My Tough Lesson About My Crush


I have gone to one nice danceclub pretty often lately. I went there last night and I was really happy, because I saw a girl I liked. I saw her couple weeks earlier and I was a bit crushed on her. I even went to that club couple times, mostly because I wanted to see her. I even told some of my friends that I like her. I had no ulterior motives. I just liked her and wanted to spend some time with her. She was actually from India.

She invited me to hang out with her friends, who I already saw couple weeks ago. We talked a bit, but then for some reason she danced with everyone but me. She wouldn't even look at me. She totally cut me out. I thought she liked me, even as a friend. I was very frustrated about her acting. The best part was when some random guy came there and they danced and licked each other for like a half an hour. I really cared about her and I couldn't believe all that. I was absolutely disgusted.

Then she was sitting alone and I went and said to her how I cared about her and how I found it amazing that she can't even look at me and she licks with some random guy. When I told that, she looked away and didn't answer. I can't understand how she turned from a girl I liked to a person who can't even stand me. I'm a nice person and people never treat me like this.

I spent the night with her friends and they were very nice. It's nice to meet new people, since I'm not a local. The absolute tip of the iceberg was when her friends told me, that she said that when I was talking to her, I grapped her from her jacket and I was abusive or something like that. I couldn't believe it. She actually hated me and I have no clue why. Her friends told me that she's weird and she likes to tells lies like that sometimes. I went to another club with her friends. I really liked to be with them. They are like night and day with that crazy Indian girl. I feel like I made couple new friends.

Based on everything I saw, she's a horrible person. If I go and spend some time with her friends at the club sometime, I hope that we can come along like neutrally, but I have to say that this is one of the biggest let downs in my life. She seemed like the nicest person ever and now I'm not sure if I can even call her a person. I'm still glad I met her. I rather find out that my crush is a horrible person, than being upset because I can't see the girl I like. I'm still a bit heartbroken and disgusted by her. I would have been happy to even come along with her and be her friend, but didn't work out. Obviously after all this, I'm not sure if I can even look at a person like that.

My Tough Lesson About My Crush
My Tough Lesson About My Crush
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  • Salmon4056
    She seems disrespectful and fake according to her treatment on you. It would be better for you to move on and not associate yourself with her. There will be people in this world who will talk all nice and sweet to others, out of that good feeling for being kind to another, and then will let their true identity show. Always be aware or try to learn of the people and girls you date with, and sometimes asking a close friend of theirs about her character is best to see whats really behind the mask. We are all taught to be kind to others, as if it's a policy, but that does not at all mean that their kind words are even close to their true character. I believe you are a nice guy at heart. Don't let her get you down nor think about her.

    Think about the possibility of meeting a better girl, and just she her as the obstacle you had to push though to get stronger in yourself, until then.
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    • I know and obviously I'm not interested about her in any way after this.

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  • Lman3000
    Here's a tip, if ya think ya got a crush let it go trust me 90% of the time you never get with that person and then they date someone else and will make you feel like shit and feel like a fuck up trust me this is why I stay the fuck away from dating nowadays it's the way the world wanna work now
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  • championfroggy
    Okay. So I’m not sure if you want a happy validated post for your question but I’m going to give my blunt motherf’cking opinion. When you are intimidate with anyone, all logic flys off into space. There are 7 billion people in the world, why would you want to fuck with someone that’s willing to just disrespect the kind person you are? You are right you are kind you deserve the best. But if your willing to stick to this woman for whatever reason ill give my best estimate as to why she’s not looking at you and going around with everyone else. It’s petty and it’s not right but I’m just imagining my mistakes in her position. I’m not her, every woman acts differently and has different problems. Maybe she extremely liked you but was too uncomfortable with the thought to actually be open about it because she was so used to being misguided and treated that her behavior looks abesolutely disguisting but that’s all she knows how to do and in some sort of fucked up parelle she’s screaming in her mind for you to come and force her to stop. That’s just a guess. Now if that’s actually the case, love is never forceful and she deserves better and she needs a nice man like you to be patient and consistant despite the bullshit. I can’t make that choice. This is just an app. This is just my opinion.
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    • Nope. I saw how she lied about me to her friends, she couldn't even look or talk to me. I felt she was even disgusted and scared of me. It was absolutely absurd and I had no clue that what's going on. My guess is that there's something wrong in her head.
      She was very nice to me couple weeks ago and I liked her. I was even waiting to meet her. Not because I was expecting her to have sex with me right away (infact she didn't seem like that at all), or because she was the best looking (which she wasn't). I simply had feeling for her and I just wanted to spend time with her.

  • Browneye57
    Your game is awful. And you can't stand rejection. You really need a man-makeover, so go here and read:

    And some good material here as well, more of just being manly:
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    • Thank you. It was hard for me, because she was a bit special for me. I obviously don't like her anymore.

    • Browneye57

      NEVER do the one-itis thing. EVER. Always have options.
      You just THOUGHT you liked her. The problem is she gave you nothing to like her about, so it was just all in your head. You were just HOPING.

      And always remember, YOU ARE THE PRIZE. So start acting like it.

    • She gave me reason to like her couple weeks ago. She was very nice and I thought she liked me since she kissed me on cheek and told that she would like to see me again. I saw her again and she was absolutely horrible. There's obviously something wrong with her.

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  • latinabutterfly96
    1. You did have ulterior motives because you were crushed when she didn’t meet your expectations

    2. She doesn’t seem like a good person if she likes to lie. Definitely support the idea of you moving on
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    • I know. I was just shockd that she seemed even to hate me.

  • MackToday
    India is a third world county, there are a lot of brutalized people there out for revenge on life it's self. Be aware of what your dealing with. There is an old video of two US soldiers throwing a puppy off a cliff. If you watch it, you'll see your friend, war did that to them, life did it to her most likely.
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    • Yeah might be. My guess would be that she was over middle class in India tho, but I now know that there's something wrong with her.

    • MackToday

      She's probably dangerous, you saw the tip of the ice burg. This is why we shouldn't be bringing third world people in.

    • That might be. I have to say that I kinda like that exotic look that Indian girls have, but maybe I forget them now.

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  • MaverickAngel
    Just seems like an... odd story. Was she high or drunk? I have "Indian" friends and never heard of this. Think you either caught her on a bad day or caught a bad person on a normal day. Dont stress or stereotype... lots weirdos out there. Trying to understand them will probably end up turning you into one! 🤪
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  • Awe, I actually feel sorry for you... try to move on, find someone better.
    ~ Mrs Manson
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  • Nicole066
    Maybe she didn't liked you the same way, but if you had fun with her friends than there is nothing to worry about
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  • Jenny12345
    Culture thing. The factor that u r not indian was a factor (possibly).
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  • Wowgirl30q
    Sorry love
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    • It's life. I was just shocked about how horrible she was. I wasn't even thinking that we would date or anything. I just wanted to get to know her better.

    • Wowgirl30q

      People are cruel

  • Iron_Man
    You live and learn move on I don't like liars
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  • anametouse
    Change this to "I'm dying inside" and I'll read it
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    • I'm not dying inside. I'm completely fine. It just was a big surprise.

  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take
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