Things I Won't Tolerate in a Potential Partner


I was nominated to this mytake as well, but decided to change the title up to make it a little more original. I’m not going to tell you things I simply find unattractive as I feel it would be a little dull and generic. So, I’m going to tell you the things I absolutely WILL NOT tolerate in a potential partner.

NOTE: If you’re prone to feeling pain in your butt when you read discussions about shortcomings in the opposite sex (probably because you identify with them), I suggest you do not read this. If you do, and leave a pissy comment, I’m gonna “lol” at you.

I mentioned some of these in my last mytake, but I expanded on them a bit more. So, if you notice similarities, that’s why.

Passive, timid, withdrawn, “pussy”

I can’t stand anyone who acts like a pheasant. If you act timid around me, soft-spoken, you don’t tell me how you feel, you’re totally incapable of pursuing me in any way, other guys intimidate you easily, you’re super insecure - then I’m sorry, but you need to move on from me. I will EAT. YOU. ALIVE.

I am not saying you have to chase after me while I play mind games, but I expect you to be involved in the courtship process just as much as you would expect me to be. If I have to chase you like a skirt, then I may as well be chasing an actual skirt, not a man acting like one.

None of these “yes men.” I’m not saying I need a dictator, but I need someone with an original mind. Who can call me out if I’m being a shithead and who can actually express an interesting opinion.

It's not cute, it annoys me. Sorry.
It's not cute, it annoys me. Sorry.

Insecurity leading to controlling/jealous tendencies

I have a zero-tolerance policy for jealousy. Unless I am in an unreasonable situation where I’m flirting with someone else (which I never would) then you have no reason to be jealous just because I receive male attention. Clearly, if YOU find me attractive, other men will, so getting pissy at me and insecure just seems really silly to me. You should know me by then, I’ll reject anyone who comes at me who isn’t YOU. This is something I will prove time and time again. So, in my relationship, jealousy is unwarranted.

Mind you, this isn’t an expectation I don’t live up to. I won’t get pissy if girls hit on you or hop into your dm’s. As long as we trust each other, it’s easy enough to brush these people off without having a go at each other.

As well, never try to tell me what I’m allowed to do. Don’t tell me how to dress, how to present myself in any way, and don’t try to make me into something I’m not. If I have shit behaviour, okay, we can work on that, but don’t try to mold me into this totally different person. If you liked me as the sexily-dressed, out-spoken woman you met, there’s no reason to try and turn me into a conservative, soft-spoken girl.

I’m happy to take suggestions and criticism – but I won’t tolerate a control-freak.

Not me, bitch.
Not me, bitch.

Lazy and unmotivated

I’m motivated. I go to work every day. I try to better myself by eating well and going to the gym. While I do not expect you to be a hyper-fit millionaire, I won’t tolerate a guy who has absolutely no drive or passion in life. If you’re content just sitting on your ass and doing absolutely nothing, it’s best to just pass by me.



Everyone has a bit of "pudge" at some point of their life, usually. But one thing I won’t personally tolerate is an overweight man. I have no hatred or inherent disdain for overweight guys, I honestly have the ability to sympathize, but I am personally not attracted to people who are that big due to the health-related implications.

As well, I don’t want to be with a guy who just eats shit, drinks too much, or smokes like a fucking chimney. Have some semblance of respect for your body.

I enjoy burgers too, but never THIS much.
I enjoy burgers too, but never THIS much.

Casual dater/Non-committed

Under no circumstances will I get with a guy who wants things to be “undefined with no expectations.” I’m not a teen girl anymore, and I know all that stands for is: “I want to have my cake, eat it too, and be able to abandon the buffet when the tab comes around.”

If you don’t want the responsibility of a relationship, then don’t get in one, especially with me. I will dump you faster than you can shit after a chugging a bottle of hot sauce, sir.

If you don't see me as long-term, why should I even bother being with you short-term? I don't deal with "maybes," either know what you want or get the fuck out.

I usually hate these girly things, but this is pretty accurate/
I usually hate these girly things, but this is pretty accurate/

Open relationships/threesomes

Along with the above, I will absolutely not tolerate anyone who wants to see or fuck other people, even if they are trying to include me in it. As far as I am concerned, if you want other women THAT badly, you don’t value me enough.

While I acknowledge it’s normal to fantasize about others and feel sexual attraction towards others, the second you take it from a natural inclination to actually wanting to act on it, I’m out. I don’t care if you insist it’s “for the both of us,” if you want to screw other girls, go ahead, but leave me out of it.

I don't actually want anyone to die, this is just funny lol. Relax your tits.
I don't actually want anyone to die, this is just funny lol. Relax your tits.

