7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman


I wasn't challenged, but I'm still gonna do this challenge anyway. So here we go!

1. Nerdy

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

I like a woman who loves to be studious as well as into nerdy things like cosplay and discussions about comics and pop culture

2. Poetic

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

I love a woman who can write and make beautiful poetry about her feelings

3. Well dressed

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

Dressing well is a great turn on always

4. A sense of humor

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

5. Goth or Emo style

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

In a weird sorta way this style contradicts what I am but it turns me on ;)

6. Playful

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

I love a woman who ain't afraid to play me in bowling, mini golf, laser tag, or have fun in any other way

7. Kinky

7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman

Its a huge turn on if a woman is into trying kinky stuff in the bedroom and be dominant at times showing me what she likes ;)

I nominate @ghostqueen @seeyouaround @mooky06 @Iron_Man and @SirRexington to take this challenge



7 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Iron_Man
    Number one I like a good sense of humor on a girl.
    Number two I like a woman thats very intelligent that brings a lot to the table.
    Number 3 I want a woman of strong character through thick & thin that will always be there for me no matter what.
    Number 4 I enjoy a tall slender attractive woman with many beautiful Curves on her body with beautiful eyes and long hair.
    Number 5 I want a woman that can help guide me through life at times when I need to be guided through it, and someone that brings great wisdom to the table.
    Number 6 I want a romantic sensual girl in the bedroom that can really satisfy me.
    Number 7 I want a motherly figure that looks after her children to the highest level and will always be there for her kids an outstanding mother to her loving kids.
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    • Iron_Man

      Thanks for most helpful award gag selection committee

Most Helpful Girls

  • Seeyouaround
    Oh thanks for the thought , not sure if I'll take the challenge though , if have to narrow down seven things that I like about a guy out of a lot.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I'm almost "your" complete package. :) I just don't do the goth/emo style unless it;s Halloween.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • PrincessPie
    Cool list!
  • SirRexington
    You and @LegateLanius have already pretty much described my dream girl.

    1: Modest
    2: Smart
    3: Different, goth, punk, metalhead, artistic
    4: Geeky, lover of things comic booky and sci-fi.
    5: Silly and funny, down to earth but also bubbly in personality.
    6: Pale skin and dark hair.
    7: Understanding
  • Salsacumbia
    Ha ha ha! Sweet list! I can do all but i guess i didn't get challenge as it cotradicts of what my profile says about me 😉😁But nice list! Glad you have your thoughts what makes you content! Take care.
  • Zorax
    Interesting, here is what I think:

    1. Not my type.
    2. Not my type either.
    3. Dressing well is a relative term, every person likes different kind of outfits on women.
    4. Ok.
    5. Goth is ok, but I don't like Emo.
    6. Depends.
    7. I agree.

    Nice Take 👍
  • Jjpayne
    I agree with all of your points!!! Great mytake!!! Imagine finding the girl that matches all 7!!!
  • Elliegirl
    I’ve got no goth or emo style, but I’ve got the rest covered!
  • LegateLanius
    I thought for the challenge that we were supposed to do physical attributes...
    • it doesn't matter to me

    • well, i'm just saying that because i am confused now. If I knew I could also do nonphysical attributes and talents, I would have posted that, too.

  • QueenofCups
    I am most of these things.
  • simoncross
    I dont not care how they feel or think anymore
    all I want is the body nothing else
  • RedRobin
    Nice list
  • Prankster13
    Nice take.
  • TuMeManques
    I'm all but 2 of these. I won't say which lol
  • VixenRach
    The last one though 😂 I agree
  • LongShlongSilvr
    I love well dressed with a sense of humor.
  • Anonymous