Things That I Find Attractive On Guys


This is a challenge myTake that I was so graciously invited to chime in on by no other than the infamous angelic and majestic Ms @AngelicSin (Ms AS) who is one of the two sweetest and most accomplished editors I know on GAG!

Some of you will now learn why I am still single and why some girls are just too hard to please. Ms AS is making me out my secret

Yes, I'll admit it, I am too picky, so why shouldn't I settle for less? Well, that's another story, for another time and another day :)

OK, I am going to start from the top of his head and work my way down to the bottom of his feet, so get ready :)

And as per Ms AS's challenge rules, this myTake will deal with appearance characteristics and not personality traits.

BOYS: Please don't be mad at me because I didn't describe you. Tastes sometimes change over time. Maybe one day, as I evolve, you will be "The Perfect Boy" for me :) But, really, the perfect girl is out there for you and maybe one that takes up the challenge will describe you perfectly!


Really boys, I love all types of hair colors and styles but there is just something that really takes me places when I see a boy with blonde wavy hair! Maybe because I am of Scandinavian decent and have boy cousins that I grew up with that are drop dead gorgeous beyond belief to me and all my friends that know, and drool over, them

wavy blond hair
wavy blond hair


Now you will say ..."That's not an appearance characteristic at all!" Oh, but for me it is. A boy does not have to speak a word for me to tell you just by looking at him as to whether he qualifies for this one. How you say? His appearance will speak of his intelligence in many ways. Much can be discerned by a boy's appearance, countenance, smell, glances, glimmers, smirks, movements, etc. And I can read them like a book ...most girls can :)



Like an ice cream cone left in the sun, I will melt were I stand when a handsome boy smiles at me, and I think most girls would agree! Guys, if you want to go right to a girls heart, learn to smile at her with passion and sincerity while looking her right in the eyes, and don't take them off. Make her be the one to take them away. Yes, there is an art to this technique so as not to be an inappropriate and uncomfortable stare, but once you master it, you will have to carry the girl to the closet bed, and lay her down, to revive her ...I'M SERIOUS!

his smile
his smile


OMG, and speaking of eyes!! If you know what it is like to faint ...I am telling you I get weak in the knees when I see a boy with heavenly blue eyes. Not to put any other colors down at all, please boys, but I'm just saying what takes me over-the-top in a heartbeat!

blue eyes
blue eyes


Boys who take care of their bodies really turn me on ...I'M NOT KIDDING! If you are the athletic body building type you have just earned ten points, trust me!



I am not a hairy body loving girl, it's that simple. And again boys, nothing against hairy bodies, I know that will drive many girls wild, I am just not one of them. I love boys with light thin, or no, hair on their bodies and shaved, or waxed, hair in just the right places. YES, I am serious! :)

smooth body
smooth body


Ok boys, when you are in a casual dress situation, my thing is tight pants, and when you are wearing a top, then with a short t-shirt or casual shirt. I want the shirt/t-shirt short so as not to hide anything I might want to see. WHY? ask? Well, I will leave that one to your imagination, which shouldn't be "too hard", you think

casual dress
casual dress


Now, if you want me visibly drooling, show up for a formal dinner in a 3 piece business suite with a tie or bow tie on and take me to a fancy restaurant. And wait until you see what I will be dressed in! OK, but this is not really about me, but my dream boy, so we'll stay focused for now

And, please don't think I am anything less then dead serious on this one!

3 piece business suit
3 piece business suit


dream boy
dream boy

And now that I have finished this, I want to challenge four of GAG's sweetest gaggers ever to write their own "myTake" with the hashtag #WhatIFindAttractiveChallenge about what they find physically attractive on the opposite sex.





Here is the original hashtag challenge as posted by Ms @AngelicSin ...

