people and people would rather have kids who are athletically competent than have kids who are physically weak/incompetent.


Humans have evolved to save resources and to rely on them. An offspring with wealthy parents is more likely to be more well nourished and to have far greater opportunities in life than those without wealthy parents. Humans are very competitive with their resources, so the competition to become wealthy is fierce. It’s not easy. An education and a good resume is basically just a ticket to more wealth/resources. People generally date within their own socioecononmic status. Wealth/resources can definitely compensate for what you lack, but that depends on how wealthy you are and what it is that you look for in a partner. So an ugly, rich person is most likely going to end up with another ugly, rich person, a merely average person, or with a poor, beautiful person.


This is self explanatory. Most, normal people would much rather have a smart kid than have a stupid or average intelligence kid. This is because more intelligence can give you a much better chance of survival and it has the potential to bring you in more resources. Intelligence is a gene that can be passed on from parent to child. There are many kinds of intelligence that exist, but, according to researchers, they all seem to have a common genetic base. Academic achievements, humor, creativity, and talent are very good indicators of intelligence.


This only matters if you want to be in a long term relationship with the other person. Factors like religion, culture, age, values, lifestyle, interests, etc. do play a role in a relationship. These factors don’t have to necessarily match, but it’s very important for their mindsets to be compatible with one another.

So what doesn’t carry any weight?

A lot of people, especially guys, on here think that being nice should reward them. 1. Being nice doesn’t carry any weight at because anyone can be nice if they want to be. A lot people, especially on here, also like to extragerate the importance of confidence. 2. If you’re not relatively attractive, rich, smart or physically fit then being confident won’t carry any weight because you basically don’t have anything to be confident about. The moral of this mytake is to have realistic expectations in the dating world because what you give is pretty much what you get.

Sincerely, the 10 out of 10 guy


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  • Being 'a good person' doesn't carry any weight? Really?
    Then you have really low expectations of your future girlfriend... You should have no trouble finding her.

    Yeah, anyone can pretend to be nice, but not everyone IS nice... there's the difference.
    Something new I've learned on here about the 3 guys who upvoted your mytake and you as the creator of it is that there are a few guys out there who don't care about a girl's character as long as she can 'act nice' from time to time. How falsely beautiful of you. =)

    • I think what he is trying to say that being a good person is not a plus, it's a requirement, and not for dating, but for being a decent human being.

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    • Well it’s just people like you who wouldn’t date a person who isn’t nice. If someone isn’t nice, they can still manage to find someone who would tolerate them. It boils down to compatibility...

    • See? It was what I was speaking of.

  • yep it's a pretty disgusting world we live in .
    where the bias and equation of acceptance is against the ugliest and the worst .
    today our culture has become, and social media is, afraid of ugliness and the less fortunate .
    society is oppressive and prejudiced against the less attractive, the poorer, the less educated,
    the shy and introverted, and the wrong color . that's right . if you don't fill any of the ideals
    and standards . like the 5 listed above . you are not only worthless but you're also a
    stain and blight on all humanity . where the rules of social appearance, acceptance and the
    sense of beauty is totally dysfunctional . superficial . and artificial .

    but hey this is the 21st century of rhinoplasty, implants, liposuction and cosmetic dentistry .
    where the rules of social appearance and acceptance have become the norm . this is also
    the century of hilarious cheesy stupid online advice . 200 ways to get a girl . 500 things
    you shouldn't say to guys . 20 ways to put on eyeshadow . omg . what girl does not
    want a Kardashian face mask . what guy does not want to be tall handsome and unshaven
    like Timberlake? and is not the movement to unburden the obese not also driven by the same
    disgust from the elitists of beauty and wealth? . that's where illusions and hatreds come from .
    you better be realistic . bc if you don't meet the standard of being beautiful educated and rich .
    you are a disgrace and the degenerescence of the gene *environment* . so the moral of the
    story is please stay within your own place . accept the bias and hatred given you by others .
    sincerely = not meeting the 10/10 factor girl . but at least my name is not Anonymous .

