Things That I Find Attractive On Guys


Well,hello everyone.

It's me again.

I'm extremely bored today so I decided to write something, however I'm not in the mood to write something serious.

After I got inspired by some questions and takes on the site I decided to write about what I find attractive on guys based on ex-"boyfriends" and crushes that I have/had.

But because I'm sure that everyone have different preferences when it comes to their 'Type',I decided to write this take and actually start a challenge with it.

Yeap, a challenge.


I'm interested to see what other people find physically attractive and how much their likings are different from mine.

More will be explained at the end.

Disclaimer : I do not represent female opinion in general,these are things/characteristics that I personally prefer or/and attract me.

But because people here tend to read and understand what they want to,

I'll repeat...


Some will agree,while some others will disgree with me.

And in order to be clear,his take only talks about appearance characteristics on guys,not personality traits.

Things That I Find Attractive On Guys

1.Dark Hair & Light Skin.

David Gandy is a daaddddyyyy
David Gandy is a daaddddyyyy

I don't know why,but guys with dark hair seem a lot more manly than others and they are also much more attractive when they have fair skin.

The contrast of their hair and skintone is just extremely sexy in my opinion, they always stand out in the crowd in my eyes.


How can an ear just be so sexy?
How can an ear just be so sexy?

In a part of Europe and Asia, piercings on guys have become a huge fashion trend, and I understand why, it's really really really hot.

In my opinion,guys who wear earings become 10 times hotter from when they don't.

No idea why again,it's just attractive.


Ah Francisco Lachowski,another hottie.
Ah Francisco Lachowski,another hottie.

I really like tattoos cause most of them time they have a meaning behind them.

Also guys that have tattoos have a more interesting,mysterious and sexy aura, that of course makes them seem much more alluring and exciting.

4.Nice Hands.

Ay Ay Ay Ayyyyyyyyyyyy
Ay Ay Ay Ayyyyyyyyyyyy

So I guess that's my fetish,also called 'Quirofilia'.

I don't know why I'm attracted to it neither if there is or what it the science behind it,but I find man's hands an extremely tempting/hot part of their bodies.

However to my big surprise,I'm not the only female with this kind of 'liking', it's actually a pretty common fetish among girls.

5.Bad-Ass Style.


I'm one of the females that really observe a guy's outfit.

In my opinion,everyone should wear what it matched them and flatters them, however some standard bad-boy-type of clothes like black jeans,leather jackets and black shirts are extremely fashionable,easy going and sexy.

6.Being Tall & Well-Built.

Things That I Find Attractive On Guys

Lying is bad,but I think this is an obvious one.

When a guy is tall (taller than me) and fit I think is instantly more attractive.

He looks like he is taking care of himself...Also I'm a huge fan of abs and in general good physic.

And now That I finished this, I challenge these gaggers to write a similar take with the hashtag #WhatIFindAttractiveChallenge about what they find physically attractive on the opposite sex.





When they finish,on their turn,they will challenge their chosen Gagers.



Things That I Find Attractive On Guys
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ADFSDF1996
    1.) My natural fair skin shows in the fall and winter when I tend to avoid the sunlight

    2.) I rather not get any kind of piercings, people talk bad about guys with piercings especially navel/pupka piercings.

    3.) Many Jobs but not all actually discriminate against tattooed individuals.

    4.) I have nice and strong looking hands from using my hand grippers a lot. In fact many women compliment me on how nice my hands look. A lot of women seem to have quirofilia, it’s analogous to how a lot of guys have alvinophilia.

    5.) I guess I have that but it’s slightly more stylish.

    6.) I’m not tall which is why I wrote this Heightism: the Type of Discrimination That You Didn’t Know Existed ↗ but I am well built and I’m much stronger than what someone of my size is supposed to be.
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    • Anonymous

      well, that's nice.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Thanks for MHO.

  • Jack_L_andTurn
    Not sure why people are putting you on blast for being honest. I much prefer the honest ones to those who lead me on and then tell me I either have a trait they don't like or lack a trait they require.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Our types aren't the same lol😂
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  • LeaLee
    Love it! Great Take
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  • Logorithim
    This Pretty Standard stuff, but very useful to know what a particular woman likes.
    • Anonymous

      ting ting

  • Celtero
    Tats and piercings are trashy. Why do women like them?
  • studDMuffF1n
    All that right writing and unnecessary emboldment of words which almost seems randomly chosen -- just to say you like the sterotypical bad boy image in white.
    • Anonymous

      lol I didn't know that bad boys come only in black

  • nachowurry
    I like black guys. there's just something about dark skin thats really attractive to me.