Things That I Find Attractive On Guys


Things That I Find Attractive On Guys
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  • desidoll
    Why you stole my taste? Oh no... 😂you know I like blond guys right.
    Is this still revelant?
    • No Ms DD, I didn't know. But brilliant minds do think alike... lol

    • desidoll

      Seriously all of the guys you posted 🤤🤤🤤I'm drooling.

    • ... lol

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  • SweetgirlNS
    Not bad. I could think of a few other things. lol
    Is this still revelant?
    • Oh My Ms SG... and what would that be I wonder? Or is that just my mind working overtime? ... lol

    • Haha, not your imagination working over time.

    • Oh double MY! ... lol

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Angelina124
    I guess I don't have much of a preference I like blondes or brunettes I do love light colored eyes blue green or grey eyes I drool over I guess a sexy smile and light eyes and intelligence are my main factors the rest doesn't really make or break it for me my boyfriend now has grey eyes sexy smile and he's studying to be a lawyer I have a good one
    • Hot! Good catch girl! :)

    • His older brother is trying to be a surgeon omg his eyes are like sky blue and just tv surgeon sexy haha like from Grey's anatomy

  • Theft
    My goodness miss L!! You make my hart race even just talking about what turnes you on... lol! Even knowing I don’t fit that list by any exaggeration... haha! Well hopefully you can find your dream boy soon! Haha! He is missing out on some amazing days with a breath taking girl!!
    • You get all the points for sweetness Mr T!!

    • Theft

      Awwww! 😊 thanks miss L!! Really all the points? That feels pretty impressive! Haha

  • errorgoodnameunfound
    "A boy does not have to speak a word for me to tell you just by looking at him as to whether he qualifies for this one. How you say? His appearance will speak of his intelligence in many ways. Much can be discerned by a boy's appearance, countenance, smell, glances, glimmers, smirks, movements, etc. And I can read them like a book... most girls can " Ladies and gents, ultimate sign of a egotistic idiot. Don't come whining if one if those guys that "you knew look smart" abuses you psychologically and emotionally, as I will have zero sympathy. And please, don't call me bitter or nice guy, incel, etc, as there too predictable and make no points. Ya can't automatically sense intelligent just by looking at somebody. Sorry, lady, you ain't a god. You're just flesh and bones living on a giant rock like anyone else. Nothing special. You sound like an animal looking for a mate, not a human. Go ahead and report me for being mean. Why should I care if it's just truth designed to help you in the end if you acknowledge it?
    • Sorry dude but you're neither a god and, latest news, humans are also animals! You're not a plant right? Nor a mushroom... Maybe a virus 😜

  • azzntittiz
    They are all blond, are you bullying me because you know I like black hair?
    • Please let me add you to my list at the end Ms Azz, and accept the challenge to write your own myTake on this subject. I would love to see your selections of what your boy would look like! Really!!

    • azzntittiz

      Okay, you got it.

    • SUPER!!

  • TripleAce
    I mean what are you really saying. Cause that’s like any girl lol could of saved us the trouble and just said I’m the typical girl that likes this type of guy and we would get it
    There was nothing unique at all about your taste 😛
  • AuroraRoseat
    Lol. I prefer non-blonds but I agree with the muscular, smile, and intelligence. I also want to see some hair--some men have nice looking happy trails and chests with smooth hair (not curly. That isn't attractive to me). And I don't like too casual a dress.

    But great Take. It goes to show that every woman has their tastes (and maybe will lessen the repetitive questions).

  • thatguyfromtoronto
    Soooooo basically a guy from an Abercrombie & Fitch ad
    *rolls eyes* I'm sorry but I don't want to be picky, as long as I am attracted to her, she has a good sense of humor, is driven and cares/committed that's all I care about. I don't care if she has a boob size of a C-cup or D-cup, whether she has black hair, brown hair or blonde hair, whether she likes sports or not, whether she looks like Emma Stone or Chyna from the WWE... It doesn't matter to me, as long as I care about her.
  • Well that's cool! I pretty much fit the description of all points. Fair enough I have more of a dirty blonde hair than the classic viking blonde, but I am Swedish with Viking ancestors. I'm quite muscular by nature but I also work out, and I actually have received compliments from girls on my deep blue eyes. My smile is also according to some said to be quite nice.

