I can't stand people who take their partners as "Challenge"


I can't stand people who take their partners as

"I like you, you're a Challenge."

Honestly, it might sound sexy in the beginning but sooner or later, when you realise that when your partner, male or female, wins the challenge, they get bored and move to the next challenge. Which I why I Hate it when people treat their potential partners/dates as fucking "Challenges". A little banter and flirting is good but do not fall for the "You're a challenge". That's what these idiots do with "challenges"--get bored and move on, leaving the other one in shatters.

They are people, not trophies that you can attain and then throw it away.

It's disgusting.

I can't stand people who take their partners as "Challenge"
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  • Haaps
    I agree, dating someone purely for the thrill of having a challenge is a recipe for a short lived relationship.

    However, there has to be something there in the relationship that keeps it interesting, like the perfect amount of contrast between two people.
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  • Pejtu
    If my girlfriend told me she started relationship because she saw a challange in me i would say that
    Pack ur shit and gtfo , and no dont text me again
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  • John_Doesnt
    I don't want a partner, I want a wife: a bang maid.
    I can't stand people who take their partners as "Challenge"
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  • hahahmm
    You never watched Silence of the Lambs... every cook needs a challenge
  • ghostingz
    yeah but every single person is a "challenge"

    people are complicated, period

    i think the saying is meant to come across more as "i like you enough to take on your individual challenges"
  • DDpsy
    They like challenges up until a lengthy divorce and a ton of money lost. Now that is a fucking challenge. :D
  • IlyaTheImpaler
    same tbh, I like challenges in my work, not in my personal life 😂
  • ROCKS128
    Who takes partners as challenge.
    When they can live and prosper.
  • ChefCurry
    Cause challenging things are more rewarding. I wish I could have a challenge but women just throw themselves at my feet.
  • zagor
    I wouldn't want such a person. Or one that I consider a challenge.
  • WhoDatGuy
    Virtually everything women like about you before you date they hate when you start dating.
    Go figure
  • AHughMongous
    Good for you?
  • Anonymous
    It doesn't sound sexy at all to me.
  • Anonymous
    Good point.
    If someone said that to me, I'd think they would be maybe trying to change me. (And, as it says in Josette Sona's free ebooks, people who try to change others often need to change themselves - but it's easier to tell someone else what to do, rather than work on themselves.)
  • Anonymous
    My girl is my peace. The one who faces challenges by my side and vice versa. Any other way is just undue stress.
  • Anonymous
    I agree.

    I see it primarily coming from women talking about men: "Men, like a challenge." Essentially it's their excuse for not taking an active role