Why Some Beautiful Women Are So Cocky Around Average Guys


I recently wrote a take about why your average guy is scared to death of women, but what about why so many beautiful women appear cocky when confronted with these men. Are they really that in to themselves? Do they really look down on these men? What's the dynamic thats going on here that's producing this result?

They Know They're "Top of the Line"

Why Some Beautiful Women Are So Cocky Around Average Guys

A beautiful woman holds more status than a male doctor when it comes down to dating and sex. He could have a great practice, great house etc. doesn't matter, the average man, even with such a profession, will still supplicate a woman he deems very beautiful, feeling lucky to have her instead of the reverse. Indeed, because of how dating works he is lucky because while she is choosing him over other top professionals and high status men, he is "getting her" over other women who are compartively less attractive to herself. More on this in a later reason...

Law of Transference

Why Some Beautiful Women Are So Cocky Around Average Guys

Maybe the most important element of the dynamic--transference. See, when someone is nervous in front of you, your mind tells you--hmm, they're nervous to meet me so I must have something special about me, I must have more value in this situation than they do that they're this afraid of "offending me." This explains why douchebags do better than nice guys perfectly, but it doesn't need to be this extreme. The average mans nervousness however slight is transferred over to the girl in the form of confidence, however temporary. In other words, she's feeling herself because guys are swooning over her.

They're Oversaturated

Why Some Beautiful Women Are So Cocky Around Average Guys

Obscurity is the biggest killer of attraction. A lot of girls get so inundated that there simply isn't time and so they engage in "heavy screening" often only dating one type of guy based on superficial things that she couldn't possibly know without real conversation. of course, there's no way to have real conversation with every guy that likes and thus the need for cold screening.

They're Waiting For Men They Deem Attractive

Why Some Beautiful Women Are So Cocky Around Average Guys

My theory on this is that highly attractive men (again not limtited to looks) have more to lose and therefore put themselves out there more often. But, the reality is that the women don't stop wanting them simply because the guy doesn't make it possible for them to meet without her taking the first step. Therefore, when they're already focused on the one guy and a less attractive man comes and "tries his luck" they're obviously predisposed to not take him that seriously, comparing him to another man from the get-go. I'd say a good amount of beautiful women probably have at least one guy on their mind who hasn't made a move and doesn't intend to, so its understandable that the average guys would get below-average attention.

Why Some Beautiful Women Are So Cocky Around Average Guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • WalterRadio

    "feeling lucky to have her "
    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Let me give an example.

    I dated a semi-famous actress a few years ago. She is on some of those "most beautiful women in the world" lists. And she deserves it.

    The problem is two fold. First the guy has to be in her league. A girl who knows she is a catch isn't going to go for a loser. Second, the guy has to lead, not follow.

    Although millions of guys have probably wacked off to their imagination of being with my girlfriend, average guys turned to jelly in her presence. She wasn't going to go for that. Like most women, she wants a man to lead, to make her life easier.

    We were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. I knew who she was, but all she knew about me was that I was middle age, white, kind, intelligent, and rich. She did not see a photo of me beforehand. We had sex on the first date, only the 5th time she had ever even done it.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Colleen89227

    Not wanting to date average guys doesn’t mean I’m cocky. It just means I know my worth and I know i deserve better

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  • Logorithim

    Most relevant factor is holding out for someone that they think is appropriate for them.

  • kespethdude

    These women only have two ratings for men...10 and Creep. 10's they'll go out with, Creeps they'll call the police once the alleged Creep does anything that could be sexual harrassment.

  • random_stranger

    not to forget... they get many proposals so... yeap

  • Juxtapose

    If people write me off on my looks alone (which aren't bad) then they don't deserve me.

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    • Shadow44

      I agree with you, plus on top of that looks (for both genders but mainly for them in this scenario) don't last forever. Eventually the physically attractive men she's choosing to dste won't find her as beautiful anymore.

  • Distants

    Totally agree but think it goes both ways (cause I’ve met a lot of > average boys that fit this).

  • Anon-ymous1

    Well this is all well and good, but you could have simply summed it up with: They crave attention.

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  • Ge_inthe_van

    I don't know people are people to me

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  • Wowgirl10q

    If a girls cocky she's cocky to all men usually

  • Revolver_

    Just are

  • Anonymous

    Nice take. However I can't relate since I'm far from an average looking woman let alone a beautiful one lmao.

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