    Sexy af😉😏😘💟💦💧
  • Blunique
    Not many people know David Gandy. I agree, he's really hot, plus British, plus blue eyes, plus amazing body. Enough said on him.

    I've always liked guys with blue eyes. A guy taller than me. Fit body. Brown, black, and sometimes blonde hair if he doesn't look girly. Facial hair. Nice teeth. Nice style ( but I feel like most guys don't dress nice so... asking for a guy who dresses nice is unrealistic...) Nice hair. I mean guys don't need to put effort into their hair but if their hair looks good on them then I dig that.
    • JustMyTake

      Just curious, in your opinion is it OK for a guy to want a girl with blue eyes, shorter, fit, red hair, no facial hair, nice teeth, nice style, and nice hair? If it is, I'm cool with that. But I think it's fair to say, in order to expect something the other person should also bring that thing to the table.

    • Blunique

      @JustMyTake Yeah of course.

    • Blunique

      But let me be realistic. He has to be hot or average in order to make those demands otherwise no one wants him and he can't be picky. No offense to anyone

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  • Jjpayne
    Bad boy huh! That reminds me of a song!
    Great take and I love the touch!!
  • JustMyTake
    There was this person over on Quora. Had some picture of a minion accompanied by a caption about not caring. She said that, when it came to looks, she was quite picky as well. I found it interesting, based on what you wrote a few days ago. Without as strong emotional connection, I'd imagine physical connection plays a much larger part. I could be wrong, but I thought I read that somewhere
  • AuroraRoseat
    I love Eric from True Blood and I like your Take.

    Personally, I think tan skin and dark hair is hot, because he darker the skin, the better his muscles are accentuated.

    Tattoos are beautiful works of art that can improve a man's physique. I highly recommend it on muscular men.

    The rest isn't me. :)
  • Kaneki05
    Well i have dark hair and a bit pale and i want tattoos and pirecings i always wear black and have a leather jacket which i wear always, i am tall but honestly not fit or look strong. Also have hands but i dunno if they look good i mean hands to me are just hands.
  • Prankster13
    Well I guess 1/6 ain't bad lol. 😅

    Ya I'll try that challenge. Would you like me to invite you to the take once I post it?
    • Anonymous


  • laurieluvsit
    OH MY, thank you so much for the invite Ms AS! Let me think about that one. I am studying for my drone pilots license right now so am trying to focus on short posts but I will get to this one ASAP as it looks like a fun one! :)
  • 9teen
    I only agree with the hands part and the tall height good physique part. They're extremely attractive. Especially hands.

    Tattoos and piercings are a big BIG turn off.
    Dark hair light skin doesn't matter. I could find anyone with a handsome face attractive. The color doesn't make anyone more or less manly. It all depends on the features to me (chiseled jawline etc)
    Bad boy shit is immature and I prefer a mature man who dresses what he likes. Hygiene on number 1. Looking neat and all.
  • BirdFan360
    *sees tatoos, piercings and badboy look on list*
    *looks at meek, shy and skinny self in mirror*
    Its ok... this is fine.
  • bogmil
    You will be alone for rest of Your life. The`se gays have their boyfriends ;)
    • Anonymous

      Lol already had plenty of boyfriends who fullfilled all these and I'm sure I'll have more.

    • nachowurry

      Lol so salty😂 dont be jealous just you dont have a style.

  • Investigator
    "Things That I Find Attractive on Guys that are already considered attractive"

    Fixed it for ya

    You can tell the ACTUAL kinds of guys OP is infatuated with, by the choice of picture. Notice, if you will, that not one of these "Things That I Find Attractive On Guys" feature men of an average-build or even chubby. They are all literally or borderline models.

    But, don't pay attention to that VERY important aspect of this post, instead take note that "it's the little things that count".

    *cough* Bullshit *cough*
    • Anonymous

      I'm not average so I don't want average.
      It's that simple
      And I also never said that I'm one of these chicks that believe that only personality counts.
      Your comment is...
      *cough* bullshit *cough*

    • I know you think have a point, but you don't.