    • Did it occur to you that all these horrible things that you mentioned are indispensable to our society, to ANY society made by humans?

    • for example . if you mean a horrible thing like prejudice is 'indispensable to our society',
      many philosophers, religionists, capitalists and world leaders past and present tend to
      believe prejudice is necessary to the human evolutionary process and development .
      as they have acted upon it through war and enslavement . in spite of the immorality of
      prejudice . and most of them would not admit it . however the philosophers and the
      artists do acknowledge it . but then they also contribute to pollution . don't they?

    • Wow this is... Good..

  • Agree with most of the above. Though many people live in a dream world when it comes to dating, with old married men thinking they can easily pick up much younger women who will become their sex toys, or ugly boring men in crappy badly paid jobs thinking models and gorgeous women will date them.

  • "Humans are also generally wired to desire to mate with those who they can produce viable offspring with, so they seek out a mate that will either balance out or improve their offsprings’ genes to fit the environment in some way."

    This is one of those things that soundsss like it's right because the general idea of science is there, but it's an incorrect theory that's already proven false with "unusual" couples. Couples people see ob the streets and wonder how one girl/guy got with the other.
    In my own relationship, I certainly haven't picked a man that balances me out genetically for offspring😂 nor is there a conventional beauty in him, but a subjective beauty thats been formed from my own unique interests (as beauty is formed and dependent on what the beholder has been exposed to in upbringing, life & experience). Did you know a very unexpected personality can actually change your vision of someone's physical beauty in minutes? The brain us a funny thing. So looks don't work that way, you don't look at someone and sunbconsciously think 'ahhhh that conventional beauty will work for my offspring'. If anything, looking for someone to improve offspring in LOOKS could be an individual's conscious preference, but not for all.
    Looks, too subjective, I'm sorry. But functionality is where we look for a particular partner without fully knowing it, and may that's what you're mistaking it with. I. e. A woman looks at a man playing with kids, and instantly she feels more attracted to hin than before as it subconsciously shows how good he'd be with HER kids, should she have them. A man looks at a woman's sensitive and protective nature and might be more attracted as it shows signs of motherly nature (as I'm not a man, i cannot prove this second, but definitely the first). Your looks theory can cross ties, but should not be confused to be the same as, a man looking at a woman with big hips and subconsciously knowing of her functional child-bearing body.

    • Sorry for the typos

  • You are a good writer, and I did read all of what you wrote here.
    I think being nice does in some way make someone like you or not though.
    Also, having some confidence with your good looks/money/etc is good, but having confidence in that YOU WILL make money is good too. That's what confidence mixed with faith is.
    Well... all the other points I agree on. Like most people date people who are as good looking or would prefer someone as good looking or better looking than them. Also, yes having someone is better than no one because beggars can't be choosers.

  • Yes but you can't date someone you don't find attractive OP or have sex with them
    That's why I prefer to stay single 4vr than lower my standards

    • Or maybe 1 day I'll have the money and have plastic surgery

  • Good


What Guys Said 19

  • I completly agree with that 150 pairs in 2 months says for its own from my point of view i can tell the same but i can dissagree with point 3 wealth resources because it depends where you live in my place its like on the last spot or even further down the list

  • I don't think intelligence is genetic. But it helps you to take important decisions which will ultimately get you a partner to mate with.

    You are spot on with the rest of what you wrote.

  • Nice my take. I don't have the first, but have all the rest plus confidence that doesn't stop, so I'm good.

  • Thank you for being honest about what matters when dating

  • The most critical factor is just flirting with the people you like, versus doing nothing about it.

  • Interesting take.

  • You've been reading my comments... :)

  • i agree, great take mate

  • Eh it's all BS. I'll see you bastards on tinder.

  • Thank you

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