Cucks/Sissy-sexual submissive

One of my BIGGEST (if not the biggest) sexual turn-offs is someone who wants to be a cuck or a sexually submissive partner. Nothing about that is natural to me, and I am not even an advocate for “all natural.” I think it’s disgusting, repulsive, and you aren’t a man of self-value if you want to be cucked or hyper-dominated and humiliated by your woman.

I’m okay with experimentation, but the second you want to act like a servant or lick some other man’s cum off of my pussy, you have lost all of my respect.


Okay, that's all. I'm going to nominate @Anon_ymous1 to do this as well as @ericclayton.

~ Love Jane.

Things I Won't Tolerate in a Potential Partner
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Most Helpful Girls

    The one thing I do not get - i don’t agree with all but I understand what you are saying.

    The one about you wanting him to be able to peruse.. you will do your share and he his. But then you use the analogy if chasing a skirt ( a woman) if he can’t be a man. So you start if sayjng you expEct both to pull your weight in persuing but then point out the problem will be if he dies not irrsue and acts like a woman... so are you both persuing, or were you just trying to sound diplomatic while really it’s a turn off for you if it’s not all him, or at least 80/20?
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  • Wowgirl10q
    Two faced..Things I Won't Tolerate in a Potential Partner
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Browneye57
    Reasonable. I doubt anyone would expect you to.

    What we really NEVER hear though, its what YOU bring to a relationship that would be considered high value. What makes you a catch? Most women have just never given it a thought. And you really need to be articulated it, and develop your value, cuz a high value guy - the ones you really are interested in, will expect it. They're the ones actually going someplace and being someone. If you're gonna snag one you need to be worthy. And not, it's not your golden vagina.
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    • Smartest response here in my opinion.
      Playing the hard-to-get type is considered nowadays a clever approach. That way a woman can mask the fact that she's a bitchy, over-demanding, narcissistic princess. Be a 4/10, play & bluff as you were at least 9/10 and expect 10/10 men to hit on you like you were 12/10. Because you "deserve it". I even could give a thumbs up if it was an obvious bait. Sadly enough, it isn't.

    • Browneye57

      @blackisnotacolour - Worse, they drop-trou for any hot guy thinking she can snag him if she has sex with him. Only the hot guys get this all the time, so she gets the pump and dump all the while thinking she can really land him, which she can't. But now since Chad Thundercock did her she thinks her SMV has jumped a point or two, just because. And now she's 'not going to settle'. We hear it all the time.
      So they ride the cock carousel for a dozen years then decide maybe one of those great guys she spurned cuz 'she's not going to settle', might have been a pretty good suitor after all - but now he just tells her to fuck off. And then you hear the famous, "Where have all the good men gone?" Dumb. Really dumb. History repeats itself. Over and over and over. :)

    • I could do a mytake on that but people would think I was blowing smoke up my own ass.

      But, a short list:

      In MY PERSONAL OPINION … I am an attractive woman, which is only a small part of it.
      I am extremely loyal to the point where you could get me blackout drunk in a group full of naked men and I will not cheat.
      I will always support my man, even if he loses his job, loses a leg, or suddenly wants to change careers. I won't abandon ship JUST because he suddenly can't support me (which I don't eve expect him to)
      I feel sex and sexual exploration is extremely important, as well as satisfying my man. You'll never hear me make excuses not to have sex - half of the time you don't even have to ask, I'll throw it at you because I love my man.
      You'll always have good food waiting for you lol.
      I am completely independent financially and emotionally. I do not depend on my man. Cont...

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  • Toad-1
    I'm too lazy and unmotivated to post a reply to this mytake
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  • Logorithim
    I wouldn't want any of those things in a partner, either.
  • MrOracle
    Even though I'm fat, I still have to say:

    No doubt there are a minority of women who would disagree with this list, but this is how the MAJORITY of women feel, even if many would never admit it, even to themselves.

    So, guys, if you want to know how to get and keep a woman, take this Take to heart and learn to live it - ESPECIALLY the parts where she DOESN'T want a guy who won't make a decision or won't tell her "no" or won't tell her when she's out of hand. Most women will NOT date, or even be interest in, a guy she doesn't RESPECT - and if she feels that you'll do whatever she wants all the time or will always defer to her, she will NOT respect you!
  • Benedek38
    So you need that motivated, manly, assertive manbeast who also happens to be monogamous. Well, that will be a difficult search, since the very attribute that makes mena attractive to literaly every other women is confidence, meaning the guys would be utter fools commiting to one woman.
    • Benedek38

      by the way I mostly agree with your assassment, but I think your criteria are internally inconsistent for the most part on the commitment/casual dating point. Men don't control the sexual market overall, so I don't see the problem in a man capitalising on his earned success. Being confident and assertive isn't that easy after all.