      So, for example, when you say "I'm not average so I don't want average", this is a total non-sequitar; at no point in this post did you insinuate anything about how your personal level of beauty is relevant to the matter of things that look good on guys. All you said was "these are things I find attractive on guys", implying that those things enhance a guy's appearance from a neutral or attractive standpoint. In other words, "not-attractive guy + things that look attractive on guys = average guy".

      "And I also never said that I'm one of these chicks that believe that only personality counts." Yeah, I know, you're just like every other girl that says the same thing... but that's none of my business. "I like his nice, long, thick...*personality*."

    • Anonymous

      Lol why are you so butthurt babydoll?

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  • EpicDweeb
    ... so basically you like characters from the Matrix? Is that about right? xD
    • abc3643

      LOL DUDE!! Spot on!


  • AbdKilani
    OH no
    I am a very complicated man, I love everything about a woman, Tall short , over weight , thin , even muscular XD
    Is is really hard for me , I will try it though
  • xTom98
    Nice Idea to start a Challenge like this, I just finished writing mine :P
    Well written and straight to the Point, although personally Im not a fan of earrings on guys. But thats Personal Taste anyways.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    You're not the first one I've met either. That's so interesting how men have foot fetish and women have hand fetish. Things That I Find Attractive On Guys
  • lb2013
    I love a gorgeous jaeline, amazing mesmerizing eyes, and strong muscles. Yummmm. Current celeb crush is Chris Pratt.
  • grashopper
    You should look into Korean boybands, for example (maybe not the best example)
    Things That I Find Attractive On Guys
  • Cosytoasty
    “Tall dark and handsome” has been attractive for about a hundred years 😜. (Wonder who came up with that phrase actually)

  • Madkeyra00
    I would say his looks but he must have a good personality. His body and sex.
  • VanityFiend
    Scratch the piercings and tattoo bullshit and I think you and I are perfect for each other, Angelic.
    • My, you have such finesse Mr Vanity... Let's see "Vanity", OK, it all makes sense now! ... lol

    • You know, I was just being light hearted and trying to be funny with you Mr Vanity meaning no offense, there was no reason to be insulting of me and my grandparents native country.

    • @laurieluvsit Lol, sure you were. That's why you disliked my comment and were being ironic with me. Sit down, fake.

  • asdfgary
    also love a guy with nice teeth. dont know why, just do
  • AoiKaito
    1. Check
    2. Negative
    3. Negative
    4. I guess?
    5. Well I dress in all black, but I am goth.
    6. Well, I am tall and slender.
  • ThisAndThat
    Me personally? I don't have tattoos, I don't like tattoos, I will never get a tattoo, I will more than likely never date a girl that has a tattoo.
  • can I do this too?
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • vald9inches
    So if i get a tattoo and a piercing i would be a perfect match for you? ;P
  • AviationMonk
    • Anonymous


  • person2153
    basically me except for the piercing and tattoo
    • Anonymous


  • Servus09
    I like boobs.
    • Anonymous

      good for you

    • Servus09

      I know, right? I got a 1 out of 6 according to your guidelines. Maybe 2 out of 6 if I dye my hair. My comment was of course silly, but it's also kinda true. My only requirement for women is that they are women. Other than that it's just preference. Hence the, "I like boobs" comment.

  • laughinglad999
    you are living in a dream world
    • Anonymous

      lol not really

    • yep you are

    • Anonymous


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  • BronzedAdonis
    lol.. ok, whatever floats you boat
  • Joker8
    I got 4/6
    • Anonymous

      Not bad

  • RedRobin
    Great take
  • Angelina25
    Girl done. I'll be updating it soon!
  • ThePundertaker
    @laurieluvsit is a catfish dude
    • Hapinus

      Not sure why you think that but she blocked me lol

    • @Hapinus 😂😂
      She’s the epitome of terrible catfish

    • Hapinus

      Why did she block me ☹️

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  • Dumbbrunette
    Kind is cute to me😁
  • apple24
    Just be Sasuke!
  • Kayla45
    Nice MyTake!
  • frontyer
    All of it, but fuck piercings. I hate them.
  • alice55
    That's the basic things an average girl like.
  • legalboxers
    Im none of them :(
  • red_knight
  • Iron_Man
    That's your choice I'm here for the seven points
    • Iron_Man

      Strange thing is I didn't show it this time either

  • Nice222
    Thanks for sharing
  • Guanfei
    Well, ok then, guess I'll stay single.
  • NhuanVan
    I do like tattoo. It very hardcore.
  • Lance1965
    So I scored a 1/6 then.