The kind of woman men shouldn't date/marry


Every man wants to date and/or marry, but the painful truth is that you are best advised not to get involved with:

1. The angry woman

An angry woman is one who cannot control her temper or is always sullen. Beneath all that anger lies a serious issue. You don't want to know what it is. Uncontrolled anger often leads to confrontations and violence. Angry people should not be in relationships. Do not get with one. You cannot help her. Only a suitably qualified mental professional can, and only if she should accept his help.

2. The girl with disabilities

You will need to exercise caution and good sense here. No matter how pretty or hot she looks, even if you love each other, you still have to face reality. In some countries dating such a girl may have legal implications.There will always be the perception that you are taking advantage of her or that she's not responsible enough to decide for herself about romance or sex. Are you prepared to take the chance that that perception is correct? Think, too: if she's not a good person in the first place, she could easily use her disability to manipulate or exploit you. If she abuses you, who would you complain to? Who would take you seriously or even listen to you? Also, some disabilities require round-the-clock care by doctors; you can't provide that by dating the girl who has them.

3. The minor

If she's under the age of consent, don't even look at her twice. In my country that age of consent is 18. No girl under 18 is ever worth the trouble. Here they are often very demanding and disrespectful. She will not stand up for you if you face jail just for dating her. You cannot expect good sex or intimacy because as a child she is capable of giving neither. Ultimately it's a bad investment all round.

4. The broken/damaged woman

People go through trauma in life, that's a given. For some girls that comes in the form of abuse from a cruel ex or a deadbeat parent. For some more, drink and drug use are the culprits. If you're about to date or marry a girl and she shows signs that she is damaged in any of these ways, but has not taken the time to heal from it, don't do it. It is not your job to fix a broken individual; you are not a rehab centre or a domestic violence shelter. That job is best left to suitably qualified professionals.

Obviously girls can and should look out for the same things, and maybe others, before dating or marrying a guy; I chose to look at it from a man's point of view because I'm a guy and interested only in ladies! Like I said, use good sense when you date and real love before and when you marry, and you should be okay!

The kind of woman men shouldn't date/marry
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  • Jjpayne
    I agree while disagreeing. Not everything is black and white. You did say that I think too. But it depends on how they act and what your relationship is like with them. Can a person that is deaf have a good relationship with some one that is not? Can a broken person simply need love and support to repair them? For example, how many times have you seen an abused animal that is taken in, there are many stories where that animal may have their moments but they turn them around. I use that not to say that humans are animals but it's possible for broken people to need support to get better and so many times I've heard stories of those that are in the gutter that get truly restored by love from an SO. But you points are valid. They are places you have to be careful with. I'd say proceed with caution and test the waters to see where it goes.
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    • Jjpayne

      But the minor thing :) totally 100 percent :)

    • Very good, and the point I was striving to make.

    • Jjpayne

      Thank you :)

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  • DizzyDesii
    Good take. And yea you can't fix broken people. They gotta fix tthemselves first
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    @Dchrls78104: Now, YOU know what kind of woman YOU want to avoid. Good for you. Definitely avoid any angry woman at all costs. Perfectly understandable. Stay away from minors too. It's the proper thing to do.

    It's not fair to "scar" a woman with a disability even further by making her feel less worthy of love. Meanwhile, a broken/damaged woman will heal herself in time. A big heart and lots of patience are required. Sounds like hard work but she'll reciprocate with a very satisfying love you'd never have imagined.
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    • Sorry, my faith in humans isn't strong enough for me to fully agree with you. Some people (with disabilities or damaged) really do need professional care and round the clock. Then, too, would YOU get with a man with a severe mental disability? How long would YOU stay with a man paralysed from the waist or the neck down? Or bring into your home a drug addict to have a relationship with him? Or a drunkard?

    • "A broken/damaged woman will heal herself in time"... BULLSHIT. A damaged women is eventually put on clearance and sold at half price to some Beta Simp who will put up with her crazy.

    • @KrakenAttackin: You're clearly as ASSHOLE!

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  • bluehen46
    Those are all true. My late father told me this as far as not dating or marrying

    If a girl is one of these run
    1 a first class b*tch
    2 a first class slut
    3 f*cked in the head
    4 or has a smelly twat.*

    * now all p*ssy has a bit of a smell that is not what is meant here.
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  • KrakenAttackin
    You completely missed the "girl with multiple personality disorders"... although the "angry" girl is a part of this crazy.

    with more than 1/4 of females being on psychiatric medicine (and more needing to be), it is genuinely difficult to find a women of "sound mind".
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  • MannySimms
    Good advice, depending on location. Why marry at all? It's a left over practice from when women were property. Have a notarized business agreement. Save time, money and lawyer fees.The kind of woman men shouldn't date/marry
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  • sixxx
    Good person will match with good person. Bad person will match with bad person.

    If you have ur own standard and rules, you will know which woman or man that is worth to become ur partner.
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  • kibbenkat
    I agree with all of the above except for number 2. Not all women with disabilities will be immature. I have ADHD, but I’ve had many successful relationships where my partner embraces my enthusiasm and energy.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Under 21, obnoxious, demanding, entitled, etc. Thankfully there are lots and lots of women who are not that way. Unfortunately too many dudes are thirsty fools who ignore the warning signs.
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  • Plitty-Tank
    I agree. I think if men happen to like a female under 18, it's best to wait until she is 18 to be on the safe side of the law.

    Also, I think all 4 points were very well put.
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  • Browneye57
    Well duh. No well adjusted mature adult wants to babysit another. Period.
    Women in particular will get with a guy thinking she can 'fix' him with her magical powers, and particular her 'golden-vagina'. Some call it the 'lost puppy dog syndrome'. It's their nurturing nature.
    No, find yourself a well adjusted independent adult that is ready to share their already fantastic life with you. Someone that wants to become a PARTNER. Not one that needs to find a provider or caregiver, shrink, etc.
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  • DictumVeritas
    I'd add to that, women of loose moral fiber and a high notch count. If you want to find a wife, don't go shaking the slag tree. These women have destroyed their own ability to pair-bond and WILL dump you for someone she perceives as being a better option down the line.

    Woman who have ever dated outside of their race is also a no-go zone as they do not treasure their genetic heritage or are simply totally morally bankrupt. They also retain DNA from the other race for life as a result of micro-chimerism. The DNA part is really off-putting.
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  • Warmapplecrumble
    According to this my husband should divorce me.. thanks. Great mytake 😂
  • Avicenna
    Excellent points, especially #4 (as I discovered last year).
  • Mindwipe
    Single moms, women who have been around the block too many times, lefty loonies.
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  • Shamalien
    in general this is excellent advice. Don't be a fool guys.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • TheFlak38
    Men shouldn't get married at all.
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  • cjnelson1118
    Will make you mad at the end