    • Go home Elliot Rodgers.

    • Benedek38

      He can't go home, he's dead, as far as I know. I think you might have replied to the wrong person.

      If you HAVEN'T, then this is all I can tell you - you can't fight reality.

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  • Celtero
    If we were the last two humans on Earth and the first part is true, then the human race would go extinct, because I always act like that when I first meet people and I never pursue women.
    • Lol I love you anyhow.

    • Celtero

      Aww, you're just saying that.

      I agree with you though... I'm just too stubborn to change. And in a way, I think it's useful to gauge how a woman responds to a man being submissive or vulnerable. Even the manliest of men have moments of weakness, and I'd prefer to find a girl who isn't repulsed by those moments.

      I might start off bashful, but once I'm comfortable I'm not as big of a puss. I'm just not surprised when I start talking to a girl after she approaches me and I see the immediate loss of interest.

    • No, I enjoy your honesty, even if we have different views. You aren't a fuckshit about it.

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  • Blunique
    Jealousy. My older brother is jealous with his wife and he treats her like a prisoner and doesn't trust her at all. I have no idea why she deals with his bs. That's not love in my eyes. If I meet a guy and he's has any jealousy/insecurity I will dump him.

    Doesn't have a high school diploma. A GED is fine. But if he doesn't have a GED either and dropped out of high school while sitting around doing nothing with his life for years... He has no motivation to do anything with his life.

    No motivation to strive for something or at least work hard. He's someone who just gives up and doesn't even try. He just sits around and let's life pass him by. He needs a high school diploma for most jobs so he settles for those shitty jobs...

    I want someone who works hard in his life. Someone with dreams and goals. The only way to achieve them is to work hard. Not someone who gives up when it gets hard.

    Though, I am not talking about those who had to drop out to help out their family. I'm talking about those who had no reason to drop out but chose to because they don't like school or they are done with school/ it's too hard and giving up is easier.

    Someone who isn't serious, just looking for sex, friends with benefits, casual, open relationship, or anything that just implies you aren't looking for something monogamous.

    I want someone who is dating seriously. Doesn't mean I am just looking to marry any guy that wears pants. But I want someone who is tired of playing the field and wants something real with no games and bs. I want a man in my life not a kid. Of course I would get along with this person, common interests, and we really like each other. But as soon as I hear he just goes with the flow, I know he's still a kid, and someone who isn't ready to get his life together.

    Plays games all the time. I am ok with playing games every once in a while because I play the ps4 once a while too. But if you play it all day every day. You are pale because you never see the light outside. Or you just work and immediately go home and play until you pass out. Literally no social life outside of games. No interest or anything outside of games. You just sit there with your eyes glued to the screen and ignore everyone around you until you have to go to work again, or sleep, or use the bathroom or maybe eat if you are really skinny and starve yourself in order to play games. I can't, I won't deal with someone like that.

    Someone who drinks a lot. Smokes cigs or weed at all.
  • UnknownXYZ

    Today is the day I learned you are pretty much red pilled.

    Have a nice day.
    • Unit1

      😆 sort of she is

  • Hapinus
    Great take! I agree with everything but the threesome.
    • Threesome away my child … as soon as you're eighteen, or some gents/ladies will have to die.

  • NearlyNapping
    Sounds normal to me.

    The problem is that we live in a society that confuses the shit out of guys these days. They are inundated with messages telling them not to be a man. I think too many guys just don't know how to act any more. They don't even know their own natural tendencies, because its been washed out of them from a young age.
  • msg812
    I don't want to be submissive generally but i also don't want to be dominated and boss around a woman i am with too because i tend to value a woman i am with. I can't pleasure myself sexually, if i don't value a woman. i just want to be caring and protect her, when it is necessary. I hope this is not a turn off for most of women.
  • sp33d
    " I will EAT. YOU. ALIVE."

    Talk is cheap. Bite me, bitch.
  • 3rdSrike
    basically , if you're not an ashole she isn't interested in dating you, thank me later guys.
    • Who said anything about being an asshole? And secondly, I'm engaged, so none of you tit-fuckers would have a chance anyway boo. ;)

    • @ChronicThinker good one! HAH

    • @xButterflyKisses87x When peeps just try to project their insecurities on your mytakes. *smh*

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  • TheSoundOfSilas
    Other than the obvious things such as abuse, I do not tolerate sanctimonious entitlement.
    i. e. People who believe that they deserve to be treated specially because of their sex, occupation, or whatever.
  • Dchrls78104
    Great take. I will absolutely not tolerate:
    1. Control freaks--mentioned in the Take.
    2. Smokers--puff, puff, and away!
    3. Heavy drinking or drug use.
    4. Tattoos and body piercings--your body is a temple.
    5. Gays, lesbians or criminals, or even their friends. If I needed conversion, I'd go to church! Men are supposed to bow only to God!