    And I do value intellect as one of the most important qualities in a person. Nice to see someone digging the Scandinavian look!
  • TheUsername27
    When you say ''takes care of their body'' what that build actually involves an expensive meal plan and a dedicated gym routine. But hey fair play. I often gear girls saying they prefer darker hair. But i bet it's a real advantage being a blonde guy... in the UK very few guys are actually blonde.
    • I'm also dark-haired and I like girls who are actually blonde. They are very few, and in the US where I am I'd guess even fewer than the UK.

  • Nik1hil
    You have the most correct sense of choosing a mate.. 🤔
    • Thank you Mr Guru Nik, you have made my day! :)

    • Nik1hil

      "Mr. Guru Nik.." 😂😂 You just made my Independence day..

  • malegender
    I think this is fine, but f I posted a similar article about women, would that be OK by women?
  • Kit_Kat88
    Those guys in the pictures are so hot haha and I agree on every preference, especially intelligence.
  • apple24
    How cute! Someone was having so much fun. I kinda torn between this type of guy, rock-punker, and hot korean guys. Lol 😂 yes, I know it’s impossible so I settle for a chubby alternative singer. Lol 😂
  • well we have very different taste
    ~ Mrs Manson
    • Yes, but the grave yard may be full of vampires to suit certain others you know :) ... lol

    • xD muscly guys gross me out
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • See, I was right... the ones at the grave yard are "skin and bones" ... lol... lol

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  • John_Doesnt
    What about short fat bald guys named Frank?
    Things That I Find Attractive On Guys
  • niDaye
    When people read too much porn, they tend to have unrealistic sexual fantasies.
  • Pink1996
    This take should have been named "I find blonde, blue eyed men attractive"
  • NYCQuestions1976
    My beard outshines them all. I myself am extremely average.
  • AtomicMuseliBar
    Uh, okay? Why have I been invited to this? It just made me uncomfortable and I stopped reading. I'm not into guys.
  • Kabluie
    Slim pants is quite a thing today, I enjoy it too. Also cool looking ties and shirts.
  • Silverio_Stieger
    Well except for the #5 (I'm in good shape but not builded) you described me 😉 so I'm waiting now for the personality traits myTake
  • TheBedwin
    Forgot most Important thing... money
    I drive a Ferrari and I have no problem whatsoever picking up girls
  • JoyKJ7
    I’m gonna guess you like blondes too
  • BillieJean1070
    You nailed it!
  • Anon-ymous1
    Uh... okay.
  • jayjayrawr
    All men are attractive in their own special way
  • TayTay21
    Not bad, but no little guys lol.
    • Dear TayTay,
      Fuck yourself with a cactus.
      All little guys of the world :p
      PS, not little myself with height or down there. And down there, its not me saying it, bit others.

    • TayTay21

      @errorgoodnameunfound I'm sure you've spent plenty of time fucking yourself because nobody else would.

  • Britantic
    Good take, I dont mind hair on the body though
  • Ella_101
    Totally agree 😋😍☺
  • pepwave21
    Nice done.
  • Dulce_jay
    Can’t disagree lol
  • PetrovaFire92
    Wow 🤣😂
  • abundantlyrich
    Liam hemsworth or thor because he rules.
  • red_knight
    You've hurt too many egos lol
  • es20490446e
    The things that make males male.
  • grashopper
    I just think, you are into blonde guys.
    • grashopper

      You forgot big and long schlong. Or blonde pubic hair. I think blonde pubic hair are the best (on girls though).

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
  • Cage4
  • kojikurac
    Naa. I'm too tall.
  • Nice222
    Thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    Damn we are so polar opposites