Women Behave Just Like The Nice Guys They Demonize When It Comes To The Men They Desire

When a nice guy meets a girl, they want to show her that they don't see her as a piece of ass. They start off being friendly, and move things slowly wanting to get to know the girl, hang out with her and eventually shifting it to a romantic session; somehow though to young women and men this is underhanded tactic and makes nice guys comwards trying to win girls over with kindness.

Women behave just like the Nice guys they demonize when it comes to the men they desire

A perfect example of this was a recent thread i came across about a guy who took things slow with a girl he met off tinder (who girls claim is a dating app). Treated her with respect, had a good time with her but she goes cold on him after 2 dates because he wasn't AGGRESSIVE ENOUGH and didn't escalate it to sex by date 2.

One of the perfect examples of women's shifting behavoir towards nice guy came from this female's post in that very thread.


Notice: When she was younger she wanted aggressive guys who escalated things frequently to sex. Now she is past her prime and in her late 20's she now wants a guy to take things slow witth her.

This is why nice guys fail with young women throughout highschool and college. When women are young they want cocky guys who puff out his chest (they think this is signs of leadership), who are not afraid to play on their insecurities with jokes, who make their intentions about wanting sex with them and known how to escalte things very quickly to sex and nude pics with the right words.

It's only when women become:

1. Single Mothers

2. Ready to settle down (i.e. shift from her SMV to DMV (dating market value)). It's at this point women get shockers of how hard it is to get the guys they could easily get for sex to want to commit to them; just because he wants to bust a nut in you doesn't mean he wants to GF/Wife you.

3.Have gone through a string of assholes who pump and dumped them

4. Most women in their late 20's and beyond

Basically women want nice guys when they think their worth in dating world has deminished. Whether that's a mental perspective on their end or realization in the men who are showing them attention now.

Now to address how similar women are to Nice guys. When a women meets a high status male who they find cute/attractive. Their eyes light up in his presence and you can tell they actually value his time.

Some start contrast between women's behavoir to men they find attractive:

1. They don't act indifferent and try to end conversation quickly with one word response (both online and in person).

2. They come up and talk to him and try to start off with friendship/sharing of interest (similar to how nice guys do to girls they find attractive)

3. They ask them out to places (similar to how nice guys approach girls)

4. They don't take hours to respond to their text or never answer their calls unless they need something from them.

5. They don't treat these guys as utilities.

Now here's the thing. When they meet an attractive guy they like many of them will give up sex/send nude pics to this guy whether he request it or they do it on their own accord. (So in this regard they behave like the players who want sex).

Many of them put on a fake personality and put their best behavoir foward to lure these guys into relationship.

So just like how the nice guy that girls claim is faking kindness and putting on a show to win her over for sex and relationship. Women do the exact same behavoir to high status males they find attractive. They try to put on their best act and give up sex as soon as possible in the hopes that by doing these 2 things they can get them to be their boyfriend and win out over prettier girls than them.

Some women are even so pathetic, they will turn a blind eye to this man screwing other women just as long as he commits to her as a boyfriend.


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  • This mytake is ridiculous. Either you're just sadly extremely bitter or you have terrible luck in life.

    • Not really. It paints a negative but realistic portrayal of the way women behave. Also girls need to stop belittling male experience in life and use the excuse that said male just happen to be "bitter" or " had bad experience with women". If a large percentage of men from across the world have similar experience you can't just hide behind a NAWLT or try to tell said person their experience in life is a faulty one and they should just bury their head in the sand.

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    • @M_A_X It's so Americanized and demonized it's ridiculous.

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  • Your take appears to reflect your negative attitude towards women or your past history, specifically, the women who spend their youth drinking and clubbing, while avoiding "nice guys".

    Not all guys are nice guys, and we are all aware of the douchebag-types. Party girls (the ones you describe here) are attracted to the douchebag type, so your entire take really only represents the behavior of party girls.

    The "nice girls", which are equivalent to the "nice guy" do not fall into the description that you provide. I suspect that you don't have a lot of experience with these types of women. They are the caring, nurturing type who are fairly introverted and stay home on the weekend, or in the company of a few close friends. Just like the nice guy, the nice girl is very hard to find, since they avoid clubs, bars and other large social gatherings.

    However, if a guy manages to find one of these nice girls, their relationship experience will be nothing like what you describe.

