8 Things I find Attractive in Guys


I have been seeing "What I find Attractive" mytakes a lot. It's a challenge started by AngelicSin
apparently. I think it's fun and I was hoping someone would nominate me for it, and wow @alinakhanx0x has nominated me! Thanks alinakhanx0x! ❤️

Things I find attractive in a guy

1. Intelligence

I can't recall how many times I thought that a guy was attractive until he turned out to be..... Not so intelligent. Intelligence is extremely attractive to me. Nothing like a well read guy who knows a lot and also enlightens you about things, has meaningful conversations, debates.

2. Ambition

I admire guys who are ambitious and go out of their way to succeed in their goals, whatever may be the circumstances. The guy I'm dating right now, came from a humble backgroud and made it to country's topmost research institutes! Which makes him a lot more attractive to me.

3. Good with kids and toddlers

I love toddlers. It's super sweet to see a guy who's taking care of a baby or kid like a pro and enjoying it.

8 Things I find Attractive in Guys

4. Sense of Humour

I have had mini crushes on some standup comedians. Humor and wit take you long way. I can't be around someone who's serious all the time. Bonus if he's into dank memes 🤣

Among physical aspects...

5. Messy/tousled/'just out of bed' hair.

8 Things I find Attractive in Guys

Just makes me feel like running fingers through their hair for some odd reason 🙈

6. Specs/glasses

There's just something attractive about devices used to correct myopia and hyperopia lol

7. Blue eyes

Being used to see people with brown eyes/light brown a lot, blue eyes seem quite exotic. There's something really soothing about looking into deep blue eyes, I just can't explain ❤️

8 Things I find Attractive in Guys

8. Sweater and shirt

The most attractive clothing on guys would be this, in my opinion. It looks neat and gives 'gentlemanly vibe which I find super sexy.

8 Things I find Attractive in Guys

So that's my tiny list of what I find attractive in guys. There are lot more things which ifind atteactive but didn't make to this list.

What do you find attractive in guys/girls?

I nominate:






for this challenge.

8 Things I find Attractive in Guys
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  • Juxtapose
    My reply to your challenge:

    8 Things I Find Attractive In People ↗
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for taking it up :)

  • xTom98
    nice MyTake :)
    Well written and straight to the point :D
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    • Anonymous

      Thank you

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sara0607
    Your list exactly matches with mine!❤ Except sweater and shirt 😂
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    • Anonymous

      Yay ❤️

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  • Bluemax
    I'm going to have the decline the nomination, but thanks.

    I will say this. Above all else, what I find attractive is when a woman can see the wonder and beauty in the natural world around her, and if she's kind.
  • alinakhanx0x
    Thanks for accepting my challenge.
    Very well written cat and damn those blue eyes😍
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for nominating again hun

      And those blue eyes 😍 Chris Hemsworth ❤️❤️

  • YourFutureEx
    You perfectly described a Tech Entrepreneur haha. Wish more girls cared much more about these things.
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  • dandee55
    I'm glad to know how young ladies feel on this -- but I'd really like to hear from some who are closer to my age.

    I don't understand the messy hair thing.
    I'm glad to know that some girls like guys who wear glasses (like me).
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    LOL. None of those are awkward. You wanna see true awkward, read mine. LOL
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  • Nik1hil
    Haha.. It's a infection spreading on gag..
    But it's good to get to see.. How people's perception vary in different regards
  • MarketData
    Messy hair, check. Glasses, check. Shirt, check. I'm good to go babe!
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  • smahala1991
    I am 1 3 5 and 6 lol
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  • ThePundertaker
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  • Hapinus
    Blue eyes 😍
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  • zagor
    LOL #5 is me all the time.
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  • LegateLanius
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  • WhereAmI
    Sweater and bed head... got it. :-p
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  • BronzedAdonis
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  • Razal
    Nice take
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