    The others mentioned in the Take I agree with somewhat. I have others I can't bear, but not as bad as those 5!
    • "Tattoos and body piercings" you'd hate me lol
      "Gays, lesbians or criminals, or even their friends" fuck you
      ~ Mrs Manson

    • @marilynmansonssextoy too bad 😞

  • Knighted2170
    Sounds spot on to me.
    Actual Men seem to becoming more rare nowadays. Too many man-boys or baby-men out there. Seems like the actual definition is being changed every day.
  • CT_CD
  • Lance1965
    Fair enough if you are worth all of that. I have known too many women who expect a lot but offer very little in return. If you want the best you need to be the best you can be yourself. Double-standards are all too common.
  • Qwertsy
    Disagree with ‘Casual dater/Non-committed.’ But not completely. Allow me to explain;

    I too would like a committed relationship. And I don’t like casual dating. But you really don’t know a person’s true personality until a few months after dating. So, I can’t commit to the relationship lasting until I know I truly know that this person is the right person for me. Which kind of means the first few months are a little bit more casual.

    This opinion does not mean date people for a few months and leave. It means that person’s true personality comes out after a few months. And if you like it, then continue. That’s what I’ve done. And I’m getting married quite soon.
  • aa180
    A sexually submissive woman is just as disgusting and repulsive as a sexually submissive man.
    • VIVANT


    • Unit1

      #meToo agree

    • englisc

      If you're a beta cuck, sure.

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  • Servus09
    It's not like these men are choosing to be passive, lazy, and unhealthy because it's so great. They just need a little positive reinforcement and incentive to be the men you want them to be.
  • AoiKaito
    Passive, timid, withdrawn, “pussy”? That is me.

    Insecurity leading to controlling/jealous tendencies? Not me.

    Lazy and unmotivated? Not me.

    Overweight/Unhealthy? I am borderline slender-average build. I like more than the average person, but that's because I have a fast metabolism. I don't drink and I don't smoke.

    Casual dater/Non-committed? I always took my relationships seriously.

    Open relationships/threesomes? I am strictly monogamous

    . Cucks/Sissy-sexual submissive? I am submissive... but not in the way you described.
    • some women confuse humility with weakness. timid isn't bad. but cowardice is a sin.

  • Jon_25
    Good take. That should be fairly common requirements, for anyone.
  • Jjpayne
    So a strong man, a healthy man and a faithful man! Sound good to me! Great stuff!
  • mishanw_1071
    oh my god i love this... this actually made me smile :P
  • i1T2daty
    I share about all of your opinions. So whether right or wrong- which of course can't be applied to opinions. Those judgments about guys are all characteristic of traits I dislike when I feel them, those that apply to both sexes were right on.
    Honesty can be difficult to hear. Most girls I've dated do not have the time or interest in sensitive guys. Sensitive may be a great quality when your dentist is giving you a root canal but as far as attraction, I've never dated a girl who has listed that in their top turn ons
  • HughJass
    Well obviously no one wants a partner like that -_-
  • ericclayton
    This might take a few days. Thanks for the nomination!
  • johnnyonaquest
    Wow! Do you "tolerate" people who walk on egg shells and crack them?
  • nerfetiti
    obnoxious, unhealthy, submissive, loud, directionless
  • vandy_gurl_kel
    I won’t tolerate anyone who is abusive or controlling
  • Distants
    This was a interesting mytake. Respect your opinions lol. It’s all subjective.
  • taleswapper
    You're single, aren't you? :)
  • Gedaria
    Yes all of the above plus no smoking and no swearing ...
  • VixenRach
    Love it, your sense of humour is great lol
  • Moezan
    Good to see that even girls find cuckolding so fucking disgusting and unnatural
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Guanfei
    Well, I guess we're not meant to be together.
  • hasrett
    Agree with all.
  • SweetgirlNS
    Thanks for taking the time to share this.
  • JimRSmith
    Killer Take, Jane!
  • Jemini_Crocket
    Love the honesty in this post.
  • Penelope_
    Good take!
  • jacquesvol
    I wouldn't accept a bitchy and dumb partner
  • TonyWilliams
    Nice one
  • LegateLanius
    Sweet mytake
  • NhuanVan
    Wow. Speechless
    • NhuanVan

      Lol I am trying get to level 2 in here ASAP.

  • ThePundertaker
  • Tohhhru
    I am all of these
  • CubsterShura
    Lmao I enjoyed reading this a lot. Good job!
  • abundantlyrich
    You got it right
  • sunnyday35
    I feel the same way