Features I Find Attractive In A Man


Please note these are just my personal preferences and do not get offended over them. Here are "Features I find attractive in a man":

1. Body shape

I loooove broad shoulders! I want the complete opposite of my body ( except for being fit , that is neccessary for me in a guy ).

Broad shoulders with a cinched in waist and fit sexy legs are sooo attractive.

2. Height

Sexyyyyy josh duhamel
Sexyyyyy josh duhamel

Okay I don't mind average height guys , but I just get approached by tall men often.

I love tall men. I like my men 6'2-6'8 with 6'3 being the perfect height for me, so far I have only dated tall.

Taller men are just so attractive and sexy. I just immediately feel attracted to them!

Being tall is sexy.

3. Muscles

Sexiest body, such a turn on😍
Sexiest body, such a turn on😍

I work out often and eat mostly healthy. I have a nice body and take care of myself. So naturally I'm attracted to guys who do the same.

Muscular fit men are what I find attractive.

I still don't mind skinny men.

But muscular is the ideal shape.

4. Defined jawline

Henry 😛
Henry 😛

There is nothing sexier than gripping a guys big and nice jaw while making out.

It looks aesthetic and very hot.

Men with defined jaws are just unbelievably sexy . All the guys I've been with so far had big and excellent jawlines.

5. Hands

So happy most guys have big hands , they're the hottest thing ever.
So happy most guys have big hands , they're the hottest thing ever.

OMG. Big hands are honestly the sexiest thing ever. I love it when a guy has big and nice hands and he holds me with them.

Big forearms are also quite sexy , especially with rolled up sleeves. That probably is the most attractive thing to me that immediately gets me turned on.

Muscular arms and legs, fit bum, nice hair and anything that looks nice healthy and fit is what I prefer.

Note this is just a preference and not dealbreakers. I still get attracted to guys that don't fit all my standards.

Features I Find Attractive In A Man
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Lovi87
    I do like some of these, but I think I like other things too. For me, I will go for handsome men, and average men. Features I like are..

    Gorgeous eyes, and kissable lips.

    I don't like men who are overly muscular to the point of them looking like the hulk. That is just gross to me. I know women who like it, but I don't. It's too much.

    I love men's bums xD they look amazing in a suit's trousers and It's hard NOT to have a look. ( I sound like a right pervert lol ) I don't like feet, but most men have attractive looking feet O_O I HATE feet, so that is really strange to me.

    I love men with big hands too. Makes me feel more like a little lady which he can protect ^-^ and I definitely love deep voices as well.

    I also love my men to have a beard (at times) but not an overgrown bush, just a well tamed one that looks nice and clean.

    I've been attracted lately to men that look like modern day vikings (my fella being one of them. He looks like Ubbe.) I also LOVE Theo James, Henry Cavill, Joseph Morgan and so many more examples of the kind of features I love.

    Men with tans, dark hair, and fairly tall like 6ft. I'm 5"9'. Don't want them too tall.
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  • chunlilovesvega
    lol when a bitch be like she the only one who has things figured out.

    biiiitch it's like all men being into boobs or booty, all females are attracted to tall muscular males, lol ugh
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Most Helpful Guys

  • RolandCuthbert
    I am really offended by this these preferences and stuff. I don't want to work on myself and get into shape or nothing. I want to stay flabby and stuff. Why come you can just like me for the guy I am inside n'stuff? Even though mostly I just want to have sex with you. Well, that's if you are good looking with a nice rack, long legs and nice skin n'stuff.

    Says about half the guys here at GaG.


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  • Browneye57
    Bet you never even considered what YOU bring to a relationship eh?
    We already know 80% of women are chasing 15% of the hottest guys - the rest of everybody else is standing on the sidelines waiting and hoping for something to happen.

    Unless you're working on your high-value assets you'll never land one of these guys. It's all just puppy dogs rainbows and pink unicorns isn't it?
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    • frontyer

      Women usually bring sex to the table. And to most guys thats enough. Even if theyre fucing fat and distgusting. If theyre sluts, lots of red flags. Most guys dont care. And its a shame, becasue it fucks up the dynamics. Ugly women think they deserve good looking men, becasue they actually do get them.

    • Browneye57

      @frontyer - Yup... the 'golden-vagina'. They think they can land a high-value guy with just their vagina. It just ain't happening. A high-value guy can get all the pussy he can handle - there has to be something more.