    Also, I suspect your take is intended to attack women, and be inflammatory towards them because you are hiding or are afraid of posting your opinion. Otherwise, you would not post anonymously - not that it matters on a site like this. Perhaps a positive attitude would garner more success with women.

    • you my friend are right these girls exist but finding them is soooooo hard, i've been looking for ages and iam yet to find a nice girl with good values, she either sleeps around, too flirty or has some other issue that turns me off...

    • @CoolSky01

      The way to find nice girls is less obvious, since they are hidden away from view. They do not enjoy large groups, and prefer 1-on-1 conversations with a handful of people. Knowing this, they way to find them lies in connecting with their close friends - particularly in college settings, or approaching them on your own for non-dating purposes (i. e. studying together).

      Guys who are aggressive and ask for dates or phone numbers early on will get rejected, because the girl does not yet feel comfortable with their presence and the level of trust is low at the beginning. The way to catch a nice girl's attention is simply to come across as wanting nothing more than to chat and laugh together. Once the bonds of trust are formed, she will value the relationship. If you ask for her number or a date at that point, she will probably accept, because refusal would jeopardize the friendship that she now values. It's an art to finding the right time to avoid the friendzone

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  • There are bad girls out there and there are bad guys. If someone doesn't like you for who you are they are not worth your time

  • People have strange idea of nice. Why is it bad to try and have sex with someone? You have to make your intentions known from the start.

    It is very confusing when you make friends with someone then all of a sudden they try and fuck you. It feels like they have been pretending to be friend just to have sex. It makes you reinterpret everything and feels like a betrayal. It ruins friendship.

    Your either friends or you date. Why people think you make friends then try and fuck? I don't wanna fuck my friends. Making friends with someone so you can one day hit on them is very disingenuous. I respect more guy who is honest and upfront.

    No wonder so many guys complain of being friendzoned. You put yourself in the friendzone.

    • Because you girls like guys to beat around the bush and spit game on you before you give them sex. Perfect example of a guy who walks up to girls asking for sex (0.5% success rate).


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    • Looks like you didn't read what i said.

    • Ok now you make better point. I think I see how it works now. Stupid feminist tell everyone women don't like dominant men. So men think they can just be nice and women will fuck them. Then confident, cocky, don't give a shit guy come along. Women ARE attracted to dominance so reward him with sex. Then nice guys be all confused boo hoo.

      When women say they want a nice guy what they mean is a confident, attractive, successful guy who is also nice. A guy who is attractive and also nice. Not shy, ugly, unemployed guy who happens to be nice.

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  • Totally nailed it. I mean totally. This is how the world works- people need to understand and act according to it. Some women will get butthurt and reject it but that just proves that you hit where it hurts. This does not mean that women are bad.. it just shows that everyone has a 'selfish side'- everyone.

  • I've noticed all these things too. It's funny to see women deny it and try to tell you that you're bitter for pointing out the reality of it. Once I figured it out I went from being a typical nice guy to being a player, chasing multiple women, sleeping around, being a lot more sexually forward. The difference in the way women treated me was huge, especially when I started to put some. muscle on too. In the end I got bored of. sleeping around so I calmed down a bit and found a good girl, I didn't act like a complete nice guy nor a sex-crazed player, just in-between.

  • I think not all women are like this, but in our society there is definitely a propensity for it. To put it another way, the criticism against stupidity specific to males is official, thick in the air, even at the highest levels of prestige. Some say it even steps into unwarranted criticism. The criticism against female stupidity is typically told as a joke, and the understanding is that it can be dismissed at any time as non-serious or non-legitimate.

    • I never once said all women were like this. However, you have to kind of be in the dark to not see that a good percentage of women are like this.

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    • Things can be perceived in many ways that doesn't mean we should put words in other peoples mouth and accuse them of saying it.

    • Sure, but ironically, I never said you said that, either.

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  • Women want alpha fucks, beta bucks. That's life.

    And I think gray can be worn well


  • It's funny that you keep trying to adapt to what you think they want. Be your own man. If some chicks think you're worse than cancer, good at least you know early and don't waste any time or energy on them. Find the one's that work for you, rather than trying to work for those girls that don't...