      The vast majority of young women cannot articulate what they bring to a relationship that would be considered 'high value'. It just never occurred to them. But you sure hear about what their 'standards' are, and that they're 'just not going to settle'. Sure honey. Sure.

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  • Youngin392
    “Okay I don't mind average height guys , but I just get approached by tall men often. I love tall men.”

    “I like my men 6'2-6'8 with 6'3 being the perfect height for me, so far I have only dated tall.”

    Que? 🙃
  • Ranger2019
    I'm sorry you're being a little trolled on this. There's nothing wrong with preferences, it's natural selection and was fun to read.
    • Jack107

      I mean the interesting thing is that in human societies it's kind of impossible to do "natural" selection, as we have all these cultural narratives enforcing beauty norms and there are hardly any universal beauty norms (i. e. many societies prefer fatter women, many African societies have an equal height rather than male-taller norm, etc.) Broad shoulders and wide hips (on women) are, as far as I'm aware, more or less universal norms.

      It's more accurate to call it artifical selection, really.

  • WalterRadio
    You must be a young American woman. 15 to 23 years old.

    As women mature, they realize what they thought was attractive when they were young and naive isn't so important.
  • Jack107
    Reminds me of this article:

    • Jack107

      Titled "woman has weird thing for conventionally attractive guys" (it's a joke article obviously)

  • CT_CD
    So a tall, attractive, fit guy with broad shoulders and a defined jawline. Not surprising. I could've guessed all of those. Sounds like what your typical woman is attracted to. They all find the same type of men attractive. That's why the 80/20 rule exists. 80% of women want to have sex with and/or date the top 20% of men.
  • passinby
    Great take... made my day! It is nice to hear this.
  • frontyer
    Well this is just a list of features all women find attractive. Nothing new.
  • constantine15
    So basically, the top 5% of men... so hopefully you are in that top 5% of females as the rest of the females all want them too and everything on your list, except the "in shape" one, is determined by genetics and can't be changed.
    • frontyer

      A girl who is a 6 can easiyl get with guys that are 9s. Thats just how it work. 20% of the men fuck 80% of the women. But the great thing is, its real easy to become the top 20%.

    • @frontyer yeah that’s true about the 6 getting all the sex she wants with no effort. But I wouldn’t say that’s it’s “easy” to become the top 20% without genetics on your side.

    • Kkaos

      @frontyer Load of crap. A girl who's a 6 will be fucked by the attractive guys and then she'll be told to get lost, making her feel heartbroken and then consoling with her friends about how 'all men are fuckboys'.

      Real easy to be in the top 20% of men? Haha, yeah... Learn some basic mathematics, pal.

  • RobLovesDemi19771992
    Well how about you grow a pair of 34D or 36D tits and get your fat stomach toned and get a better shaped ass and thighs then you can get that kind of guy if not stop expecting stuff which you can’t equally give a guy in return
    • Did you read what she said? She said she works out often and eats healthily, and basically wants someone who also does that

    • Clo917

      Someone's butthurt. She's just saying what she finds attractive. No need to be so rude.

    • @Clo917 no you dumb cunt when you put a walking checklist up expect the same shit to happen to you

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  • jonwinter777
    What about Arnie in his prime, would he have got a look in? Watch out though 'cause if a bloke is using steroids or something similar to bump up their muscle quickly it tends to shrink their most important, hidden feature. But size is not important, right?
  • Byakugan
    Honestly, reading this, typical teenage fantasy on what features her dream prince must have.. basic as heck

    But hey, you do you :) lol
    • I like buttttts

    • Byakugan

      @tonicandgin Don`t we all though :) lol

    • I'm literally obsessed with butts especially prominent butt chin. My boyfriend thinks his butt chin is ugly and won't shave his beard. But that's my favorite part of his face

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  • kadegk24
    for me i mean eyes are everything. im not big on the body (as long as your not obese). but if you have good blue/green eyes ill be yours
  • BZRKr
    I don't understand why anyone is mad over this. We basically hold most, if not all, woman to the same standard.

    I personally like a fit girl with a nice face and personality.
  • Jemini_Crocket
    You mean you like the same things as most of the girls? xD There's nothing uncommon or different about your preferences, just saying.
  • HikerDude
    I know this is a common question, but it's one that I don't feel girls are forthright about: how big do you like the muscle?
    • Dashee

      To me it doesn't have to be a lot. Just a bit so a guy looks fit, with maybe some stronger arms.

      in my opinion something like this: www.google.nl/search

      But that's only muscles. He is a bit too broad for my taste. But obviously every girl is different. I know tons of girls who like the borderline bodybuilder type of guy, but I also know a lot of girls who like it a bit more natural.