    • This take isn't about pandering to women's wants. It was to show similarities between women and nice guys. Essentially everyone puts on their best behavior to win someone they desire. Yet, nice guys are demonized for it by girls, which is a bit hypocritical.

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    • Some people act on their "best behavior" others just say this is make take me or leave me, and some peacock and try to be the biggest asshole in the room. There are many strategies in a game of chess, and all can win against the correct enemy.

    • Realistically I could use these various strategies against different girls of all ages and get results if I was trying. It depends on the particular girl's background and personality. Some girls are more feisty than others and you have to be dominate with them. When they see that fire in you, it turns them on... Other girls are more sensitive and you have to be kind and careful with them. The best strategy in my opinion is to just roll as you are, and see what you attract, rather than to see a hot girl and say what makes her tick because I want to tap that ass. Not everyone wears a mask, and not everyone that wears a mask wears one that is nice.

  • Somehow reading this makes me want to give up on women xD

  • Lol, who cares. The world is what it is, nothing you can do to change that. Just live your life the best you can and fuck everything else.

    • Oh, I don't know about there being nothing you can do to change the world. I don't consider myself a nice guy, but I have aspergers and am basically socially retarded, even though I'm assertive, even if awkwardly so. However, I've managed to change a lot of small things in society with good arguments, determination and simply not shutting the fuck up about it lol

      I've managed to change a lot of minds and provide evidence to help other people change minds. Human beings are not weak. Even if we're cogs in a machine much bigger than us, we can make a difference over time, and you don't need a youtube channel, or a microphone, or insane amounts of popularity, or even good social skills to make a difference.

  • You speak the truth. Preach it!

  • Just be yourself. who cares what these girls say.

  • This is a truly excellent MyTake! You've tapped deeply into the reality that few women are willing to acknowledge! Younger females are typically so privileged and entitled in dating that they can't believe they have any faults! Thus, they automatically assume any nice man who has trouble finding acceptance from women must be some kind of slimey, inhuman, Satanic demon! Then they have the nerve to claim it's only their exaggerated cartoon stereotyped "nice guy" that they badmouth and not the REAL good guys! WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! Being a genuine nice guy makes no difference at all when women are so quick to project their automatic cartoon stereotype on every man who dares to make a point of treating women with utmost kindness! This is why a lot of men STOP being so kind and respectful toward women! Sadly, many women don't appreciate sincere kindness and respect! Thanks for telling the REAL story about nice guys! BRAVO!

  • People can get upset all they want this is pretty true. Doesn't mean it's true for ever women but it's seen so often that a lot of women do engage in this behavior.

  • Alright. here's the thing. When you were in highschool and you liked a girl but you saw her liking someone else you would see him as 'cocky' jerk, kinda guy. You were jealous. How do you know how he treats his girlfriend/fuckbuddies? Man up. Stop being such a passive, emasculated lame excuse a male and stop making excuses for your shortcomings. What would you bring to a relationship apart from your niceness?

    • Strong life lessons from someone less than 18. But to honest, no it's not out of jealousy you label these guys as cocky, jerky. It's actual character trait you assign from observing their mannerism and behavior. Women like confident men but when they are young they often confuse arrogance for confidence.

      Also man up is a sexist term that you at a young age are already being in indoctrinated through your feminist teachings. This isn't an excuse but pointing out the similarities between female behavior and nice guy,

      Maybe you should quit it with the shaming language and look at this take without having an emotional reaction towards it.

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    • Hm, that's strange. I've never seen that happen before. Maybe you've had one or two bad experiences and painted it to look like you're oppressed? You remind me of the people that accuse all women of playing the victim, when they're no better

    • @FallOutBoy2001 " Maybe you've had one or two bad experiences and painted it to look like you're oppressed? You remind me of the people that accuse all women of playing the victim, when they're no better"

      Lol no. GAG is a perfect example of women's victim mentality. Every take or question on relationship going wrong is always filled with a pity party on how they were the vicitm, and with long winded story of explaining why the person did wrong. Every mytake/question by men explaining about the bad behavoir of women in dating world today is met with shame tactics, sarcasm, and no sympathy at all. Meanwhile when the genders are reverse more men I find are sympathetic and some even apologize (this is the difference between the genders).

      It's also funny how women are so lost in their reality and real life. They always act like their version of real life is absolute truth and male's version is written off of them having bad experience.