  • Investigator
    I swear, it baffles me how short-sighted some of these posts are...

    You have made a MyTake titled "Features I Find Attractive", which upon further inspection, is about men. Therefore, what we have here is a checklist of male traits purported to be uniquely desirable to you, or at least, not most women--which ends up being sabotaged, because it boils down to yet another generic, Buzzfeed-style "Top 5 List of Things Basic B*tches Like in Men" list.

    Why not just make a poll instead? My guesses are, either you have deluded yourself into think that you are somehow different from other women in finding these traits alluring and wanting for validation of your opinion OR it didn't occur you that this is not the first list of men, of its kind, nor will it be the last, and/or you didn't think to ask how many other women agree with you.

    I will let the audience be the judge of which outcome I think is more likely...
    • Dashee

      Calm down, alpha male.

  • vishna
    A lot of your preferences I totally get (as a woman) broad shoulders, tall, strong jaw etc...

  • Gottabsavagee
    Hehe people will always want to have what they don’t.

    You should love yourself the way you are. I think you look great.
  • Omar5881
    No one has everything start having realistic expectations
  • TheBedwin
    Honestly when a man has 100 millions dollar.. He is the most attractive man on earth to women... ask me
  • Pejtu
    i got everything u said , but i warn you im a manipulator ;)
    because i know girls like it ;)
  • Salmon4056
    I find deepset eyes, melanin skin, deep voice and a nice smile to be attractive
  • wootamandawoot41
    to each their own. click clack im back its the mack attack
  • Anon-ymous1
    "and do not get offended over them" Why is that even in there
  • MaximisPryme
    Like all superficial women like... Nothing new hahahahaha
  • hans1416
    So I reckon antifa weaklings won't be reproducing much:)
  • BonnieBunny
    That's basically the typical manly man. Nothing special.
  • Muhammad1999
    I have all except I'm not very tall only 5'11 and my hands aren't so big either 😅
  • Mr-Kabuki
    so you like big hands? how do you feel about men who wear rings?
  • skoozi
    Most girls do them attractive, so this question doesn't differ from a general response
  • robocop666
    I got all except fit legs I look good but I have skinny legs
  • Selina_Kyle_
    Even Henry is great for this Take 😍😍😍
  • GirlfromSweden97
    insecure men being butthurt101
    • toddy212

      Why do you assume an insecure guy is butthurt by this post?

      I would say I'm insecure because I was not born handsome, I'm none of these things, I'm short with small hands, a bad jawline, and small body shape. And dating is very difficult for me.

      However, I don't blame any woman for her preferences. I don't get butthurt about their preferences because they can't control what they like.

      I just blame myself for being born with inferior genes. I'm allowed to feel insecure if I was born with shitty genes, especially the height.

      Again I don't blame you for your standards, I'm not offended at them, whatever makes you happy, it just hurts that I was born this way, so I'm only disappointed in myself, destined to struggle.

    • Jack107

      tbf I didn't post a salty comment but I am insecure 'cause I have BDD. I think women do need to recognise that men get as insecure as they do about this stuff and suffer from (different) body image problems which can be catastrophic.

  • iskg679
    Many women find these features attractive.
  • Golden-Thread
  • Secretgardenblood
    Nice take. .
  • Pauliho
    Everyone likes that...
  • GayHowellMeme
    All girls find these features attractive
  • Heh I'm not any of those :P Just being myself
  • honest_artist
    Isn’t this what most girls think?
    • frontyer

      Its what all girls think. And its common knowledge. Pretty useless take.

    • cavmanier

      Except for the 6'2 to 6'8 preference. I think most prefer around 5'10 to 6'2. This girl is probably 5'10 which skews her preference up.

  • samoht89
    says the anonymous woman
  • isweatergawd
    Dont know if i should feel good or scared lol
  • Skali9119Liska
    You love me.😚
    I love you too
  • Mikayla03
  • epicgamer1212
    working on it.
  • lourent
    good take
  • ViktorSokolovsky
    Interesting criteria
  • Toni_right
    You only can find this guy in heaven hahaha
  • RaceAgainstMachine
    How tall are you?